20 Best Emo Hairstyles For Girls With Pictures

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Emo hairstyle is totally different than regular hairstyles. It carries some abnormal look that makes you different from crowd. These emo hairstyles are updated based on the fashion trends. Teenage girls who are follows the latest trends, like to wear this emo hairstyles with heavy makeup. These hairstyles mostly combines the bright colors to look great.

Emo Hairstyles

Emo Styling is not for all. It requires a lot of courage to carry the look in the attitude that suits well. Here are a few best Emo Hairstyles for girls that have become popular over time and are greatly appreciated.

Beautiful Emo Hairstyles For Girls With Images:

1. Short Emo Haircut:

Emo hairstyles 1

For this hairstyle, the hair is cut unevenly from all sides. It is maintained at a very short length at the crown but pointed sides are left to make the cut look chic. Heavy styling in done using gels to add texture to the look and is also combined with angular fringe that looks excellent.

2. Heavy Fringes On Forehead:

Emo hairstyles 2

The look involves a combination of various cuts. There is very short blunt fringe, bangs, and uneven layers that make the hair look very stylish. The cuts are combined beautifully and also look delicate. This simple emo hairstyle needs to be carried with the right attitude to enhance the appearance of styling.

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3. Uneven Trims For Trendy Emo Hairstyle:

For this emo hair style, hair is trimmed unevenly from all sides and heavy gel is used to keep the strands intact and in shape. Sudden, uneven and sharp trims add a lot of drama to the look. This needs proper styling to prevent the hair from falling flat around the face and giving an overall low look.

4. Razor Cut Emo Hairstyles:

Emo hairstyles 4

This Emo styling is meant especially for wavy hair and for those fond of short length hair. The hair is kept short from all sides except the bangs that are comparatively longer. The side swept look on one eye makes the overall style very trendy and smart. This is one of the best emo hairstyles for girls which is so modern and you can wear this types of haircuts for night parties and other events also.

5. Emo Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair:

The hair is trimmed in varied length from all sides thus giving it a sharp edge appearance. The bangs are kept longer that the hair on the crown, making the hair voluminous. Moreover, since the styling is done is all directions, the bounce comes naturally. It is ideal for those with thin hair.

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