30 Different Ponytail Hairstyles

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Starting since school and onwards, the ponytail has been a safe go to option for all us girls. Ponytails above all would never ever go out of style and I will tell you why. Ponies have been one of our first hairstyles when the hair was either too short to properly braid it or too long to keep it open. Ponytails were the only rescue during those busy mornings when the winged eyeliner took up all your time and the hair care was left behind. From the home makers to the busy women trying to fit their time in within office schedules, ponytails have been around for a long time now.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Once again ponytails come to existence when we look for a safe option for that important office meet and during girl’s night when the need to look good has completely usurped your time, you threw your hair in a ponytail and left quickly. One more thing so desirable about ponies are the easy ways through which so many variations can be created simply by tricks and tips crawling up your sleeve. Here we have a list of some of the best ponytail ideas that you can implement to spice up your everyday look.

Having a bad hair day? We all face it at some point or the other, so there’s nothing to cry about too loud. What you could do is to get your hair up and get going, do a pony twist and watch how you “wow” the world.

Pony hairstyles - Main

Why a pony tail?

  • Easy to manage all day long
  • You dont have to bother about hair bothering your face
  • You can focus on your work and other duties
  • It sits neat and still
  • Is a style statement

All you need is a little mousse or a styling gel, we prefer the herbal kinds and the trick of tying a pony tail comes through.

1. Bun on The Side:

Gather all your hair with the help of a brush to one corner or side. Use a ribbon to hold it together and let the pony fall. If the hair is more than the shoulder length, get a bun done. Chic, easy, manageable and very classy we say

2. Pony Braided:

On either side of the head, gather all your hair and bring it to the back, but near the nape of the neck. Let it hang loose and fall with the remaining, keeping it in hold with a band or a scrunch. Perfect for an evening out, when you really don’t have time to doll up your hair

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3. High And Sleek:

Comb all your hair, every part of it from the base to the crown, the sides and the fringe to the crown. Now take a band the same color as that of your hair, bring the band to the crown and secure your hair tight. Allow the hair to fall straight as though it were a spring river from the crown of your head.

4. Balloon Pony Tail:

ballon ponytail

Also known as the PRINCESS JASMINE look, tie all your hair to the back of the head with a band to secure the noose. Now at various lengths grab a bunch and fasten with a band, the middle will auto bloat giving it the shape of a balloon.

5. Braided Pony:

On either side make two plats, thin and long. Now comb the hair in the middle and bring both the plats to taper in the middle at the back of the head. Allow the hair to fall low and let the braids form an entwined knot in the middle.

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6. Lady GA-GA Bow:

Gather all the hair to the crown and tie with a band. Take two different sections from the noose on either sides, and bring them to the top of your head in a semi circular pattern. Fasten the ends with pins to help them stay put all day long. Fast and easy!!

7. Sleek And Low:

For a quick run to the grocery store, you’d have no time to indulge in hair dressing. What you then could do is to catch all your hair in a bunch, bring a band to the nape of the neck and wring it around the long locks. Let the rest fall over the shoulders to the waist, and off you go.

8. Messy And Low:

Get downright naughty and playful with the messy and low look. You don’t even have to comb your hair for this, and yet would look fabulous as ever. Let all your hair combed to the side, allow the back of the hair, which is a separate section to be tied to the neck. The front should be gelled and flat or wavy. Classy and elegant, yet speaks naughty.

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9. Pony Crown:

Almost on the lines of a bun but not yet, when you comb your hair into a pony tail at the crown, let it balloon into a ball, from which pull out a few strands to fall over your head. It gives the aura of a whimsical fountain too. Perfect for an evening out with friends or a cocktail party.

10. The Beach Girl:

Ponytail hairstyles 10

Gather all your hair as you would for a pony tail in the making, let the sides of your hair be loose and free. Take the free sides now and curl it along the hair in the middle where a pony tail already exists, twist the curls a little for an unkempt look, and voila you are ready for the pajama party.

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