14 Different Types Of Guitars and Its Brands In India

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Guitars are the most commonly liked instrument by the youth today. It may seem a deal to master learning it, but the truth is, once you learn it, you start to play unconsciously. Beware! Nobody is going to want you to stop playing it. So, we thought why not tell you about some of the different types of guitars and guitar brands available. Take a look.

Because you can’t really start the higher one. The list is complete with the beginners and advanced players’ choice too.

Different Types of Guitars

How To Choose A Guitar For Beginners:

Now, let’s brief you through how to choose the guitar.

  • Decide if you want an electric or acoustic guitar and then choose if you want a nylon or steel string.
  • Choose the right size, depending on if you are buying it for a kid or an adult.
  • Include an electronic tuner in your guitar. Keep it tuned to the standard pitch always.
  • Neck joint and heel joint should be stable and it should feel secure. The wooden bridge of the bridge should be securely glued to the top.
  • The fingerboard should be in level with the top of the guitar.
  • If it is an electric guitar with bolt on necks, then make sure it should also be stable and secure.
  • Also, ensure there are no finish cracks where the neck and body join.

Best Guitar Brands With Price 2018:

If you have decided to buy some good branded guitar, let us help you choose the best one. Take a look at the top 10 guitar brands that we have listed with price.

1. Epiphone:

One of the oldest and best American guitar company, Epiphone has a wide range of acoustic and electric guitar models. It is priced at 4500 INR and will differ with the choice you make, whether acoustic or electric.

2. SG Special Electronic:

If your choice is an electronic guitar, then SG special Electronic guitar is the top rated one. It is priced at a very high price of 15K.

3. Ibanez:

This Japanese guitar were famous for producing the first seven and eight string variants of guitar. Its price range varies from 10 to 20K INR.

4. Yamaha:

Yamaha is the most opted and a leading manufacturer of full-line musical instruments. They have a range of guitar models to offer. They are priced anywhere between 5K to 10K INR.

5. Kadence:

Kadences are good guitar brands, which are manufactured by Indian musical instruments. They offer high-quality guitars at very affordable prices from 2K to 5K INR.

6. Fender:

Fender is another leading guitar manufacturing company, serving the industry since 1946. They offer a range of products that start from 3K and go up to 20K. The products’ price depends on the guitar you choose.

7. Cort:

Cort is a South Korean guitar manufacturer. The hallmark of Cort is their electric guitar that starts from 5K to 20K INR.

8. Martin:

Martin is a known brand for their steel-string guitars. This leading manufacturer of flat top guitars are known to produce top notch sound quality. Their price starts from 5K and ends up till 15K.

9. Jackson:

Jackson guitars are reputed to be among the best guitars ever produced.Their slender and refined layouts is what makes them stand apart. They start from 10K.

10. ESP:

ESP guitars are yet another favourite and famous guitar brand. Their price range starts from 10K and go up to 1 lakh.

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Types Of Guitars With Pictures:

Let’s see the Top 14 guitar types which are available in India to choose your best one.


Talking of acoustic guitars, they are of two kinds, steel string and the next one being classical. There is a major difference between the two. There is a classical wide neck one which makes use of nylon strings and the other one which uses steel strings to create out a sound that is metallic and can be composed into different music styles and trends.


It is one of the most similar styles resembling the old school flat top guitars. The similarities both the strings have are in the finger style plectrums used to play them for music. Acoustic guitars are usually hollow on the inside and have a deep tone to it. Usually perfect for strumming, this guitar is often used for country songs.


This type of guitar is usually used for rock, jazz and even blues or pop music. It so happens often that the guitar is plugged into a high voltage amplifier. The purpose behind this is to achieve the desired loudness and bass. The amplification deal produces a more metallic volume with a boost and a long decay.


Electric guitar has a major difference when compared to the acoustic ones in the market, that being the strings. The strings in an electric guitar are thinner, and electric guitar is more popular in punk rock bands because of the perfect sound it produces.



The next one on this list is the category of twelve string. This is a different version than that of the usual six string model that you see in the market. The first strings, the odd numbers that is, are different usually, and the second to twelfth ones, the even numbered match the six string model counterpart sound. The strings are played in pairs in this case and not individually like the six string guitar. The tone that is produced is therefore brighter, and clear in the end. The chord progressions need thickening and practice to play this guitar perfectly.



