9 Best Flower Girl Hairstyles For Long and Short Hair

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Flower girls are generally members of the bride or groom’s family. There are a number of ways a little flower can be styled. Hairstyles for theses little angles should be very delicate and appealing at the same time. If you’re looking for the ideal style for your flower girl, don’t forget to go through the following list which will guide you through all the trendy hairstyles suitable for a flower girl.

Different Flower Hairstyles for Girl in 2017:

Let’s see the latest hairstyles for flower girl while wedding.

1. Braid And Knotted Bun:

Braid And Knotted Bun Flower Girl Hairstyles

It is not just a braided bun hairstyle, it’s much more that. It is an updo hairstyle where the ponytail is tied to form a knot. Medium length hair can be styled in this manner. The main feature of this hairstyle for flower girl is the knot which gives it a cool and fresh texture. Its impressive looks will turns heads at a wedding.

2. Short Hair With Bangs:

Short Hair With Bangs Flower Girl Hairstyles

Flower girls can enjoy this easy and comfortable hairdos look by using a simple hair band. Here the forehead remains hidden with hair till eyebrows. The rest of the hair remains relaxed and hair strands come out from both the sides. Use a headband or any other accessory to enhance the beauty of this look.

3. Looped Up Hairstyle:

Flower Girl Hair with Looped Up Hairstyle

This is by far the coolest hairstyle for flower girls. It does not take much time to style. The only thing this look requires is a lot of pins to secure the hair. As the wedding season is coming a lot of girls are craving for this look and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grant the flower girls with this extraordinary look.

4. Micro Braid Updo:

Micro Braid Updo Hairstyles for Flower Girl

The Micro Braid Updo is one of the most appreciated wedding hairstyle for little girls. This magnificent look provides a sophisticated and worshiping look. One can also style it like a low ponytail and tie braids, according to their preference.

5. Rapunzel Hair:

Flower Girl Hair Ideas Rapunzel Hair

Long hair is needed for this look. The longer the hair, the prettier the look. Here the hair is locked in certain sections and secured with fashionable clips. It looks beautiful on little girls and even the bride herself can style her hair in this manner.

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