Top 9 French Kissing Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Teenagers

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A kiss is the most romanticized of all sexual activities and is thus, most often considered to be the most intimate aspect of a relationship. A perfect first kiss ensures that the particular relationship is going to witness happy times in the days to come. A bad kiss is sometimes enough to put a prospective date off, so much so that he/she abandons you completely! Thus, while a kiss is supposed to be a magical experience and is something that should come naturally, a little help goes a long way in improving this fairy tale occurrence.

French Kissing Tips

Best Romantic French Kissing Tips and Tricks for Guys and Girls:

Here are a few tips, which you can use while French kissing someone. They are guaranteed to help you gain your partner’s attention enough to make him/her forget about any flaw.

1. Subtle Tilts:

Clashing of noses depicting your anticipation and excitement may appear cute if you are in love. But it is very unromantic when seducing someone. So tilt your face subtly when you see the other one approaching. After kissing someone a few times, you realize the direction their head tilts in generally and you go for the other.

2. Head Movement:

This is something that differs from person to person. You have to find what you and your partner enjoy the most and then regulate your head movement accordingly.

3. Tongue:

Tongue action defines French kissing. So don’t hold your tongue back. Keep your mouth open and allow the other person to explore it, while you do the same.

4. Experiment:

Don’t just dart your tongue in and take it back. Explore the unchartered territory. Feel your partner’s mouth, his lips and his tongue with the tip of your tongue. Let your instincts guide you and experiment instead of sticking to a common routine.

5. Remain Calm:

Don’t get too nervous and keep your teeth clashed together or your lips shut. Relax and melt into your partner. Let your mouth slack, allowing your partner’s tongue to enter and explore you.

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6. Mouth Fresheners:

Nothing puts one off a kiss like bad breath. So use mouth fresheners and keep your breath minty fresh before you kiss someone. Let them taste the sweetness of your mouth and not any leftover dish you might have consumed.

7. Cuddling:

A good kiss is not just the class of tongues and lips. A good kiss makes you feel. So much so that all your body parts are touching. And not just any sort of touching, but touching so extensive that you don’t know where your body begins and theirs end. If you can make someone do that, you know you’ve kissed them good!

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8. Variety:

Don’t keep your tongue still for even a moment. Be active instead of passive. And always do something new. Variety is the spice of life. Once a kiss becomes boring, you know the spark is dying and you have no future! So improvise and innovate. Let your instincts guide you.

9. Set The Mood:

If you have the right chemistry, your external surroundings won’t matter. Any atmosphere will feel romantic. However, it won’t harm you to go a little out of the way to set the mood. A few candles, some flowers, maybe roses, good music and wine. So whatever works for your partner. A romantic mood always helps give you the sizzle you require.

There’s a lot to learn about kissing and this isn’t half of it. Some people are naturally good kissers. Others have to work on their skills. My advice? – practice a lot. If you know what I mean.

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