Earlobe kiss – How To Do It And Meaning

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Want to kiss the ears? Go for it. In this article we are going to be discussing about earlobe kisses. These kisses are one of the best ways to arouse someone easily. Both men and women are fond of it. The kiss is done by women on her man’s ear to arouse him or make him comfortable for further approach towards any romantic activity. This type of kisses are being done since ages and has been claimed as one of the most popular ways to kiss someone.

Earlobe kiss how to do

The earlobe is a really delicate part of the ear and since we use the ear throughout the day, it is necessary to show some affection and love towards them. Some women love it when her man kisses them on the earlobes. Earlobe kisses are an easy way to start a romantic move when you can’t really figure out what to do. A simple and short kiss on the ear will ensure a sweet and innocent romantic move. There is nothing dominant or submissive about an earlobe kiss. Almost everyone adores it and it won’t cause any harm to your relationship as well. Quick little kisses on ear are the best ones. This article explains about earlobe kiss meaning, how to do it perfectly, tips,and types of that kiss for your private time.

Earlobe kiss – How To Do It And Meaning:

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Earlobe Kiss Meaning:

earlobe kiss meaning

Earlobe kiss generally means taking the host’s earlobe between the lips and slowly tugging it in different directions. With the help of earlobe kisses one can show his or her affection and loving attitude towards their host. It can display a caring nature of the male or the female and can boost the love among them. Earlobe kisses are pretty frequent among fresh couples and teenagers as well. People try to carry this kiss on the ear after visualizing it in movies.

How To Do Earlobe Kiss:

earlobe kiss -how to do

How to do an earlobe kiss? It’s like a walk in the park. Just take the lips and place the earlobe between the lips. In this way you will be able to figure out if he or she is liking it or not. You can always it by starting with a gentle smooch kissing on the ear at the first place. These kisses are really special and can make your relationship more romantic. You can kill the boring vibe between long lasting relationships by kissing the ears and performing the earlobe kisses.

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Tips/Techniques Of Earlobe Kiss:

An earlobe kiss can be made totally intense by rubbing the tongue on the earlobe in a circular manner. Individual imagination and creativity is always admired by the man or the woman. If you want to make an earlobe kiss really special you will have to try something tricky to please your host. This won’t be a problem for couples who are mature and can actually figure out what their hosts want.

There is no specific technique behind performing an earlobe kiss. One can easily make an earlobe kiss successful by rubbing their lips in between the earlobe and the tragus (part of the outer ear to the front).

Types (Variations) In Earlobe Kiss:

Variations are generally personal choices. You can vary an earlobe kiss according to your choice. There are different kinds of earlobe kisses and you can simply alter them based on what you’re trying to do with the lips at the first place. If you’re approaching for the outer ears first instead of the earlobe, then it is recommended that you give a little kiss on the cheeks and offer a smooch as well.

Secondly, if the girl like the earlobe kisses then you can bring the tongue into the picture and apply certain tongue movements on the ear.

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Kisses can change your day and your relationship scenario as well. Both the male and the female should try to keep their host happy ans satisfied by offering different kinds of kisses to each other. One of them is earlobe kisses. Some of the best facts about this type of kisses are discussed above.