9 Cute and Simple Fox Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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Crafting tattoo is becoming very popular and moreover designing an animal’s design is very much in demand as it lends you a sensational and impressive appearance. Among it fox tattoo is a powerful image which is eye catching and at the same time holds symbolic meaning also.

According to ancient mythology a fox is such a cunning animal that by its actions and deeds it teaches everyone an important lesson of life. Fox tattoos can be designed by both men and women on any part of the body desired by you.

Best and Cute Fox Tattoo Designs:

So let’s have a quick glance at top 9 different types of fox tattoo designs.

1. Impressive Fox Tattoo Design for Arms:

Impressive Fox Tattoo Design for Arms

In this design fox face is designed possessing a calm face as if it’s waiting and watching to catch hold his prey. The array of colours lends the magnificent and alluring look to a woman’s hand. This is an artistic appearing fox tattoo design covering the arms and shoulders of the wearer.

2. Abstract Fox Sleeve Tattoo Design:

Abstract Fox Tattoo Design

You can even your thought and imagination and can make the design more distinct from others. This abstract fox tattoo design is crafted on the same lines where the wearer has inculcated his own ideas and bold colours lend a stupefying appearance.

3. Traditional Fox Tattoo Designs:

Traditional Fox Tattoo Designs

In the tattoo the fox face is depicted with flowers, direction compass and beautiful quotes and  displaying the hope for those people who got lost in sailing still and hoping that they are alive.

4. Dripping Watercolor Fox Tattoos:

Dripping Water colour Fox Tattoos

Initially water colour tattoos are gaining demand as they appear very attractive and one can be more creative with it. The fox is depicted on the thighs of the wearer and the different, eye catching colours lends a sparkling look. This image could be visible if you wear shorts for those distinctive visuals.

5. Jumping Fox Tattoo Design:

Jumping Fox Tattoo Design

In this small fox tattoo design the hungry fox is depicted that that is jumping again and again to catch hold the apple. It even displays that the wearer also does not give up so easily and keep on trying like a fox until he succeeds. The tattoo is inked in black and grey beautifully on the back.

6. Japanese Fox Tattoo Design:

Japanese Fox Tattoo Design

This type of colourful and imaginary tattoo design is famous as Japanese tattoo and the tattoos are big and wide spread and cover larger parts of the body and lends a striking look to the wearer.

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7. Stylish Fox Tattoo Designs:

Stylish Fox Tattoo Designs

The red fox is marvelously outlined is sitting relaxing posture and observing the different people of this world. The fox tattoo looks cool on females as it symbolizes sexuality and femininity. The red fox even portrays your desire and passionate nature. The design appears classy and brilliant on the ankle of the women.

8. Tribal Fox Tattoo Design:

Tribal Fox Tattoo Design

In this image the simple curves and lines displays that the person indeed does not to get much, he just wants some simple tattoo designed and show its love for foxes. These types of tattoos are depicted by a person who loves tribal art and still cherish them and want to be associated with the age.

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9. Unique Fox Head Tattoo Designs:

Unique Fox Head Tattoo Design

The design lends a distinct appearance, can be designed by both men and women and look astonishing in front of their friends and colleagues. The tattoo design looks beauteous and adds more sizzling appearance the finger.

The fox is a trickster creature with fluffy tail that can easily run away from any type of turbulence with a witty sparkle in his eyes. The fox tattoos can be designed with many variations and sizes and you can pick the design which resembles your attitude and at the same time makes you look remarkable also.

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