Every Thing About French Kiss Meaning, Tips And How To Do With Images

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The passionate and romantic French kiss involves a lot of tongue contact and brushing of lips. This is the ultimate expression of a deep and passionate relationship. A lingering French kiss is one of the most important aspects in an active foreplay session. It is an indication of how intimate your relationship is and you surely need to master it to keep things sizzling and enjoyable.

French Kiss

Lips are the most erogenous zone in the body and it is important that you leave a lasting impression on your first French kissing session. Every woman remembers her first French kiss irrespective of the fact that whether it was terrible or amazing! But yes, we all realize that French kisses are the most orgasmic and erotic expressions of sensuality. In this article we describe about french kiss, its meaning, tips and techniques, how to do it and romantic benefits along with photos.

French Kiss Tips And How To Do With Images:

Let’s see how to kiss in French that really give you an idea while doing.

How To Do French Kiss:

How to do french kiss couples

The art of French kissing involves various aspects of your body language and how to correctly gauge the situation for the right moment. There is basically no single way to kiss a woman on her lips. You can use your own ideas and allow instinct to take over. While for some of us, French kissing might come naturally, for others it might be a daunting first time. Now, if you want to have a glimpse of how to improvise on your kissing techniques, you can scroll down to the following points. After reading this, I assure that you will at least get rid of a bit of that apprehension and gain confidence plus experience.

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The Preparation Tasks For French Kissing:

The first point to remember is that you need to have a fresh mouth. Since this act involves the tongue and most importantly exchange of saliva, it is necessary that you smell good. A bad breath is a turn off for many. You can either consider chewing mint or gum and avoiding any kind of strong smelling food. If you just had a heavy lunch or dinner, do consider brushing your teeth once. This is yet more essential if you don’t know your partner well; since most people prefer a hygienic mouth for almost any kind of kissing.

Next, be attentive about your lips. No one likes the coarseness of dried and chapped lips brushing across theirs. You should keep your lips soft, supple and moist. You can try using a lip balm and apply it evenly over your lip-line. Women can use lipsticks, glosses and flavored lip balms as well. However, let the coat be light so that you don’t fill your partner’s mouth with gloss when you kiss.

Drink generous amounts of water to reduce dehydration; since lack of moisture is another reason for dried lips. Now, if you are already in the verge of French kissing, you can give you lips a quick thorough lick to make them wet and smooth. You can add a little bit of excitement by looking into your partner’s eyes while slowly letting your tongue brush across your lips.

Decide On Your Partner:

It is generally assumed that the first person you wish to French kiss might be your dating partner or lover. But that need not be the case always. It is very natural to get intimate with someone you are casually flirting. You will come to know if the person is ready for this step by his/her body language and actions. And be confident; this will assure the opposite person that you are sure and not hesitant of approaching him/her.

Choose The Right Moment For French Kiss:

Now, the next step is to get into a comfortable position. Relax yourself on a sofa or a reclining chair; it is highly uncomfortable to concentrate on being romantic with an arched back! Ensure that you are in a completely secluded place so that there are no distractions. A French kiss is the peak of a long wait and a heightened tension. So be sure that both of you are on the same page before proceeding ahead. Whether your partner is dropping hints, you are finishing a remarkably romantic date or you badly want to do it, just go for the moment. At times, it might be better to ask the other person directly if you aren’t sure about his/her state of mind. This will then prevent your otherwise romantic experience from turning into a disaster!

Going For That Ultimate French Kiss:

Going for that Ultimate French Kiss

Now that the stage is set, don’t rush. Keep things slow. Make eye contact with the person sitting opposite to you and let your gaze linger a bit on her lips. A passionate eye lock accompanied with batting of the lashes in women is a hint of invitation. Now that you have reached the moment and broken the barriers with the hint of a flirtatious smile; you can gently lean in to directly kiss or maybe consider holding the person a little. Such touch gestures might include caressing the legs or the shoulders, simply holding hands or touching knees etc.

Now, slowly and softly move in so that your heads are only inches apart. Keep your face in a slightly tilted position so that your heads do not bump into each other or your noses don’t block the act. Allow your eyes to gaze into his, till your lips brush against each other. After this close your eyelids and enjoy the flow of the moment! Tug into your partner’s lips, savor the feel and then pull away gently. Open your eyes at this point to observe his/her reactions.

Now, the time has come to let your tongue work. Tilt your head further towards the side and let your tongue lusciously glide over your partner’s lip-line. If he reciprocates, let your tongue move inwards further; so that now you can massage his tongue with yours.During the act of French kissing, don’t keep your lips too tight or too loose. Keep them a bit open for the tongue to have a smooth access.

