50 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meanings with Pictures

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An act of showing love and universally accepted is the kiss. Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe through affection too. Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or the neck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness and relationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime and on any part of their body.

Most Romantic Kisses in the World and their Feelings

Every kiss they say is the talk of the soul and that’s why the variation of each kiss has a meaning different from the next. Once again, we would give you a basic idea about each and would further leave room open for more discussion.

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50 Most Romantic Kisses in the World and their Feelings:

Kiss is a way to express feelings to someone without words. In modern world mostly guys and girls assert their emotions with different ways of kissing. According to types of kisses each kiss has their own identity towards affection.

  • Back kiss.
  • Butterfly kiss.
  • Earlobe kiss.
  • Eskimo kiss.
  • French kiss.
  • France kiss.
  • Forehead kiss.
  • Love kiss.
  • Lingering kiss.
  • Mouth kiss.
  • Neck kiss.
  • Peck kiss.
  • Tongue kiss.

In this article has given list of 50 Different kinds of kissing styles and their significance with pictures and names, you can choose and try to express your love with loved one.

1. Hottest Kiss on Forehead:

A kiss on the forehead means you are friends with him or her; some even use it as a starter too. This type of kiss improves yours relationship along with love, affection and trust.

2. Eskimo Kiss for Lovers:

An Eskimo kiss is an affectionate one, from a parent to their child or a young one. The nose here is rubbed back and forth. Sometimes lovers also try this type of kiss in their romance scene.

3. Special French Kiss to Try:

The passionate French kiss, romantic and hot. Lots of tongue action and mastering it takes time. The french occupied very important place in this list of kisses. This is very famous kiss around the world. There is chance to burn more calories whenever you tried this kiss for long time. Nearly 120 calories burned in one hour french kiss.

4. The Best Single Lip Kiss:

A kiss where you suck a lip of the next, sandwiching theirs between yours while doing so. Most of the kiss lovers said that it is very tasty than other types of kisses.

5. Hand Kiss and What they Mean:

When you grasp the person’s hands using your fingers and kiss the back of the palm. Adorable and passionate, an act of being kind. This type of kiss exhibits admiration towards that person. It is one of the normal type of kiss to try.

6. Most Liked Earlobe Kiss for Guys:


Need we say more. It is one of the most romantic kiss types, tugging up and down near the earlobes. When you use the tongue while doing so, it gets hot and passionate. Most of the boys try this type of kiss for tempting their partner.

7. Butterfly Kiss for Partners:

When you get close to the person’s face and both of your eyelashes physically connect with one another, while you kiss. Don’t waste the time while you are in romance try this butterfly kiss and impress your partner.

8. Spiderman Kissing Style to Try:

The Spiderman kiss

The Spiderman kiss, go upside down as the superhero did in the movies and kiss him or her. Spider man kiss is one of the best and exciting types of kisses. It can give variety of kissing experience to both persons.

9. Prolonged Kiss for Pairs:

Lips only and lots of lip to lip kissing, full of passion and raw emotion. Now days most of the pairs try this type of kissing often. Long time lip to lip kiss is also very helpful to both the persons, because one hour long kiss can burns more than 100 calories. So kissing also helps to reduce fat burning in the body.

10. Cheek Kiss Forever:

Kiss on the cheek, friendly, respectful and adorable. Anyone can peck on anyone’s cheek and no deep meaning to it. present days it is very common to like this kissing. Some countries it is very casual kissing also which express wishing and bye.

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