9 Outstanding Engagement Mehndi Designs with Images

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Mehndi is the most traditional aspect for every Indian marriage. It is not only necessary but mandatory as one of the most important traditions in Indian cultural marriages and engagements. Applying mehendi is not quite difficult but choosing unique and catchy mehandi design is important and design has to be decided before the engagement. There are thousands of Mehandi designs than can practically take your breath away.

engagement mehndi designs

Generally there are huge numbers of mehandi designs which are available for engagement ceremony; it’s just a matter how to choose the design. Here are the 9 amazing mehendi designs that will be easy to choose for the engagement.

2017 Latest Collection Of  Mehndi Designs For Engagement Ceremony:

1. Egyptian Eye Mehndi Design for Engagement:

Egyptian eye mehndi design

The Egyptian mehendi designs exhibit the same level of intricacy and elegance as evident in the standard style. This will come across different curves, lines and crossing lines. Resultantly, there appear patterns wouldn’t have seen elsewhere. This special design is meant for back part of the hand.

2. The Leafy Type Engagement Mehendi Designs:

The leafy mehndi design

This mehandi design is extremely beautiful, this piece of art work depicts nature in itself; the beauty of nature is well magnified in this design allowing the bride to feel special. For the women who are attending the engagement this is ideal to magnify the importance of the feminine gender.

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3. Entangled Mehendi Design For Engagement Ceremony:

Entangled mehndi design

This intricate design deals with a complex combination of various entangled lines and designs which give this magnificent outcome. Truly a steady hands and legs knack for artistry is needed to pull of such a feat.

4. New Patterned Mehndi Design For Engagement:

Patterned mehndi design

Patterned is one of the recent designs. Mehandi is there since thousands of years, compare with earlier to present days there are huge number of designs which are available now. This simple design can be used by adolescent girls who are attending the engagement.

5. Heart Shape Mehandi Designs For Engagement:

Complete each other mehndi design

This engagement design depicts two pieces or two halves and one piece of mehandi art on the hands that complete each other. It is a spectacular piece of work and holds its place in the top mehandi designs for an engagement ceremony.

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