Top 9 Different Types Of Dreams

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Every human in this world will dream something in their sleep. Some dreams may come true and some may leave as dream only. Generally people say that whatever we think before sleep it may appear as dream or whatever works we had done since morning, we perform same actions in sleep also.

Generally dreams consist of emotions, sensations, ideas and images which are involuntarily done in mind in stage of sleep. Dreams occur in rapid eye movement stage of sleep. Some dreams are memorable and vivid. Length of dream varies for 20-30 minutes. On an average a person can dream 3- 5 dreams in night and some has capability of seven. Mostly dreams are forgotten quickly. In an eight hour sleep length of dream will be two hours.

Dreams have different natures like exciting, magical, frightening, adventurous, sexual and melancholic. Not only human even some animals like mammals also experience the rapid eye moment. Some dreams are classified according to its nature. And they are followed by:

1. Day Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 1

On average a person can dream a day dream of 70-120 minutes of waking stage. In day dreams people will be semi-awake. It means they will not sleep fully in reality. A day dream starts with memory of fantasy and imaginations which runs away. How longer a day dream, a person will get immersed in to the private fantasy land. For a person a day dream is called body present mind absent. A daydream is good for rehearsing a positive result. Concerns and deep worries also results in day dreams. As mind starts wandering level of awareness of physical appearance will decrease.

2. Lucid Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 2

Lucid dream is defined as dream with physical asleep. This method of dream is called as research dream. At some stage person can realize this dream. Dreamers realize that they are dreaming. Dreamers become an active in their dream, make own decisions in their dreams. Dreams will be vivid and event, characters are often greatly exaggerated. Lucid dream helps to bolt out bad dream by allowing us to realize.

3. Nightmares:

Different Types of Dreams 3

Nightmares are dreams which disturb an individual a lot. These dreams may be fearsome. An individual can experience sadness, anger, fear and terror. This happens when person was under deep stress or worried. These types of nightmare falls under category called post-traumatic Stress nightmare. In nightmares person may feel different types of pains. Some of the night mares are vivid that sensory system is triggered. Nightmares represent evolutionary fear. It is to be remembered that all dreams, nightmares are subconscious to help us.

4. False Awakening Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 4

False awakening dreams are those dreams doing our works without any presence of mind. This is different dream we experience when we are awake. It can be seen mostly in children. For an example they wet their bed. It means they think that they were in bathroom. It means people think they already got woke up and started doing their daily routine jobs. But in real they were asleep. Some humans have a habit of sleep walk during sleep, even it is also considered as false awaken. Such scenarios are seen in false awaken sleep.

5. Recurring Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 5

Repeating of same dream multiple times comes under recurring dream. It may be a positive or negative sign. Ignoring of such messages leads to unresolved issues. It means a dreamer has done multiple trails for resolution to an issue before it got implemented as dream. Subconscious does and believes it has been break through and repetition got occurred. And this dream remains ignored and unresolved. Once our problem got solution, then such type of dreams will be ceased. It means if person is suffering from any issue and there is chance of getting solved lately, then the problem with multiple solutions are dreamt by dreamer.

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6. Healing Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 6

As name say these dreams will heals the problems. In ancient times these dreams are called as prodromic. These dreams will be serving messages related to health. It is belief that these type of dreams will help to avoid potential health problems which heals ill and give grieves. On research it is known that body communicate to brain through dream. If dream language is understood it will be easier for dreamer what has happened. These dreams are not negative because they help to overcome and heal the problem.

7. Flying Dreams:

Different Types of Dreams 7

Flying dreams are exhilarating, happy and pleasant. This dream can be felt by a person in reality at some stage. Every human wants to become something in their life. They want to achieve in their life. In reality it is termed as goals and aims of life. Such type of dreams comes under flying dreams. It means how we feel and control our thoughts in our lives. It will be imaginable while skimming low to ground. When people try to do in real life and if in case in never takes place it will stay as s dream for a human as longer.

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8. Food:

Different Types of Dreams 8

Some people who are fond of food will also dream for food. It symbolizes the energy, nourishment which is directly needed for emotions, intellect and spirituality. It is taken as reveal of hungry for our new thoughts.

9. Falling Dream:

Different Types of Dreams 9

It occurs frequently in daily life. Falling dreams are negative and scary. But all dreams will not be negative and scary. When dream is slow falling it indicates serenity act of letting go. It remains that in real life we feel something happens out of control. It occur when a person is stressed and losing something in life. It is taken as a sign to tackle some problem in real life.

The above all are dreams which are categorized accordingly. There are various dreams which occur regularly. So dreams are considered as signs for our real life which are tackled for our problems which we are facing in reality. So through dreams a person can solve the problem by acquiring multiple solutions. So dreams are good for health.

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