How To Use Ginger For Cold?

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Cold remains throughout the year, it is such a disease which is finds easy targets. One of the common reasons of getting a cold is not washing hands frequently before and after eating food. Cold not only irritates you throughout the day but also is a reason for headache and breathing problems. Everyone runs for a medicine if it gets more severe, but instead of that when you can get an easier, more effective and homemade way in curing your cold then you must go for it and use it as intake of medicine will come with its own side effects whereas doing a home remedy is always a better option.

ginger for cold

One such way to finding a relief from cold is using ginger, yes From past many centuries ginger is been used for curing many health problems though in past years ginger was nearly as expensive as pepper. The Chinese have been using ginger for more than 2,500 years to fight colds as it contains much yang of energy; it provides warmth to the lungs and thins the mucus.

Ginger is also said to contain twelve antiviral substances! Which makes it more special, Ginger treats and cure all the symptoms associated with a cold like sore throat, inflammation of the mucous membranes, coughing etc. What’s more, it also relieves pain in chest and has a calming effect.

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Ginger Treatments are Good for Cold:

1. There are various ways by which you can intake ginger to cure cold, as eating it raw is nearly impossible, it taste is very bad!

2. While you take steam with hot water instead of having the steam with water alone or taking it with any medicine it is recommended to take the steam with ginger, you need to just grade it, and sprinkle in the water now boil the water and take this soothing steam. Hot water vapor containing ginger reduces swelling of the sinuses in the case of colds. To really ‘sweat out’ a cold, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the tea, and your cold will be cured for sure.

3. Another exotic tip for dealing with a cold with the help of ginger is: mix a coffee spoon of cayenne pepper with a coffee spoon of ground ginger, and sprinkle this in your socks, then walk around as much as possible. Your feet will become super-warm and you will sweat out your toxins through sweat! This is really a good remedy as told by old people that we get cold through our feet.

4.  The one who are asthma sufferers with a cold are advised to use a ginger tincture.

5. You can also take a steam bath. For this, when taking a hot bath, you need to add five ginger slices to the hot water. The lively aroma of ginger that was released by the steam will help you to open up the nasal passages immediately. After taking the hot water ginger bath lie down to rest, being wrapped in a delicious towel, you will notice that you now begin to sweat. After half an hour of your bath, again you may take a lukewarm shower and drink a cup of ginger tea. You will feel reborn, and the cold will be as good as gone.

6. Ginger tablets are also one of the best ways to stop your running nose. You can take these tablets from any ayurvedic or medical stores these tablets contain a good and natural amount of ginger which will give warmth to your nasal and chest area quickly.

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Prepare Ginger Tea For Cold:

Ginger tea can be found in any good store nearby your house or you may prepare it yourself just by following few steps!

  1.  Grate 50g ginger and add it in water
  2.  Now keep this water with grated ginger to boil. Let this water boil for about 10 minutes with ginger.
  3.  Add milk, sugar and tea leaves (the same quantity as you pour for a normal cup of tea)
  4.  Once again put it to boil, consume hot!

Ginger Juice For Cold:

Ever you used ginger juice for cold? Nowadays, cold as well as flu season beat you for a loop. The classic congestion, cough plus runny nose, and aches which come by a cold can build you feel rotten for a few days; however there is single simple common kitchen ingredient which can assist you feel improved quick is ginger juice.

Remember that cold is caused by the cool nature of both kapha plus vata the best way to care for it is to utilize the warming properties of ginger. Ginger is superior for the lungs, digestion moreover circulation thus it is ideal for treating cold.

Properties of Ginger juice: antiviral, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory effectual next to human respiratory syncytial virus.

Importance of Ginger Juice for Cold:

  •  It assists to inspire perspiration which cleanse the system and bring down the body temperature.
  •  Ginger is a natural antiviral that help to fight next to the illness plus bacteria which causes cold plus its sign.
  •  It is a natural pain along with fever reducer moreover also a mild sedative that assist to care for the cold and make you feel at ease from cold with its symptoms.
  •  It acts as a cough suppressant. It moreover acts as an antihistamine as well as decongestant which assist to alleviate the cold and its symptoms.
  •  It holds antiseptic plus anti-inflammatory properties that assist to increase up the immune system and stop cold with its symptoms.
  •  It include chemicals call sesquiterpenes that specially used to goal rhinoviruses (the most ordinary family of cold viruses)
  •  It is very successful against human respiratory syncytical virus.

Best ways to use Ginger Juice for Cold:

1. Ginger juice with Cayenne:

  •  Cayenne relieves pain of the sore throat plus also slim the mucus to decrease the congestion. It also acts as all-around immune system booster.
  •  Get a pinch of cayenne and insert this to the mix earlier than steeping.
  •  You can utilize it moreover alone or in the mixture of cinnamon.
  •  Otherwise you can put in a couple drops of Tabasco or else hot pepper sauce later than steeping and just earlier than drinking the mix.

2. Ginger juice in Cinnamon Tea:

  •  Take a pot plus fill by 1 pint of cold water, include one cinnamon quill plus 1 inch of grate fresh ginger to extract the juice.
  •  Take to the boil and then boil for 5-10 minutes. Strain plus serve.
  •  This must be sufficient for 3 of 4 cups to be drunk all through the day.
  •  Honey can be mixed to flavor once the tea has chilled to drinking temperature.

3. Ginger juice Steam breathing:

  •  Put in a couple of drops of ginger oil or juice plus eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot water. Bend over the bowl and breathe in. If you wrap your head also the bowl with a towel you will catch the steam in about your face and this will work superior.
  •  For a clean steam inhalation that doesn’t engage buying necessary oils: add 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger to a pot of boiling water, boil for a few minutes then eliminate from the heat and inhale.
  •  If you contain a eucalyptus tree nearby you can plus a few leaves to the water as it boil too.

4. Ginger juice Bath:

  •  Blend one tablespoonful of ground (powdered) ginger to take off the juice by 1-2 cups of Epsom salts beneath hot running water plus run yourself a warm cold easing, muscle calming bath.

5.  Honey and Ginger Cold Syrup:

  •  This easy home remedy can be prepared in a minute and is very restful to coughs plus colds.
  •  Add ginger to boiling water and combining honey or lemon you can drink to reduce cold.
  •  Stay warm and drink hot drinks all through the day and shun cold foods, particularly dairy for a fast revival.

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