Top 8 First Kiss Tips to Make It Memorable Forever

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Kissing has always been a very inept expression of love since the beginning of time and is a necessary part of every relationship even today. Kissing for the first time should be done with confidence and affection because the first kiss is always a way to express your feelings for a girl. A first kiss is very important to every girl because of its intense meaning of love and affection. If you have had no experience in the past with kissing then it is very necessary that you learn the basic steps first before you try kissing a girl or a boy because the first impression is always the best impression.

Perfect Tips for First Kiss:

Given below are a few very useful first kiss tips for both boys and girls and if this is your first time then the tips will prove increasingly useful for you:


practicing my first kiss

Though this is obvious advice it is very beneficial in first kiss tips because at the end of the day constant practice will help you achieve your goal. It is always helpful to practice on an object or your hand or another person, though practicing on another person is not encouraged if you are serious about the girl or boy that you want to kiss for the first time. The old saying that practice makes perfect is true in this case because constant practise will only help you to hold your own when kissing that special someone for the first time.

Good Breath:

first time kiss tips good breath

Your breath also has an important role to play when kissing that special for the first time. If you have bad breath the person you want to kiss will not want to kiss you back which is what you do not want when kissing for the first time. So the best thing to do as a first kiss tips is brushing your teeth and probably pop a mint into your mouth before you leave to meet the person you want to kiss. Good smelling breath will surely encourage the person to kiss you back.

Look Good:

first kiss tips look good

Everybody has the ability to look good when required and you are no less. When going out on a date where you mean to kiss the girl you are attracted to try and look your best because the first impression is the last impression. By looking good you make the girl feel special owing to the fact that you have gone through so much of trouble just so that you could look good for her and the more you show how much she means to you the more comfortable she will be with kissing you.

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Don’t Force:

tips for first kiss don't force

Many amateur kissers always do everything right and then mess up last minute when it comes to kissing because they force themselves onto the girl. A good kisser leans in and waits for the girl to softly press her lips against his in a loving embrace. This holding period is very important to establish a sense of trust amongst the boy and the girl.

The Pause:

tips first kiss the pause

The pause is the most important thing in a first kiss. When going to kiss a girl lean in but let your lips linger a few inches from hers, don’t force yourself and wait. This wait is the pause which allows the girl to also lean in and press her lips against yours. This is a symbol of trust shared between a boy and a girl.

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Elongate The Process:

Elongate the process first kiss

Kissing is a slow action therefore hurried kisses are not preferable. The more you hold onto the kiss the more intensity will build between you and the person you love which is a very necessary part of kissing.

Break Apart Slowly:

first kiss tips break apart slowly

After you are done and want to break away from the person do it slowly so that the person moves away willingly too. Breaking away too fast will only create a sense of awkwardness between both the boy and the girl.

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tips for first kiss affection

If you are already in a relationship with a person and wish to share your first kiss with them then it is always necessary that you show your affection for them in a variety of ways. If you show that you truly have feelings for them then they will be a lot more comfortable when the time comes to kiss you.

The first kiss is always memorable one to everyone in their life, but sometimes it may become bitter experience due to lack of knowledge on that. By knowing some tips as above said you can make it memorable forever.

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