Top 15 Distressed Jeans For Men And Women

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Jeans has become an important part in the fashion trend of both men and women. Wearing different patterns and colors of jeans is seen common among both. The plain jeans are no more in trend for casual looks. With the change in the fashion industry, the designs or patterns have also changed regarding to the colors and styles of jeans. Whether you go for Pepe, Denim, Denmark or any other company, they have always given new funky jeans wear for the youth to look trendy.

The latest jeans style in the market is that of distressed jeans. Also known as ripped jeans design; it is a homemade pattern too. Both men and women have a hearty attraction towards this jeans design which has lead to its popularity. Let’s have a glance of some latest and best distressed jeans designs.

Distressed Jeans In India For Men And Women :

Following are the topmost demanding distressed jeans for women and men that are all available in Indian along with all countries.

1. Dark Blue Jeans:


Dark blue is the popular colour in jeans selected by both men and women. A wonderful skinny dark blue distressed jean for women gives a funky look for parties. It is ripped from several points including the hips and knees to make it more attractive.

2. Monkey Wash Distressed Jeans:


A light blue and white monkey wash jeans when distressed gives a marvelous look. The ankle jeans is ripped in between and given a white background to make it more adorable and super. It is widely carried on heels to make it more amazing. Mostly this type of ripped denim distressed jeans in blue color using by girls and middle age women all over world.

3. Patchy Jeans Design:


Looking for a new funky look for your parties and outings! Here you go on with sky blue jeans with white patchy look. The jeans are given several ribs with white cuts to give a unique look. The distressed jeans for women give a stunning look on short tops.

4. Painting Spot Design Jeans:


Love wearing colourful patch work! A women’s distressed jeans design along with rip work is given a look of paint colour spots to make it colourful and fancy. The design can also be made at home using oil painting colours. The idea is widely accepted by the girls of colleges.

5. Simple White Jeans:


A simple and sober look can be adorable for any occasion and also for offices. The white distressed jeans is ripped at the knee only to give a sophisticated look. It is also widely worn on official functions or offices.

6. Designing Ripped Jeans:


The men also love to get a rocking look in jeans. The blue distressed jeans or men are ripped in a unique manner which gives dual effect. One of a ripped look whiles the other of a stretched look. It is widely accepted look by the rock stars and celebs.

7. Knee and Hip Distressed Jeans:


A jeans with simple ripping gives a different definition to the fashion world. It gives a simple but elegant look to the wearer. The jeans is only ripped at the knee of one leg and the hip of the other to give it a unique look.

8. Loose Jeans:


A jeans material in the former of capri is given a distressed look to make it different. The loose jeans capri is made the best distressed jeans look with large gaps made to explore the hips. The look is widely carried on the red carpet by the celebs for a bold appearance.

9. One Side Distressed Jeans:


A black jean is the attractive colour jeans for everyone. Similarly a black distressed jean looks capturing for theme parties or simply outing. The jeans is ripped on only one knee and folded for a pant look giving a different style to the. It is accepted style of the young girls.

10. Blade Cut Shrink Jeans:


A shrink and best distressed jeans design made with the cuttings and slights of a blade gives a bold look to the women. The black distressed jeans are given cuts and blade touching for a different look. Such design is widely popular among the teens who love moving with the trend.

11. Aquarius Design Jeans:


A stylish and distressed jean is the dream of all the men and women. Here we give you an aquatic look with jeans which is ripped at the knee and is given colorful patches which makes the design of small pebbles in the water. It is a highly bought pattern among the men.

12. High Waist Distressed Jeans:


A vintage jeans pattern with a high waist is quite common among the youths. The distressed jeans for men with a high waist and a vintage ripping are quite trendy for the winter wear. It is quite common in college and outdoor picnics.

13. Shorts Jeans:


The jeans in the form of shorts and also given a distressed design quite love for the teens these days. The shorts is ripped from the thighs and also given a knee shape. This gives a sensual and bold look to the girls for date.

14. Side Distressed Jeans:


The women who want to have a fashionable look for parties, discos, pubs, etc. are highly adopting this amazing and elegant style of ripped jeans. The best distressed jeans are ripped from the side of the jeans which is eye catchy especially on dark jeans colors.

15. Acid Wash Jeans:


The acid wash jeans are quite unique and popular for the western lovers. A white and blue patchy design of jeans when given ripped work gives an amazing appearance to the wearer. It is highly worn in colleges, on outings, by celebs etc.

The distressed jeans designs have been mostly popular among the celebs especially the rock stars. As it is widely popular among both the man and women, it acquires nearly more than half of the fashion market. Other jeans inspired by such ripped designs include acid wash; blade cut design, ripping with charms around, patch and diamond design and much more. Such designs can also be made at home if a special design wants to be achieved like diamond shape, heart shape, square, etc. as it is easy.

The best distressed jeans design is made by the use of blade cuts mostly on jeans. When given slight light cut, it gives a fibre cut design which is quite popular.

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