How To Increase Body Weight Quickly And Naturally?

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9. Eat At Night:

How to Gain Body Weight-night food

Eating late at night has always been discouraged by nutritionists as it tends to accumulate more calories and causes weight gain. So if you desire to know how to increase body weight quickly, eating food after 7 p.m will definitely help you. Moreover munching midnight snacks will work up as added bonus.

10. Drink It Up:

How to Gain Body Weight- Drink water

Also around this time our body is put through a lot of strain and thus water intake is necessary. Along with taking food in high quantity, you have to take plenty of water that promotes your body weight.

11. Sleep Right:

How to Gain Body Weight-Sleep

A sleeping baby grows in his sleep and so will you. A proper time should be scheduled in order to get the proper rest else the body should distort due to excess workout and eating. Remember, weight gain should only be due to muscles and hence a decent enough time should be kept aside only for abundant sleep and rest. This is also another simple technique to increase body weight naturally.

12. Workout Right:


The next best thing to do is to start working out the right way. Workouts vary from one to another and have different effects on our body. Just like we have workout to lose weight, also we can work out to work ourselves up to gain some body weight. At the same time the training needs to be vigorous since losing weight no matter how difficult is always easier than gaining weight and due to that it is always necessary to combine the prefect exercises with the perfect training and dedication. Some of these exercises include heavy weight lifts. These target on the muscles and muscles fiber and the pressure on them helps them expand. Cardio and free hand, dead-lifts and squats, bench presses, pull-ups etc are some of the other exercises for the better body.

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13. Quit Smoking:

How to Gain Body Weight-Quit Smoking

If you desire to gain body weight, you must quit smoking completely. Smoking suppresses appetite and therefore should be avoided. When you stop smoking it not only improves your appetite but is also very beneficial for your lungs health. However if you are chain smoker, quitting completely will be extreme, instead avoid smoking just before and after your meals.

14. External Catalyst:

How to Gain Body Weight-External Catalyst

The normal natural method takes time and if you’re short of it, external supplements like way protein, Endura mass and other such other external help can be seeked to help the weight gain process. They retain their body mass and helps accelerating the process by expanding their muscles. They act as a catalyst.

15. Make A Motto To ‘Eat All Day Long:

Enjoying taste

Yes one of the simplest tips to increase body weight is to keep on eating all day long. However, that doesn’t mean that you end up throwing all that you ate. More of the underweight people are poor eaters so it is important for them to follow the rule of eating all day long. In order to increase your metabolism and gain muscles, you will need more amount of food that you are presently eating. So surround your brain with thoughts of food all the time.

So you know that the answer to how to increase body weight is an ideal combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. By following these guidelines gaining body weight can be quite simple.

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