Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss?

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There are various reasons for which hair fall may happen when a person sweats. Usually this is a very healthy process because the toxins and the excess salt in the body get released by this. Some fats and lipids also get eliminated by this process which is why steam is recommended. However, studies show that this can lead to various types of problems and can make the bacteria which are already present to react which can cause more problems to a person.

sweat causes hair loss

Reasons for Sweat on Hair:

There are various reasons for which a person can sweat:-

1. If the weather is the factor then this happens more in summer seasons or when a person stands under the heat for a long time the sebum glands automatically secretes this.

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2. If a person exercises heavily then also this is a common thing and often people do not wash this off after the exhaustion. This therefore gets accumulated and attracts the dirt and grime which gets stuck to the roots.

3. If there is excess traction due to clipping pony tails then also the glands may function abnormally.

4. Usually people who get more nervous or have self esteem problems; they tend to sweat more than people who do not have such anxiety or other problems.

Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss:

The lactic acid in the secretions which gets secreted from the body, is usually the reason which can get mixed with the keratin structure and damages the strands. This is therefore a very known and researched logic behind the abnormality.

Another reason which is quite evident is that the bacteria which are already present in a normal form usually, these starts to behave abnormally as there is more sebaceous activity. This therefore this gets mixed with it. This not only attracts dirt and dust but also this leads to accumulation of pollution. If the person does not regularly cleanse with a good cleanser and who is already having dryness problem, they may start to see thinning due to un-hygeinic conditions. This should there be kept in check.

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Other bacterial infections like boils or eruptions can be a cause. Also a unhealthy life routine can also be responsible for this. Excess of junk foods can also be a cause behind this. Toxins get eliminated from the system and if a person consumes excess of these like burgers and pizzas then this can be a problem.

How to Keep Sweat Away:

Like already mentioned, if the excess sweating is due to stress or other irregularities, then a person should consult the doctor and take the recommended medicines to control this problem. Even a psychiatric counselling can help.

A good life routine can always help in a proper bodily functioning and to control abnormal secretion of glands. These are toxins that are released, therefore these can be controlled with a good diet. A person should have a good balanced fruit and vegetable diet which includes proper amounts of vitamins and also minerals. Proper amount of protein can also help in this thing.

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Steam can be taken for opening the pores and then cleaning these properly. This is often helpful
Home remedies are suitable to cure any fungal problems. Neem leaves are quite suitable and also henna leaves.

Exercise is essential for normalizing the conditions of the secretions of the body. Therefore meditation and yoga or a regular running or sprinting can also help. These are quite useful.

The head should be washed if the hairs are kept loose and after every exercise the excess sweat should be washed well with a good cleanser.