Top 9 Effective Herbs to Cure Arthritis

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Arthritis is a condition that can interfere with your routine activities and life to a great extent. Although medications are available for this condition, but the pain and inflammation may remain.

psoriatic arthritis

There are a number of herbs that can help treat arthritis is a complete natural and effective manner. These herbs not only help with the pain, but with the inflammation as well. It must however, be noted that, a consultation with your physician is recommended before taking up any kind of herbs for this condition. This is just to do away with the possibility of any major side effects.

Here we Have, Top 9 Effective Herbs to Cure Arthritis:

1. Ginger:


Ginger is commonly used for culinary purposes, but it is also very effective as a herb, for treating certain conditions. The flavouring compounds of ginger have anti-inflammatory properties in them. This is why, using ginger has a positive result in reduction of swelling around the joints due to arthritis.

2. Aloe Vera:


Aloe Vera is commonly known and can be easily found in the gardens of many houses. This herb is popular for treating skin abrasions. Aloe Vera is a really good cooling agent for the skin.Aloe Vera is effective for providing relief to joint pains.

3. Eucalyptus:


Eucalyptus is another herb which is popularly known and easily available. The oil extracts of this herb are used for a number of conditions.

The Eucalyptus leaves can treat arthritis pain. These leaves contain tannins in them, which help with the inflammation and the resultant arthritis pain. The effectiveness of this herb can be increased by using a heating pad after the herb is used on the affected joints.

4. Green Tea:

green tea

Green Tea helps in the reduction of inflammation. Green tea consumed in the form of tea, tinctures or tablets, can work against the inflammation caused in arthritis.

5. Cat’s Claw:


This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with the swelling that comes with arthritis. The Cat’s Claw is known typically for improving the immune system of the body. However, there is a possibility in this case that the herb over stimulates the immune system of the body, increasing the arthritis pain.

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6. Willow Bark:


This is one of the oldest known herbs to work against body inflammation. This herb has the potential to work extremely well against arthritis related joint pain and swelling, especially in the areas around hips, knees, back and neck. Willow bark has to be consumed orally by the means of a tablet/supplement or in tea. However, it must be consumed in the right doses. Overdose of this herb can result in skin rashes and inflammation.

7. Turmeric:


Turmeric when consumed orally, works best against joint pains. This herb also helps in slowing down rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric, like the other herbs, also works against inflammation in the body. Take a pinch of turmeric powder in warm milk daily. This is a great way to treat the condition of arthritis.

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8. Thunder God Vine:


This herb has made a place for itself in Chinese medication. The root extracts contain properties which bring down and over stimulated immune system. This herb is used externally, by direct application on the skin.
The extracts of this herb must be taken from the skinned roots of the vine. Extracts taken from any other parts of the vine can turn out to be poisonous, so complete precaution must be taken when using this herb.

9. Boswellia/Frankincense:


This herb has anti-inflammatory properties in it. The gum of boswellia trees is used to attain this herb. Boswellia is believed to block the leukotrienes, which are the substances that affect the joints under the condition of arthritis. This herb is available in the markets in the form of creams as well as supplements.

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