15 Best Tattoo Artists Around The World

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Tattooing is a growing trend. There are several world famous artists who are known for their needling talent. These artists are well known and have done designs on famous clients. These days the ancient and other tribal types of patterns are getting trendier. There are also other types of formats like the traditional panty type designs. You can also get other painting type birds and floral designs done. There are some professionals who specialize in doing variety of floral designs.

Most of these pattern experts can also give you customized designs to suit your taste. Usually the charges for custom patterns are higher and you will have to shell out more money for those. You can also get other types of daring patterns like skull and other Asian type of designs like the cherry blossom and other Koi fish patterns from some of these pattern experts. There are many artists who do this type of patterns. Many of them specialize in certain types of formats and there are other professionals who can give you any type of tattoo design.

Best Tattoo Artists:

Below are the top 15 famous tattoo artists who are world famous.

1. Rob Kelly:

Rob Kelly

He is well known for his traditional and Japanese designs. His tattoos have a trend and format that is quite like Asian patterns. You can also get modern and other traditional patterns done from this person. He is well known artist in this creative line. You can also get variety of rose patterns or the traditional type of girl and sparrow designs done.He is the best tattoo artist in world.

2. Keith Underwood:

Keith Underwood

He is a pupil in the line of those famous artists who has done several designs. This artist himself has been doing his creative work for over a decade. He is the pupil of the late Mike Malone. Keith is famous for his traditional designs. You can get colorful patterns done from his shop. His shop is located at Chicago.

3. Lana Wingo:

Lana Wingo

Lana specializes in doing candy skull and other daring patterns. You can see a variety of her works in magazines and other exhibitions.

4. Valarie Varghas:

Valarie Varghas

Valerie specializes on traditional and other floral designs. You can get almost any type of patterns done from her shop.

5. Bailey Hunter Robinson:

Bailey Hunter Robinson

Bailey specializes in traditional and artistic designs. He does several colourful and other folk art patterns.

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