Top 9 Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy

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Each and every woman dreams about being a mother one day. For a married woman, there is nothing fortunate than being pregnant. It means that you’re about to bring another human being to this world which lives inside you for a while, breathes with you, eats with you, sleeps with you. Hence, for those few months you will have to take extra caution, stay fit and eat healthy as much as possible.

Diet in Pregnant Women

You will have to intake a number of healthy stuff such as vegetable, fruits, etc at the time pregnancy. Fruits come with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which are crucial when you have conceived. Fruits will be helpful for you and your baby as well. Often people have a common question about the ideal pregnancy diet. Below are some of the best fruits which you should eat at the time of gestation.

1. Avocados:



Avocados are loaded with folic acid. Folic acid is one of the essential elements that pregnant women require. This fruit also comes with antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibers, etc. It will help you obtain that amount of calorie which you will need for breastfeeding. This fruit will also relieve from the sickness that you’re about to experience in the mornings.

2. Apricots:


Apricots are rich in minerals, phosphorus, iron, etc which are very beneficial for you at the time of pregnancy. This fruit will prevent you from anemia and other fatal breakdowns at the time of pregnancy. It helps to maintain the calorie level. In short, apricot is a must choice at the time of pregnancy.

3. Mangoes:

african mango

This delicious fruit is very beneficial for pregnant women. It helps in digestion and provides the tongue with a naturally sweet taste. When it comes to nutritional value, mango is filled with Vitamin A and C which has been proved to be salubrious during pregnancy.

4. Blueberries:

blue berry

Blueberries are an awesome fruit. Raw blueberries have widespread benefits. Even pregnant women can have them to give their baby and themselves the right amount calories that come from the sweet blueberries. Being low in saturated fat, this fruit is considered as one of the main sources of dietary fiber. Along with that, blueberries sport high amounts of Vitamin K and C.

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5. Sliced Banana:

Sliced Banana

Banana is one of the major sources of potassium which is a necessity for pregnant women. It comes with vital nutrients and is considered as one of the best fruits for women who have conceived.

6. Grapes:


Being rich in Vitamin A, a number of experts have made it clear that grape is actually good for pregnant women through a lot of us consider it unsafe. Grapes help to adjust the metabolic rate. Thus, if you have low metabolism, this fruit will assist you by improving your bowel movement. Apart from that, grapes are enriched with potassium, magnesium, etc.

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7. Lemon:


During pregnancy, many women tend to have digestion problems. Lemon is here to relieve them from the indigestion issue. Lemons help in better digestion. It also prevents you from experiencing morning sickness. Besides all that, lemons are the perfect fruit for flushing out toxins from the body and keeping it clean.

8. Apple:


This fruit is very healthy and comes with vitamins which are needed for the women going who is about to go through labor.

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9. Kiwi:


Kiwi will be very beneficial for a pregnant woman to get sound sleep. The fruit is good for the heart as well.

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