9 Best Floating Rangoli Designs

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The typical traditional rangolis were made by powders on the floor. But as all other tradition, the rangolis too have been updated to suit the needs of the 21 rst century human. Floating rangolis are a result of this creation. In the modern day the women in the urban families are working too. So nobody has the time required to make a complete rangoli. So what they do instead is buy rangoli stickers, either digital or handmade with rhinestones. They stick these stickers upon the floors and they serve as effective rangolis. One step ahead is buying the plastic floating rangolis that you can float in large terracotta bowls of water.

Different Types of Floating Rangoli Designs:

Let’s see how to draw the floating rangoli designs with different material in different patterns.

1. Heavily Ornamented Floating Rangolis:

floating rangoli

Floating rangolis with a large amount of rhinestones in varying colours forming concentric circles or flower petals are one kind. These may look too gaudy for some, but serves the purpose for the others. They have an essentially traditional look and more glaze and shine than the simple powder rangolis of the old days.

2. Beautiful Floating Rangolis:

Beautiful Floating Rangolis

Floating rangoli patterns need not be simple circles or flowers. They can be creative designs with varying shapes and curves too. All that you need to do to make a floating rangoli is to make your design upon thick plastics so that they’ll float when laid out on water! Often floating candles are added to these to make them more attractive.

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3. Floral Floating Rangolis:

Floral Floating Rangolis

Floating rangoli designs in the shape of flowers with more rhinestone flowers within also look great. Stones of vibrant purple, gold and white colours add a shine to the design that makes it more alluring. These designs are simple and yet look elaborate. This is their beauty.

4. Traditional Floating Rangolis:

Traditional Floating Rangolis

Floating rangolis in the traditional shapes with stones decorating the borders of the designs look great too. the patterns are simple geometric shapes arrange in artful ways. These rangolis can be floated in large terracotta bowls with flowers and diyas and other such supplementary adornments.

5. Simple Floating Rangolis:

Simple Floating Rangolis

Simple floating rangoli designs include small circular arrangements of varying colored rhinestones. These can be made to float in small glass bowls with flowers and diyas to add to their charm. The colours used can include red, blue, green or the typical gold and white, with a candle in the dead centre.

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