26 Beautiful Types Of Houses In The World With Images

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House is place where one gets its peace of mind! One gets its body and mind at rest. But have you ever wondered that there are some houses that mean more than just a “house”. Below are best 26 different types of houses around the world with images which wonder you. You’ll have fun reading these!

Different Types of Houses In The World With Pictures:

1. Super Slim House:

Super Slim House

  • You must have dream about a spacious a big house! But there is a house which s the world slimmest one! You must visit it lol! This house which is world’s thinnest house occupies only “a 4-feet wide space” isn’t that amazing!! This house is between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland.
  • The name of the Architect is Jakub Szczesny. This person built the house to make is his residence for short periods of time.
  • You must be wondering that what could be there in this small house. Well for your knowledge though it is thin and still includes a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lounge area too!
  • Well so who doesn’t want it?

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2. Seashell House:

Seashell House

  • She sells sea shell on the sea shore! A great tongue twister isn’t it?
  • Well, there is a great and a very beautiful house Located in Mexico City, this house is nautilus-inspired house!
  • This house is so beautiful that it makes anyone or I must say everyone who enters inside it feel like they are living inside of a big seashell.
  • The name of the person who is the designer is Javier Senosiain.
  • This beautiful house is filled with bright and amazing colors so as the light enters or hits the walls of windows it glows beautifully.

3. House On The Rock:

House On The Rock

  • A house is made up with stones! Yes it is true.
  • But a house in side a big rock is unusual for sure.
  • So this amazing house is made up by a group of Serbian youngsters who were in search for a spot to sunbathe back in 1969
  • These guys then discovered the perfect rock. And here they decided to build a little house on it
  • This is a very pretty small little house
  • This amazing factor about the house is that this house is still standing in the middle of the picturesque Drina River to this day.
  • This has Survived all storms, floods, and the unpredictable Serbian weather, and still it’s there!

4. Stone House:

Stone House

  • I don’t think that a big rock could be as cute as it is in this picture and that too in a form of a house!
  • This beautiful house made out of a rock looks super cute and the two big rocks look more like two chubby cheeks.
  • Well this house is actually Tucked in the Fafe Mountains of Portugal. And this house is made of stone totally.
  • So here what a builder did he connected two giant stones with concrete mix to constructed the unique house.
  • This house is one of the strongest one in the world.

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5. Water Tower Type House:

Water Tower House

It is one of the innovative and best suitable smart houses in the world which is useful for living also.

  • We have heard in stories or movies that there are houses inside the towers.
  • Well there is one in real as well!
  • There is a beautiful and spacious water tower in the Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel.
  • This tower stood absolutely empty for the last few decades, until a great local businessman decided to turn it out into an incredible and beautiful family home in 2007.
  • What an idea!

6. Transparent House:

Transparent House

  • It looks a bit awkward to have a house having no walls and totally transparent!
  • No privacy! Lol. But it does exist. In Japan it is certainly very famous.
  • This is a wholly transparent house in Japan made with glass only!
  • It is really a daring task to live in such a house
  • You really cannot have anything to hide in it.

7. Upside Down House:

Upside Down House

  • In your child hood you must have tried standing on your head! I mean in a way upside down.
  • Well here is your childhood came true an “upside down house”.
  • This is such a funny house that you just cannot miss to visit
  • This building is a big achievement.
  • Though it is a difficult task to build it but it is.

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8. Re-Purposed Church House:

Re-Purposed Church House

  • How holly it is or how peace full it would be having a house inside a church!
  • It would be so calm and relaxing being there.
  • That’s what became of St. Jakobus Church in Holland. It is a beautiful house that is made in here.
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