50 Most Romantic Kiss Types In The World And Their Feelings And Benefits

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An act of showing love, and its universally accepted gesture is kiss. Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe out of affection too. Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or the neck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness and relationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime and on any part of their body. They define and express true love.

Most Romantic Kisses in the World and their Feelings

Every kiss they say is the talk of the soul and that’s why the variation of each kiss has a meaning different from the next. So, take a look at some of the different ways the soul indulges to express love.

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50 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meanings with Pictures:

Kiss is a way to express feelings to someone without words. In modern world mostly guys and girls assert their emotions with different ways of kissing. According to types of kisses each kiss has their own identity towards affection.

The article will brief you 50 different kinds of kissing styles and their significance with pictures and names, you can choose and try to express your love with loved one.

1. The Affectionate One:

Forehead Kiss – A kiss on the forehead means you are friends with him or her; some even use it as a starter too. This type of kiss improves yours relationship along with love, and trust and is mostly a sign of deep affection.

2. The Holding One:

Eskimo Kiss – An Eskimo kiss is an affectionate one, and this kissing style is mostly from a parent to their child or a young one. The nose here is rubbed back and forth. Sometimes lovers also try this type of kiss in their romance scene.

3. The Classic French Kiss:

French Kiss – The passionate French kiss, is one of the most common kissing style with almost of tongue action and mastering it may take time. There is chance to burn more calories whenever you tried kiss. So now you have reasons to kiss!

4. The Best Single Lip Kiss:

Single Lip Kiss – A kiss where you suck a lip of the other, sandwiching theirs between yours while doing so. People rate this is as yet another different way to kiss, that will heat up the fire in you.

5. The Simple One:

Hand Kiss – When you grasp the person’s, hands using your fingers and kiss the back of the palm, you are being passionate and kind. This type of kiss exhibits admiration towards that person. It is one of the many different ways to kiss. Haven’t we seen this at Church weddings?

6. The Love Kiss:


Earlobe Kiss – Need we say more? It is one of the most romantic kissing style by way of tugging up and down near the earlobes. When you use the tongue while doing so, it gets hot and passionate. Most of the boys try this type of kiss for tempting their partner.

7. Butterfly Kiss for Partners:

Butterfly Kiss – Here, you get close to the person’s face and both of your eyelashes physically connect with one another, and try the butterfly kiss. This is usually an intimate kissing style and talks much about your relationship with the significant other.

8. Kissing Style: The Spiderman Way!

The Spiderman kiss

Upside Down Kiss – The Spiderman kissing style? So, you go upside down like the superhero does in the movie and kiss him or her. Spider man kiss is one of the best and exciting types of kisses. This variety of kiss is exciting to try.

9. The Long One:

Prolonged Kiss – This kissing style is usually raw lip kissing and a lot of more kissing! Now days most of the pairs try this type of kissing often. Long time lip to lip kiss is effective in a relationship and will release oxytocin that will leave you stress free.

10. The Kiss Forever:

Cheek Kiss – Kiss on the cheek is usually a friendly, respectful and adorable one. Anyone can peck on anyone’s cheek and need not necessarily have a deep meaning. This kissing style is common and is often done to bid good bye or just to express affection.

11. The Funny Kiss:

Lip Gloss Kiss – The lip gloss kiss is fun types harmless. A lip with Chapstick or lip gloss coats the partners lips until the gloss transfers on to his or hers. This is one truly different kind of kiss.

12. The Erotic One:

Secret Message Kiss – Secret message kiss is a kissing style usually between very close people or lovers and is a perfect way to send out an erotic message while not letting others know about it. These different types of kisses are exciting and fun.

13. The Lizzy One:

Kiss tongue

Lizzy Kiss – The lizzy kiss, also known as the kiss of the lizard is where the tongue sticks in and out of the mouth of the partner, in quick strokes. Try this special type of kiss and get the funny experience. This is mostly done by serious lovers.

14. The Air Kiss:

Air Kiss – Air kisses are common everywhere. This kind of kiss involves no touching. All the celebrities send their love towards fans through this type of air kiss.

15. The Gentle One:

Gentle Kiss – Truly as the name suggests this kissing style is gentle and harmless. This is very trust worthy kiss. This gentle kiss is apt for the one who loves her partner heart fully.

