9 Best Emo Makeup Looks

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Emo makeup is usually characterised by long coloured hair, heavy makeup, piercings and pale skin. The makeup used by most of the guys and girls these days is pretty fundamental since their hair is one facet. It can be layered or dyed into several colours such as red, purple, pink, blonde, blue or black. Their makeup consists of false eye lashes, dark eye liners and pencils, mascara and dark lipstick colours and shades. The dressing up can be very casual; however most of them stick to wearing dark clothes.

9 Beautiful Emo Makeup Looks.

1. Casual Emo Girl:

So you want a sleek fashionable outlook with a tinge of emo sensibility? Well, we would definitely recommend you this one. The casual emo girl look is ideal, presentable and quite stylish. You need to use a good cleanser and emo foundation before you proceed with your makeup. Use a deep red colour for your lips and apply a generous amount of liner for your eyes.

2. Gothic Pink Emo Girl:

Go pink with the Gothic pink emo look. This one requires you to apply tons of mascara and eye pencil. You will have to create a dark and smudgy look at the outer corner of your eyes as this will flatter your face and compliment your style too.

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3. Purple Hair Emo Girl:

The Purple Hair Emo Girl look is absolutely sassy and chic. This one has a very edgy and distinct hair style and the makeup is iconic. You can also add some streaks if you like and jazz up your look with some heavy and strong eye makeup. Use a plain colour for your lips.

4. Side Pony Emo Look:

To get an Emo Look, you can try it with different hairstyles too; especially this one. You can make a side pony tail and allow your long and beautiful bangs to fall around the ears. This will make you look like an emo princess. Add some glamour to it by using heavy eye liner and a neutral colour for your lips.

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5. Teenage Emo Makeup:

For the teenage emo makeup, you can try some false hair streaks. This one will accentuate the beauty of your hair and give you a very colourful look. Lay great emphasis on the eyes and create a very dark and heavy look with the help of some black eye shadow, eye liner and pencil. Don’t go too overboard however.

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