The type of guitar on the list here is a semi hollow steel string one. To make it clear to you, this one is a favourite among the jazz guitarists around the world. While the acoustic guitar and electric archtop guitars have a similar build, they are still different internally. The inner design features an inner electro-magnetic pickup. It also consists of a pot that is absent in the acoustic guitar. Archtop guitars are mainly available in two types- the full bodied and the other one being thin line.

You will realize that arch top guitars cost a little on the medium side, so if the jazz genre interests you, don’t compromise the guitar for a low budget one. This one’s an easy purchase.



Originally from Hawaii, these guitars are different from the electric ones. This guitar brand is heavier and exist in two kinds. Placed horizontally on the player’s knees, cross ways, this guitar has a pedal steel, which consists of a mechanical tactic like the one present in a harp. Often, the pedals are used for changing the pitch of every single string individually. The player gets the whole chromatic scale under his grip that way. This gets us over with the description of one of the steel guitars. The second type of guitar in steel needs to be played on your lap using a solid still bar on the horizontally laid down neck. Which is why, the second variation is also known as lap steel guitar.



The particular guitar type unique in every sense. The usual sound hole present in most guitars is missing in this one. It is bigger and has a circular plate instead of the sound hole, which does the job of hiding the resonator cone well. The cone acts like a loudspeaker manipulating the audio now. The cone is made of spun aluminium. This guitar because of this feature tends to release a very different bright and clear sound, which can be heard equally well in large rooms and a live performance in the open air. This guitar is most preferred by country music artists and blue singers, but has found popularity in mainstream music these days as well.



Bass guitar are a classic type of guitar that are as popular as it gets. These guitars are characterized by wide scale length thick strings. This isn’t just for no reason at all of course. The behaviour pattern noted by the guitar sound is that it provides the player with a variety of notes, which happen to match the lowest four strings. This holds true even when the guitar is pitched in an octave lower. There are two types of bass guitars- the electric bass and the usual acoustic one. The normal guitars usually have four strings, but fifth and sixth strings are equally accessible.



This guitar looks nothing like the ones on this list. It happens to have two different diverse guitars in the same body. There is a standard conventional neck holding the six strings and then there is another twelve string one. The combinations are different as well, and the same body serves as a resonating centre in this case. The guitar is usually useful for cases where you need to keep changing the notes and a single guitar cannot cover it all. Rock guitarists often pick this one as a favourite for their live performances or when the guitar player needs to work on a multi guitar track at the same time in a recording.



This guitar’s origin can be traced back to Spain and back then, this was the only guitar used to play conventional music with a classical background. This falls under the types of guitar for beginners.

The main characteristic of the guitar is that, it is constructed using wood, and a big sound box is placed in the lower half of the guitar, which is designed like a female torso. The sound box is hollow and the string above it was once strung using gut strings. With advancement in the musical equipments however, nylon strings are now used. They produce a different calmer sound, which is also slightly muted. The music is sweet and ideal to be placed in the classical genre. One thing to note however is that metal strings should never be placed on a Spanish guitar.

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The main difference between a Flamenco guitar and the classical Spanish one that you get to buy in the market is that in a Flamenco fret board of the guitar is wider. That is where the difference ends. The guitar is picked mostly by country users who need to work on a long variation of notes and is meant for the advanced learners.



For a semi- acoustic guitar, there is a huge hollow sound box. The electric guitar body has this box placed in the centre to produce enough sound. That way, there is no amplifier needed to boost up the sound when you are playing in a small room with less people. The sound box in this case however is usually metal and therefore the quality and depth of sound produced by an acoustic guitar isn’t achieved in this case.

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The brand of guitar us the redneck guitar, that is designed with two separate necks which come together to share the same body. While this design allows versatility, it also brings the model close to the double neck guitar. The red neck guitar has a different combination of strings in addition to the six and twelve in case of the double neck one. There is a bass one and a fretless neck as well in this case if you ask for it. This guitar is used to add flexibility to the player, particularly when he is playing solo.



For this guitar type, there is a resonating chamber in the body, and this guitar is most often used by jazz musicians. The body is solid in design, and is sleek, making it easy to transport around. An amplifier can be kept around sometimes if needed.

14. DOBRO:


Dobro once upon a time in the 1930’s happened to be a guitar company but it is now more of a lap steel resonator guitar combination. This is a different brand of guitar that is almost rare.

Now that you know the different kinds of guitars that are available, it is time you grade yourself from beginner to advanced learner, so that it can help you pick the right choice. The different types and brands of guitars designed are the ones in constant use and have proven the worth of the money. While investing in some of them could be tough, some types of guitars just cannot be done away with.