16. The Hickey:

Teeth Bite Kiss – Bite and kiss with an open mouth with the notes of a French kiss but not one exactly! Here the teeth bite and nibble the person’s facial features, the neck or where it is planted. For best kissing you have to hold her neck tightly and then proceed gently. Be cautious! You may not want to hurt your partner.

17. The Romantic One:

Neck Kiss – A kiss on the neck, for intimacy, eroticism and more affection is the neck kiss. This best kissing style needs some romantic feel along with desire. You have to try this neck kiss softly for getting romance feeling.

18. The Vampire Like:

twilight kiss

Vampire Kiss – Kiss like a vampire, deep on the neck of him or her, suck and bite the area! This needs more emotion than normal. If follow some simple technique, it would be very easy to try this. It is one of the most effective types of kisses when combined with deep love.

19. The Hot One:

Jawline Kiss – Kiss on the jaw line, for those who are very close to one another. It would be one of the most erotic kisses in the list of types of kisses. This is basic step of getting into mood of romance.

20. The Tease Kiss:

Tease Kiss – The tease, for those who start from the forehead to the lips and all the way down, down, down. You can try this with your partner while she or he is asleep.

21. The Belly Button Kiss:

Belly button Kiss

Belly Button Kiss – One of the most erotic types of kisses, this different skiing style is playful too. Here one person goes down and playfully tickles the belly button of the lover with soft tongue movements. This is when two people are in a playful mood and really close to each other. You can then keep varying the speed and frequency of the kiss so that it does not become boring.

22. Stimulating Kiss Style:


Stimulating Kiss – Among all the different types of kisses this one is known to be a stimulating kiss because this simply sends down a wave of shiver down the spine of a person. Here one person puts his mouth behind the neck of the other and buzzes by blowing the lips and cheeks like a child does. This is a very sensual kiss if it works correctly.

23. The Finger One:

Kiss on the finger

Finger Kiss – This kiss style image above will accurately describe what we are intending to convey. For this one you do not literally kiss on the finger but nibble or simply suck a particular finger of your partner. This is a seductive kiss which does send down a message to your partner that you are in an extra romantic mood.

24. The Fun One:

Funny Kiss

Fish Kiss – This is a type of kiss which usually happens when both the people are in a fun and light mood and not really in a mood for any serious love making. In this, both the lovers suck in the cheeks to make a face like a fish and then try to kiss each other in a fun way. This kiss usually does not last long and is just one to have some casual fun.

25. The Foot Kiss:

Kiss the foot

Foot Kiss – This is a very romantic and soft gesture usually done by the male partner when he is trying to indicate something or trying to seduce the lady in a lazy mood. One of the types of kisses with pictures here the man tries to nibble at the toes and also kiss softly on the lower part of the foot. Tickle the right way.

26. The Super-Hot Kiss:


Ice Kiss – Super-hot? One of the most erotic and sensual kisses out of all the different type of kisses this one is adventurous to an extent. Just like you might have read about how Christian Grey tries to seduce his lady Anastasia, this is the same way in which one person takes an ice cube in the mouth and tries to transfer that to the partner’s mouth in a seductive way.

27. The Juicy One:

Juicy kiss

Fruit Kiss – This is a kiss with lots of fruit juices. Does that sound healthy? Well yes kissing is healthy according to the experts. There are many types of kisses for you to try but in this you have to take a fruit and then simply kiss your partner in a way that the fruit gets nibbles, breaks down and both of yours mouths are filled with the sweet juices.

28. The Sharing Kiss:

Candy Kiss

Cotton Candy Kiss – Now this one is real fun among the different types of kisses because it is refreshing and feels just like out of the movie scene. Here one partner blindfolds the other and then lets him/ her guess flavours. The one who blindfolds takes a candy in the mouth and does a French kiss to the other so that he/she can guess the flavour. Playful and erotic!

29. The Special One:

Written kiss

Paper Kiss- With this type of kiss you can show the partner that you are missing him even when you are away. Take a piece of paper and write ‘x’ in a row so that it looks like ‘xxxxxxx’. This is a symbol of a kiss when in writing. Now seal the letter in an envelope and you can of course plant another kiss with your lipstick where you have sealed the letter.