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The Various Techniques Of French Kissing:

The perfect French kiss is not about only exploring with your tongue. It involves a variety of body language, use of other body parts and communication. With the right techniques, and you can master this art to perfection!

Use Your Lips:

Let your lips brush against hers slowly yet deliberately. Apply slight pressure at intervals to hint that you want more. The gradual approach not only builds up the anticipation but also reflects that you desire her for more intimacy, and you are not rushing for it. Try squeezing the lower lip of your partner’s between yours, hold it for some time and then pull back lightly. You can also turn your lips into an enticing suctioning tool to suck on her juicy tongue. Try playing these tricks at intervals to heighten the tension and free your kiss of that continued monotony.

Let Your Tongue Master These Few Moves:

If everything goes right, let your tongue move slightly inside her parted lips. Don’t explore all at once. She is not meat that you are going to devour! Let your tongue touch the tip of hers or you can consider placing yours below hers. You can also play chase with the tongues of your partner while mischievously flicking back and forth. Using your tongue to do slow circles around hers is also another great sensation in this intimate gesture. Instead of just staying within her mouth all the time, let your tongue taste her lips at intervals. And last but not the least, don’t move your tongue too deep down her throat so that you are almost touching her tonsils and gagging her!

Breathing Techniques While In French Kissing:

Always breathe with your nose; yes no one likes you panting straight into their mouth! Take some small breaks at intervals; it is not mandatory that you stick to non-stop kissing. While breaking away, look at her eyes, gaze deep into her face and whisper a word or two in her appreciation. Keep your foreheads still locked or you can slightly keep holding her head with your hand. Once the flow sets in, you will know by instinct as how to breathe in between without ruining the growing chemistry. After a while, when you know that she is comfortable, you can consider gently exhaling into her mouth or inhaling her breaths. This is yet another romantic essence of the exhilarating French kissing experience!

Use Your Hands In French Kiss:

Now, when you are kissing your partner, don’t let your hands hang loosely on the sides. For some, these movements come naturally, but for others, you might still need to learn a few tricks. You can hold her waist while tilting her head slightly to let in your tongue. You can also consider pulling back her hair a little, holding her face firmly or running your fingers through her tresses. For a woman, you can let your hands rest on his shoulders or the chest while you gently French kiss. To sum it all up, your hands need to exactly reflect the motions of your tongue.

You Can Also Use Your Teeth:

In this playful technique, let your tongue brush across her teeth. This will add yet another variation to your kissing technique. You can also consider tugging at her lower lip with your teeth; but yes, don’t bite hard to trigger a sudden annoying reaction!

The Techniques Of Speed And Depth French Kiss:

Techniques of French Kissing

Use some variations is speed. At times be slow and teasing, and sometimes be fast and urgent. You can start off by being gentle in the beginning and then as the comfort level increases, you can go a bit faster on her. Also alter your depth in between. Once you gain her reciprocation, go a bit deeper into her mouth. Let the tongue explore her succulent desires for a while and then allow it to return being shallow and flirty! These variations are very important to keep the tension running! When you are French kissing your partner, the hard kisses should be reserved for sometime later. Whatever it is, ensure that your tongue is not limp and is moving all the while!

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Control Your Saliva:

In this open mouthed kiss, flow of too much of saliva might make it messy. So, you should consider swallowing at intervals during kissing. If you are unable to do so, pull away for a while, but still be close with your eyes in contact or hands in motion.

Explore Some Other Areas:

Now who says that a French kiss should only be limited to the mouth? Use your creativity to gain the maximum excitement from this experience. Move on to your partner’s other sensitive zones. If you are a guy, try French kissing her eyelids, her forehead, the erotic neck area or the ear lobes. The art of seduction lies in these simple tricks. The only fact is that you should be confident and should not shy away from experimenting!

Finally, Practice Makes Perfect French Kiss:

Practice makes Perfect-frenck kiss

To give a little heads up, the act of French kissing is like eating an ice cream cone. Surprised? But well, it is true! Just like you lick off the layers of your cone bit by bit, you can consider French kissing to be a similar slow and gentle act, whilst you enjoy the essence of succulence and enticement!

It may so happen that you experienced a bad start. But no worries, there is always time to learn and practice. Discuss with your partner, attempt various moves, experiment and try till you are perfect. At times, don’t be shy to practice on yourself as well! For example, try kissing on your own fingers or hands and follow this manual if you have to

To sum this all up, the perfect French kiss in the ultimate amalgamation of some good techniques, natural instinct and a little bit of practice. Another aspect is the comfort level of your partner or your degree of closeness to him/ her. Study her body language and communicate about your likes and dislikes. A clear understanding will not only heighten the experiences of this intimate act but will also go a long way in ensuring that your bond is forever strong and lasting!