Ear Piercing for Babies – Our Top 9

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Much like you, your baby girl too wants to look good and even though United States usually waits for the baby to grow up to a formidable age until practicing ear piercing, most of the eastern countries engage in the thought of piercing the baby’s ears. Now one of the cons to this idea would be that the babies feel the pain more at their age and the pain cannot be aided by prescription pain killers. Still so, there are different ideologies that we respect and if you want to go ahead with your ear piercing, here is a list of all the types you might want to opt for.

However, prior to this, do take your baby for a routine check up, making sure all her body vitals are in proper levels and ready for the procedure.

Design ahead:

ear piercing for babies1

when we are doing something, the usual goal is to execute the procedure with perfection, something that is deeply portrayed in this picture here. The picture here shows how you can put this round chakra earring on your baby and have her flawlessly flaunt it. This is an ornate gold earring lightweight with a small pearl set right on the middle. Match these with her white bib or a white hat if you may.

Keeping it simple:

ear piercing for babies2

Now this is the best way to keep things humbly stylish. You don’t want to harass your kid with a heavy earring piece that would weigh her down and keep her uncomfortable. That is why the best way is to opt for a simple stud, light in color that would match her age but still make her look trendy. Keeping it barely small is just another style statement.


ear piercing for babies3

earrings come in different styles and patterns and here is another classic style that you might like. This particular earring is a bit of a hanger, as in the earring starts from the source but the main attraction of the piece is a bit lower than the lobe. Often these earrings are a bit heavy weight even though the specially made ones come with lightweight features too.

The classic ring:

ear piercing for babies4

All those childhood years of you pulling the ring off with the classic style has finally paid you off good and now you want to implement the same to your child. This is probably one of the reason why your kid should opt for a small golden ring that would keep the age old class in place while keeping her ears attractive.

Pearly affairs:

ear piercing for babies5

Match her pearly whites with a pearl on her ears as well. This earring is solely based on a formidable shiny pearl that makes up for the whole of the earring. Once again, this is a hanger ending beyond the lobe of the ear and therefore special attention should be given to the weight of the ring.

A little dazzle:

ear piercing for babies6

The diamond stud is yet another childhood classic. You can implement this earring maybe with some other modifications into your child’s ear but there is always a chance that the dazzling rock might add to some weight. At times like this, the base of the earring should be made lightweight to even out the weight.

The fireball:

ear piercing for babies7

the fireball is nothing but a cute little fiery stud ring, red and pretty which would simply be a hit like no other. It is small and round and fierce and definitely will be a favorite of your child.

The twins:

ear piercing for babies8

starting with a small bar, the two twin stones dazzle and sparkle in her ears, a full set diamond earring with a silver base. However, to keep things light or safe, you may even want to opt for faux diamonds. This is indeed a classy affair paired with a trend setting view.

Just a star:

ear piercing for babies9

The last to the list looks something like a star fish, pretty and alluring with a soft ocean blue stone right in the middle surrounded my small specs of dazzling stones. This will hands down be the perfect set for your little baby.

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