30. The Only Tongue Kiss:

Abstract kiss

Tongue Kiss – The funny name sounds suitable because in this you do not use lips at all. You just keep your mouths open and touch each other’s tongues and try to play with them. This sounds funny but actually sends shivers down the spine and surely does speeds things up for both the lovers. This kind of kissing can be funny and silly.

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31. The Sensual Kiss:


Shoulder Kiss – This is a sensual kiss. It can also be called a permission kiss, as it checks whether the partner is ready to sleep with you or not. When in return of the kiss you receive a moaning response, or she leans back to your chest it means she is interested in something more. All you need to do is simply grab her from behind by her waist and kiss the edge of her shoulder.

32. The Angel Kiss:


Angel Kiss – This is a lovely type of kiss. You just need to kiss on the eye edge or on the eyes of your partner. This gentle kiss means that you care for your partner just similar to a guardian. It shows your care and the limit of affection you carry for her.

33. The Naughty Kiss:


Lipstick Kiss – Want to experience a naughty kiss? This variety of kiss is generally carried for fun moments. The infants are trapped for such kisses where a mark of lip stick is left behind for others to comment on it. Also, the adults enjoy mark leaving kisses in order to grab the attention of the lover and people as well. Such cute kisses give a memorable moment.

34. The Bubble Bath Kiss:


Bath Kiss: This romantic kiss type is carried out in the bathroom. Fill the bath tub with water and add bubble bath gel or liquid to it. Make wonderful bubbles and enter into it along with her. Kiss each other at the same time, with warm hugs in water. You can also do many more things along with it. This kiss simply means you want to get messy with each other.

35. The Intimate Kiss:

Throat Kiss – This type of kissing is very passionate. The girl is grabbed tightly in the arms and both kiss each other. The kiss is so hard and with wide open lips that they can feel that the opposite partner is ready to go deep in her and reach till the throat. This kiss literally let’s you and your partner move to the bed and get dirty.

36. Dancing Kiss and Hug for Couples:


Dancing Kiss – This type of kisses ate carried while dancing in each other’s arms. The couple dances similar to ball dance or salsa. Grab each other and gently kiss each other with music. This kiss creates a musical environment and also shows your dancing skill kissing along. This kiss turns on the playful side of yours and also makes your love visible to her.

37. The Kiss In Rain:


Rain Kiss – Have you ever surprised your love with a kiss in the rains? This romantic kiss is a must to do when you want to surprisingly show your love towards him/her. For this you need to walk through the rains and while doing so, grab her by her waist and pull her closer with a surprise kiss. This kiss gives a good memory which will always appear in front of her eyes whenever she/he sees rain.

38. The Traditional Kiss:


Kiss Under the Mistletoe – This kiss can also be known as a holiday kiss. This type of kissing is carried in Christmas under the mistletoe. Such kiss generally means that you are ready for a secret and romantic holiday. Such kisses give a wonderful feeling as it is a start towards a romantic vacation.

39. The Naughty Kiss:


Nose Kiss – A kiss on the nose is a hint for you that your boy or girl is ready to be silly with you and spend some naughty moments. When you receive a sudden kiss on the nose while you are expecting something else, you also get surprised. This also grabs your partner’ full attention to you and brings a smile to her/his face.

40. The Classy Kiss:

sweet and simple kiss-different types of kisses

Quick Kiss – This kind of kiss is very sweet! This kiss can take place anywhere. The eyes hold an important place in this kiss. The couple stares at each other with a passionate eye contact, come nearby slowly and finally one of them kisses in a hurry on b the nose, cheek or lip. It is a quick kiss. This simple kiss means that you want to be with her or him the very moment. Such kisses are generally the first kisses held at dates. A slow move also increases the heart beats as something excited will take place.

41. Romantic Kiss Game:

Relationship Kiss – Want to seduce your partner with passion and surprises? Go for this strip kiss! Just turn to your partner and kiss him hardly. Take a sudden pause and remove his shirt. Again start hard. Again pause and kneel to remove his socks. This way make several pauses and raise his curiosity to what would be next silently giving him foreplay. The step by step removal of the clothes would make him more passionate about the future moves and would also feel like a romance game played.

