Top 9 Drawstring Ponytails

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Blame it on the cutting edge technology or the beauty enthusiasts, a ponytail can now never go wrong. Often we wish we could copy our favorite celebs and their stunning hairstyles but the lack of personality in your hair has admittedly been the cause for many failures.

Now with drawstring ponies you can kiss the bad hair days away. These are usually similar to hair extensions but only pre styled to perfection. All you do is stick it on and flaunt yourself.

1. Massive Curls:

drawstring ponytails 1

The need to look good for the presentation or the long awaiting date is always preceded by trying to match your eyeliner wings and your lipstick and at times like this hair issues cannot be a hindrance. This is especially why now you can throw your hair in a bun and attach this drawstring curl pony and look your best.

2. Afro Turf:

Drawstring ponytails  2

You might be in the mood for some afro magic and at times like this putting your hair through the strenuous ordeal might result in hair damage which is far more endearing second to the sudden change of mood to go back to your old hair. At times like this we have the afro pony to take care of this.

3. Pin Straight Pony:

Drawstring ponytails  3

This sort of ponytail is definitely a favorite for the busy women who can’t spend more than five minutes of their busy mornings to perfect their curls into a straight pony. Putting your curls into a bun attach this drawstring straight hair pony to the back and get on with your busy day without much worry.

4. Keeping It Natural:

Drawstring ponytails  4

Au natural has always been your style and now you are worried about putting on those fake extensions which you fear might make your pony look surreally good but yet not organic with the rest of the hair. This is where the drawstring pony comes to play where you get even looking natural ponytails with feather cut ombre back to make you look absolutely gorgeous.

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