Top 8 Funky Hairstyles

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Trend setting has been the latest call for this generation and here every one is trying to set their goals way out of the box. The newer styles and the newer ideology believes in keeping a tab on all the latest trends and one such trend is the funky hairstyle. Usually funky hairstyles have a range of some of the bizarre hair ideas where through the use of weird hair shapes and weird hairstyles, a new futuristic look is created. Even though not many opt for this hair, this is a new trendsetting look that extremists can always relate to.

Popular Funky Hairstyles for Girls:

The One Sided Lock:

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To go uber trendy, you need to think out of the box and it is here that we find the hairstyles being mixed and matched with some other hairstyle type. What started with shaven sides have now cropped up till the middle so we get one side of the head full of luscious locks while the other sports a squeaky clean shaved bald look.

The Rainbow Pixie:

funky hairstyles2

Pixies have been ruling the trend factor for quite a long time now and in today’s world even the pixies are getting varied and modified to suit the newer upcoming trends. Here the pixie starts with short fluffed up layers that form a soft spiky formation on the background where at the fore ground you see a range of rainbow colors masking the front lock.

The Spiked Look:

funky hairstyles

The punk spikes here sports some uber funk in this hairdo. The frontal locks are quite spiked up which continues throughout the entire hairstyle. In fact, the cool frosted shade of platinum blond gels well with the funky look and this paired with soft brown smoky eyes create a good effect. For formal events, you can gel the hair down.

Mullet Hair:

funky hairstyles4

Going all out in the trend setting funk, this hairstyle is called a proper mullet which was first and mostly seen in guys before girls infiltrated the mid sectioned hair with no sides look. The hair in the middle is spiked up but in a soft way leaving no sharp ends. The two sides are beautifully shaved while the hair continues throughout the length of the skull.

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