42. The Licking Kiss:


Shot Kiss – Love to play the romantic game? Try this technique to arouse your partner’s interest and tuning. Pour some wine, vodka or whatever drink you wish on your her belly button. Now slowly start licking the wine from it. End with a suck of the belly button. This would make her mourn and feel cosier.

43. The Heavy Kiss:


Breath Kiss – This is a different type of kiss for those who love to hear the giggling of his love while having lovable moments. Kiss her with full attention on her eyes. Gently move her back and make a move to her neck and cheeks. Then after breathe out slowly and make her feel the tickles. While she feels it give her another warm breathe and make her feel more aroused.

44. The Love One:


Humming Kiss – Want to plan something erotic for her? Try this humming kiss. Gently place your lips on her back or nearby her ears. With the help of your lips, start humming and let her skin feel the gentle vibration. This would also give you a moaning sound as a reply which means she is ready to have something more from you.

45. The Beverage One:


Party Kiss – These types of kisses are widely seen in adult parties, night clubs or pubs. Such kiss not only gives your partner the taste of his favourite beverage, but also gives him the chance to taste your lips and love in public. Just take a sip of his favourite beer, wine, vodka, whisky etc. and while kissing him pour it in his mouth. It gives a sensational feeling.

46. Fast and Slow Kiss:


Soft Kiss – This kiss gives both the partners a feeling of satisfaction when finished. The lip lock in this kiss is amazing. Grab her from her waist or hair and pull her towards you. Just when your lips are about to touch, take a pause and look into her eyes. Then make a quick move and lock your lips with her. Along with the kiss you can move her face the way you wish holding her hair or head. This would make it more erotic.

47. The Emotion One:


Lovely Kiss – By kissing this way, you can increase your partner’s faith or trust on you. Such kisses are given on an emotional moment. Gently hold her cheeks in your hand and tell her how much you love and adore her. Promise her to be there whenever she needs you. Then kiss her on her lips or forehead. This would bring tears to her eyes if done with proper emotions.

48. Sensually Desired Kiss and Feelings:


Sensual Kiss – While kissing if you want a tight grab, but don’t want to stop kissing, this type of frustration kiss is used. While kissing, move yourself a bit backward at some interval of seconds. This would irritate your boy and he would grab you tighter towards him and give you a kiss which is better than you were having. Such a kiss also helps your kissing session to move a step forward and bring you near to the bed.

49. The Body Touch Kiss:


Wall Kiss – Want to start your intimate period with something wild? Then try this. Hardly just push her towards a nearby wall with your body. Lean on her holding the wall from her side and kiss her on her lips and neck through ears with the utmost love. Make sure your body remains in touch with her. This is also one type of foreplay kisses.

50. The Love Bite:


Bite Kiss – Willing to give your girl a love gift to make the moment memorable? The love bite kiss is a kissing style that will suit the mood. This kiss can be given on the neck, shoulder, back, tummy, breast or even on the cheek. While kissing her gently, start sucking deeply the part you wish till it leaves a reddish mark. Such kisses are erotic and wild.


Religion Kiss:

Kissing also has been practiced differently in different religions. Religion based kissing traditions are prevalent too. It sometimes implies affection or even done as a part of greeting. Kissing out of honour, respect, and forgiveness is a tradition that practiced in many communities.

  1. Kissing of feet in Christianity is another religious ritual.
  2. In Hinduism however, some communities kiss as a form of greeting. It is either a hug or kiss. In this kiss, there is no contact between the two lips of the people involved.
  3. In the Western communities, however, kissing is more of greeting, where one kisses the hand or gently on the cheek.

What are the Health Benefits of Kissing:

Kissing is not merely an activity. It also has some health benefits. Take a look at what it does to your body.

  • Lowers the blood pressure,
  • Decreases stress,
  • Increases oxytocin
  • Improves immunity
  • Increases dopamine

Kissing is also known to burn calories. It relaxes you, by way of increasing the oxytocin level which is body’s natural calming chemical.

There are several types of ways to kiss you loved one to show your love and care to him/her. Different types of kisses with pictures are also available now to select from which you think would be the best gift. However, kisses are not only meant for lovers. They can so be exchanged between family members to show your care, love and affection. So move on with different kissing styles and enjoy and show your love to the loved one making it more excited.

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