9 Best Floor Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

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Scissor Abs:

Scissor Abs Best Floor Exercises

Lie on your back and keep your arms by your side. Now lift both your legs up towards the ceiling and keep your core strong. Now lower your right leg towards the ground and slowly scissor your legs lifting the right leg as you lower the left leg. Keep the movements slow but be steady. Repeat this flooring work out 30 times with each leg.

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Side Plank Push Ups:

Side Plank Push Ups Work Out Flooring

Stay in a plank position and bend your elbows towards the sides. Lower down into a push up. Then rotate your torso to a side plank position. Now lower your left hand to the mat and perform another push up. Lift your right arm now and come back to a side plank. This will be one rep.

Leg Drops:

Leg Drops Floor Exercises to Lose Weight

To do leg drops, lie down and raise your feet together up in the air and bring it down. Don’t bend or separate your legs. This will complete one rep. Do this floor exercise for 45 seconds before you can rest.

Leg Circles:

Leg Circles Floor Exercises for Women

To do this you will need to lie down on the floor and raise your legs up. Make sure it isn’t too high. Keeping it in that position makes simple circular motions. Do this for another 45 seconds and let it relax.

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Starfish Crunches:

Starfish Crunches Floor Exercises for Weight Loss

To do starfish crunches lie down with your legs spread out. Now raise your right hand and extend it. As you do this, lift your left leg and try to touch it with your right finger tips. Bring it back down. This makes one rep. Switch sides are repeat 15 times with each leg.

Finally, we can say that the floor exercises are simple exercises and which can do anywhere without having any guidelines by laying on a simple floor mat.

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