7 Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss – How to Make and Use

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With the advent of weight gaining opportunities in the current society the concerns of people have raised. People are extremely busy nowadays and do not have time to have a proper and healthy meal including breakfast. They are always busy running. This helps in the easy manifestation of fatty tissues and cells in our bodies. People have no time to count on exercises in this busy schedule. But a solution has to be found. It has different adverse effects on our bodies. It reduces the span of the life cycle to a great extent. It causes depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, fragile bone strength and many more. When it is an issue of weight loss there can be different things that can be tried. Along with exercises and a proper and balanced diet, the help of the essential oils is also needed.

essential oils for weight loss

Some essential oils have the capacity of burning down the fat content and reducing harmful toxins from our body. Other than those essential oils have other advantages like boosting immunity, relieve stress and stress eating, reduce the fluid retention in our body and many others. In this article here, we will see how essential oils and which essential oils are best for weight reduction and how do they work

Most Effective Essential Oils for Weight Loss:

You may always think what essential oils are good for weight loss, then use below best essential oils for weight loss:

1. Myrrh Essential Oil:

Myrrh essential oil is basically found from a tree known as Commiphora myrrha, a member that belongs to the Commiphora plant genus. There originally exists a resin from which the essential oil is extracted. The Myrrh essential oil has many advantages of its own. It is known for its medicinal properties and helps in healing wounds. Apart from that it is a powerful antioxidant, antiviral, anti fungal, anti parasitic in nature. It is not hard to infer that the Myrrh essential oil is necessary for weight loss because of its detoxifying nature. Also Myrrh essential oil helps in better digestion and helps to get rid of any stomach related troubles and indigestion.

Myrrh Essential Oil

How to use it:

  • Myrrh essential oil cannot be used alone. It has to be combined with coconut oil or olive oil and has to be applied to the fat areas for about 30 minutes or so. After massaging it in the place, it is cleaned off with fresh and clean water.
  • You can also add the essential oil to your bath water for better results.

2. Fennel Essential Oil:

Fennel essential oil helps in the reduction of body weight. After the distillation of the fennel seeds, fennel essential oils is found and extracted. The best advantages of fennel oil are that it suppresses appetite, induces better sleep, improve the process of digestion and prevent weight loss above all. Fennel weight loss essential oils mainly secrete a hormone called melanin, which helps in regulating the sleep cycle patterns. It is found out after various methods of experimentation that a proper sleep can help in the weight reduction process. In addition, it changes and uplifts your mood and energy levels. Fennel essential oil has the quality of burning down fat and does not help in storing them in our bodies. Fennel seeds also reduce the need and feel to eat more. It was found that we often cannot differentiate the time we are thirsty and hungry. With the help of this essential oil, extra food intra intake and the raised calories can be maintained.

Fennel Essential Oil

How to use Fennel Essential Oil:

  • You can mix the essential oil with olive or coconut oil and apply to the areas where you think there is fat deposition. Massage it well. Rinse it with clean water after 30 minutes
  • If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can pour some of it in your bathtub while taking a bath for greater results.

3. Orange Essential Oil:

Orange peels are known to have skills that can help our skin to glow and provides a nourished hairstyle. Apart from that orange essential oils have many other advantages which can help to a great extent. It helps in bringing down your emotional state and maintains your emotional level. Orange essential oil helps in reduction of body weight by helping one to relax and rejuvenate and provides a full feeling of satisfaction. It has antioxidant properties and contains vitamin c which does not help in storing fat in our bodies. It causes a reduction in appetite and thus helps in saving a lot of extra calories.

Orange essential oil

How to use orange Essential Oil:

  • Take a clean glass of water. Add two to three drops of orange essential oil. Drink it before you sit down for meals.
  • This is an alternative method. Take a cotton ball. Try and drop a few drops of orange essential oil in it. Smell the vapours that arise from there before sitting down for a proper meal. This will reduce the level of your appetite.
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