The 9 Best Exercises To Reduce Butt Fat

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In order to stay fit and in perfect shape is a challenge in today’s lifestyle as it’s a computer age. The people spend most their time in sitting down and completing their official task as you tend to put on weight in belly, thighs and butt also. This in turn disrupts the look and figure so it’s necessary to watch out that the fat doesn’t deposit at the butt.

Exercises To Reduce Butt Fat

Simple and Effective Exercises to Reduce Butt Fat:

You can reduce the fat in butt area only if you work out on a regular basis and especially do exercises for the specified area. So let’s have travel, in what different ways we can reduce the butt fat, and look slim and sexy and wear those tight pants and jeans once again.

1. Parivrtta Utkat Asana To Reduce Butt Fat: Revolved Chair Pose

This is one of the simple Asana which can drastically help you to reduce butt fat and at the same time detoxifying the body.

Revolved Chair Pose

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Stand with your feet and heels together, it can be marginally separated and bend your knees a little bit as you are sitting in a chair.
  • Then lift your arms above our head and folds the hands in Namaskar mudra and turn your shoulders in the right direction without shaking hips and knees.
  • Place left elbow on right knee and bend your chest towards right direction.
  • Place both your hands into each other for balancing.
  • Take a deep breath and look up and feel pressure on the butt and other parts.
  • Try to remain in this posture for a minute and maximum to three minutes and then breathe out, straighten your shoulder bones and come back to the same position.
  • Repeat the same exercise to reduce buttocks fat, on the other side also and do at least for 10 times a day.

2. Leg Lifting In Donkey Style:

This type of exercise to reduce buttocks can be performed at home and target the butt fat.

Leg Lifting In Donkey Style -2

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Lie down on the exercise mat with the elbows and knees touching the floor. Rest upper body part in the air and are elbow, knees and heels are in a straight line.
  • Place the elbows firmly on the ground and keep your torso, head straight.
  • Lift your right leg and extend it as much you can while the left knee should be intact with the floor.
  • Ensure that right leg foot is pointing towards the ceiling and try to stretch as much you can in up and down position  without moving the upper body  and feel the stretch in the butt area.
  • Do the same for a minimum of 10 times in one leg and then switch to the other leg.
  • Repeat the same exercise to reduce buttocks at home for 8 times with both the legs.

3. Leg Extension with Back Kick:

This is one of the basic buttocks exercises and can do wonders if done on a regular basis.

Leg Extension with Back Kick -3

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Get on your hands and knees on a mat.
  • Under your right foot place a foam roller so that the right knee is not in touch with the floor.
  • Try to balance the position and slowly lift your left leg and fold your knees and release it in a straight position parallel to the ground like you are kicking.
  • Ensure your right knee should not touch the ground and your head, hands and torso area in kept straight.
  • While kicking you can experience the pressure on the but area and do this for 15 types in one leg.
  • Come back to rest position and do the same with other leg also.

4. Reduce Butt With Squats and Dumb Bells:

A squat with dumb bells is an excellent combination to reduce butt fat and same time it even tones your arms.

Reduce Butt With Squats and Dumb Bells -4

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Stand with feet apart, a bit wider than your hip width.
  • Hold the dumbbell or weight in both the hands with the palms facing in.
  • Place or push your butt back and lower your body into a deep squat.
  • Your chest should be in lifted, and core tight. Ensure to keep head, back and shoulders in line with your spine, so as it doesn’t strain your neck.
  • Exert pressure on heels to stand back up and feel the strain on your butts.
  • Do the same for 20 times on a regular basis for fabulous results.

5. Ardha Chandrasana–Half Moon Posture:

This Ardha chandrasana yoga apart from reducing fat in butt area, it strengthens the muscles of the high and abdomen also.

Ardha Chandrasana –Half Moon Posture -5

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Stand on the top of the mat, turn to your left side and the feet should be wide apart. The feet should be as apart as wrists are.
  • Then rotate your right foot at 90 degrees so that the leg is the air, even turn the hip slightly in the same direction.
  • Then stretch and lift the right arms above the shoulders facing towards the sky.
  • Try to balance the body weight on the left leg and the left hand fingers should touch the ground and should be 6 inch far away from the left leg.
  • In case if you have proper balance then turn your head and look at the left thump and feel the pressure on the back portion of the body.
  • Hold in this position for one minute and lower the right leg as you exhale and then lower the arms.
  • Then repeat the same exercise to reduce buttock fat on to the other direction and so the same for 5 times.

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6. Legs Movement in Lying Posture:

Another exercise which reduces fat in the hip area as well as the thighs also and tones the muscles.

Legs Movement in Lying Posture -6

How to Do The Exercise:

  • Lie down on the mat with back touching the ground.
  • Fold the knees and the toes, heel hip and shoulder in an alignment.
  • Then lift the body from the waist, hip and toes and even try to balance the body weight from the shoulder.
  • Both the hands and palms should be in touch with the floor.
  • Then move your leg to and fro ensuring the toes, hip, and waist should not touch the floor and feel the pressure on butt area.
  • Continue like this for 20 times and do about 3 sets for best results.

7. Parivrtta Supta Padangusthasana to Reduce Butt Fat:

This Asana of yoga as the name suggests, is a posture which helps to relieve wind from the body and even reduces the fat in the butt area.

Parivrtta Supta Padangusthasana

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First lie down on the mat with your shoulders, back, hip and legs in one straight line.
  • Then raise our right leg along with hip, turn on the left side and hold the legs big toe fingers with your left hand.
  • Then try to straighten your knees and spread your right arm on the floor perpendicular to the body and palm facing up and face should facing on right side.
  • Try to keep your right shoulder and arm on the ground, exert the pressure on butt area and stay in this posture for 30 seconds and keep deep breathing.
  • First inhale, release by first bending your knee and come to centre position and straighten them and place on original position and repeat the same on the other side.

8. Stretched Triangle Posture to Reduce Butt Fat:

The stretched triangle posture helps to reduce the fat in butt area and simultaneous tones the waistline and armpit area.

Stretched Triangle Posture -8

How to Do The Exercise:

  • First stand with both feet apart and the toes facing in opposite directions.
  • Then open you’re both the hands in perpendicular with shoulders.
  • Bend your body on the right side from the waist and hold the legs with right hand.
  • The left stand should face the ceiling and should be straight, ensuring the left leg knee should also be straight.
  • Turn the face on the left side and feel the pressure on the body parts.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and come back to the position and so the same on the other side.

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9. Reduce Butt Fat With Steps Up and Down:

This is one another better and easy of reducing butt fat by stepping up and down and reduces the butt fat easily along with toning of calf and thigh muscles.

Reduce Butt Fat With Steps Up and Down -9

How to Do The Exercise:

This exercise can be performed on the home stair or at gym by placing step stool.

  • First stand with both legs together and close the palms tightly like a fist and bring it close to your chest.
  • The raise right leg  on the step stool or stairs  and while coming down come with a jump and place the left leg on the stool as if  you are climbing a stair but  the difference is it’s on the same stair.
  • While doing so you can feel the pressure on the hip, thigh and calf muscles.
  • Repeat the exercise to reduce butt fat same for 2 minutes and increase it for 5 minutes.

Once the fat starts depositing on butts it’s become very painful to get rid of it. It needs dedication and intense workout on a regular basis to get back in the perfect shape. There are different ways in which the butt fat can be reduced like visiting gym, free hand, yoga etc. but at the same time follow a healthy fibrous diet as high calorie diet can reduce the metabolism. So follow exercise to reduce buttocks with images as shown above and with a slight change in daily routine you can achieve your goals.

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