8 Simple Exercises to Burn Fat Rolls Around the Neck

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Neck fat is caused due to excessive fat in the overall body structure. The muscle between the jaw and collar bone begins to accumulate fats which appear like a chin below the chin causing heaviness in voice and troubles like high cholesterol lever and heart problems. Besides being a problematic issue, these DE-shape the neck making it look ugly and UN-toned. Another associated problem is the neck humps that usually follow because of high fat deposits in the neck region.

Exercises to Reduce Neck Fat

The better picture here is that these can be gotten rid of with continuous exercise and proper diet. In addition, proper posture needs to be maintained while working to avoid aggravation in the problem. Here are a few very simple exercises for neck fat that do not need specific tools and machines and can be performed anytime anywhere to work out on the muscular neck and bring it back to the sleek, slender and beautiful form.

Exercises to Reduce Neck Fat:

Here we provide some best exercises to get rid of neck fat fast with step by step manner of understanding each exercise.

1. Self Neck Traction:

Besides sitting and working with correct posture, fatty neck humps can be gotten rid of with regular exercises. These are not only discomforting, but have an impact on normal body postures over the years. To perform:

Self Neck Traction exercise

  • Lie down on your back and put the legs on the bed or bench at about 60 degrees angle.
  • Keep one hand on your chest and the other at the back of your neck.
  • Now maintain the pressure from the hand that is on the chest, pull up the neck with the other hand as much as possible.
  • The target is to feel the stretch at the back of the neck and hold the stretch position.
  • Count till ten and release slowly. Repeat at least 15-20 times taking a 3-5 second gap after 5 stretches.

This exercise will not only remove the neck humps but also relax the adjoining muscles and remove pain.

2. Neck Stretch:

The neck retraction stretch is the stretch to fix the forward line. It also aids in suppressing the back humps which are uncomfortable and ugly.To do the exercise:

Neck Stretch Exercise for Burn neck Fat (1)

  • Stand straight with your feet a couple of inches apart and place the hands on your sides.
  • Now tilt your face lower but do not round the shoulders.
  • Keep the neck retracted to the count of ten.
  • Then pull or retract the neck at the back till the extent you are able to.
  • Embellish the stretch until it appears that you got a double face.
  • Hold it back till the count of ten before bringing it back to normal pose.

Repeat sets of ten at least thrice. Perform the exercise regularly to get your neck back in shape in no time.

3. Rotation:

Rotation is a good exercise for burning overall fat of the neck, especially the double chin problem. Rotations also improve blood circulation to the shoulders making it strong and keeping related problems at bay.

To do This Exercise:

Rotation Exercise for Burn neck Fat

  • Sit on a low back chair or stand upright maintaining a straight back. Keep your feet apart.
  • Now turn your head clockwise. Remember not to move your shoulder in the process.
  • Stretch the neck in all directions to the maximum extent while rotating.
  • Continue doing 20 rounds before stopping at the initial position.
  • Repeat the process anti-clock wise till 20 counts.

After the sets of 20 become convenient to do, double the number of rounds. Remember keeping your back straight and shoulders in one position.

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