How To Use Garlic For Hair Growth?

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Garlic has long been used topically to treat hair loss and cure baldness. A hair loss solution for remedy that is made of garlic and onions contains natural nutrients that help stimulate hair growth. This natural remedy is preferable to the chemical hair growth techniques or drugs as they have harmful side-effects and are generally very expensive. Being a natural remedy, it is completely safe and is cheaper too, as one can make it at home..

garlic for hair growth

In this articles we disusing how to use garlic for hair growth? and other helpful ways.

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Benefits Of Garlic For Hair Growth:

• Provides Nutrients Topically:

Garlic helps to provide nutrients topically to the hair follicles. This helps to reduce the baldness that has been caused by DHT or bad dietary habits. Thus the blood flow to the follicles is increased and hair growth is stimulated.

• Antibacterial and Anti Oxidant Properties:

Garlic is a known anti oxidant but it also has anti bacterial properties. Infection, or dandruff cause hair loss is combated by the topical use of a garlic remedy that helps to nourish the scalp and reduce the infection.

• Parasite Killer:

Lice or other parasites cause hair fall. Thus the topical use of garlic helps to kill these parasites that cause infection in the scalp.

• Anti Fungal Properties:

Fungal infections of all orders are cured by garlic and this helps to remedy baldness and hair loss.

• Stimulates Blood Flow:

Garlic helps to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp that is so essential for hair growth. Garlic helps to nourish and strengthen the hair and prevents the loss of hair through hair fall, hair breakage, damage or infection.

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• Detoxifying Properties:

Garlic has detoxifying properties that help to stimulate hair growth and nourish and rejuvenate the hair.

• Adds Volume to Hair:

Garlic gives the hair its natural sheen and shine back. It also adds volume to the hair and gives it a thick body. It helps to rejuvenate the dead hair and makes it look more lively.

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