Top 20 Feather Cut Hairstyles With Pictures

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Innovations in hairstyles are always in demand and a feathered hairstyle is one innovation that is prevalent since the seventies. This hairstyle is often confused with layering hairstyle though it has its own individuality. It involves texturing the hair and styling it in a way that gives a person a very relaxed, and an airy look. This style is especially preferred by those who have very dense hair and who wish to give their hair a ‘feather’ like feel. It has to be ideally cut by reducing the bulk from the crown region and creating wispy ends creating a light and breezy look. It is also preferred by a lot of celebrities and film stars.

Best Feather Hair Cuts For Women And Girls With Images:

This article delves into the top 20 variations of this feather cut hairstyles for women and girls with pictures.

1. Feather Cut Hairstyle For Long Hair:

Feather Cut Hairstyles

This hairstyle has continued to be in vogue since the seventies and Farrah Fawcett was responsible for its origin. This hairstyle involves excessive layering with a combination of long bangs. It gives a lot of body to the hair.

2. Short Feather Hair Cut:

Feather Cut Hairstyles2

The length of this hairstyle starts from a shortest blunt cut and goes up to the length of shoulder level. Ideally to give a complete feathered look, the blunt cut should be completely layered and textured intricately. When a shoulder length hair is given feathered hairstyle then one length can be kept throughout and restricted to the eye zone.

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3. The Classic Feather Cut Hairstyle:

This is the original style where in it is under layered. It can be done with both centers parting as well as the side parting, maintaining long lengths hair at the sides. A lot of actresses even today sport this style of feathered cut and look glamorous.

4. The Sleek And Straight Feathers:

This hairstyle can be applied to any length of hair and looks best on people with poker straight hair. Volume of hair is also considered as this hairstyle has the quality to give a light look. Thin haired people should avoid this hairstyle as it can give the hair even more sparse.

5. Wavy Flowing Feathered Hairstyle:

Feather Cut Hairstyles5

Women who have both good length hair and volume are the ideal contenders for this hairstyle as texturing this kind of hair with long bangs can bring out the best look, giving them a chic and stylish look.

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