15 Best Gold Bangles in 20 Grams

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Gold bangles are available in so much designs and weight. Ladies always keep dreaming about buying gold bangles. The cost of gold bangles depends upon its weight and design. People have preference of  buying gold bangles in particular weight. For example, there is a gold bangle in 20 grams.Whichever design you select can be designed in 20 gram gold bangle. It is looking rich in class and appearance. Wearing gold bangles in daily life gives you a pride and status. It is having significance in life of every lady. In marriages, it has become custom to wear gold bangles. While wearing gold bangles, you need to take special care from thieves too. Once you start taking interest, you can explore many designs in 20 gram gold bangles designs.

Different Collection Of Gold Bangles In 20 Grams:

20 gram gold bangles are highly marvelous and incredible, You can never forget it once it set in your eyes.

1. Intricate 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

Intricate 20 Gram Gold Bangle

This is really fabulous design in 20 grams  gold bangles. The zigzag lines have been done on bangles. You can wear one on each hand to give a dashing look. Your wrist will shine out in these 20 gram gold bangles. It is having delicate design.

2. Shining Gold Bangles Designs  in 20 Gram:

Shining Gold Bangle in 20 Gram

The shine of this gold bangle is really awesome. Though it has plain surface, but it is designed so creatively. It is finely polished and side lines are also done beautifully. You can use this gold bangle to cover your other metal bangles and fill up your wrist.

3. Traditional Gold Bangles Designs in 20 Gram:

Traditional Gold Bangle in 20 Gram

This 20 gram gold bangle design is so traditional and rich. It is open able. A stone of round and pear shape is studded on this gold bangle. It is broad in shape and very minute art of gold is done on this. Only one bangle on each hand is enough to appear classy.

4. Gold Bangles Designs  in 20 Gram for Daily wear:

Gold Bangle in 20 Gram for Daily wear

These four 20 grams  gold bangles designs is such that you can wear daily. The design on this gold bangle is crafted so delicately with very minor gold balls. It is looking exclusively gorgeous and stunning. Gifting this bangle to your partner will charm up your married life.

5. Gold Bridal Bangles in 20 Gram:

Gold Bridal Bangles in 20 Gram

This is a set of pretty thin gold bangles designs  in 20 grams. It has little jingles hanged on it. You can pair it with lot of other bangles. This will look amazing on your wrist. The jingles hanged on gold bangle will produce fine voice and will change mood of your life partner.

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6. Gold Bangle in 20 Gram with Meenakari:

Gold Bangle in 20 Gram with Meenakari

This is extremely pleasing 20 gram gold bangles designs  in meenakari work. Floral design has been with meenakari work which is looking alluring. Gold bangle with red and green meenakari is looking so nice. You can also wear it in party also.

7. Stone Studded 20 Gram Gold Bangles:

Stone Studded 20 Gram Gold Bangles

Gold bangles  20 grams  with stones studded of white and red color are used of high quality. It has aesthetically pleasing appearance with shining stones. With this sophisticated design, ladies will get highly impressed. She will fall in love with this design.

8. Elegant Gold Bangles in 20 Gram:

Elegant Gold Bangles in 20 Gram

This is awesome round cut 20 gram gold bangle. Golden wire is used to bind the bangle. It will look elegant in your wrist. The design is such that other ladies will surely ask to see it. They might copy your bangle design.

9. Precious 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

Precious 20 Gram Gold Bangle

In this 20 gram gold bangle, extreme use of gold has been made. Plus white and red color diamonds are also embossed giving it a floral design. In between each floral diamond, there is a round shape of design done to look attractive.

10. Spiral Design 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

Spiral Design 20 Gram Gold Bangle

This gold bangles designs  in 20 grams is unique one. The bangle is thick and spiral design has been done with gold. This will look enchanting giving it a charming appearance. It has capacity to arrest the mind of ladies.

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11. Latest 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

Latest 20 Gram Gold Bangle

The design of this 20 gram gold bangle is so captivating and winning the attention of people. Zigzag outer border has been done with gold and in between there is a square pattern of  yellow and white gold. This is a latest design in gold bangle.

12. Ancient 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

Ancient 20 Gram Gold Bangle

The design of this 20 gram is prevalent from ancient times. Our female ancestors used to wear this broad gold bangle. In times of Raj wada, queens used to wear this type of heavy gold bangle daily. It is highly classy and rich in taste.

13. Diamond Studded 20 gram Gold Bangles Designs:

Diamond Studded 20 gram Gold Bangle

This 20 gram gold bangle has been decorated with charismatic white diamond. It is appearing so lovely and wonderful. First class design has been with diamonds and pattern is looking so stunning. It is just exceptional.

14. 20 Gram Gold Bangles Designs  with Mango Motif:

20 Gram Gold Bangle with Mango Motif

This is a set of two gold bangles in 20 grams. In this gold bangle, there is a design of mango motif done. It looks so real and excellent. Mango motif design is something different from regular one. It will win hearts of ladies.

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15. Specially Designed 20 Gram Gold Bangles Designs:

Specially Designed 20 Gram Gold Bangle

The design of this 20 gram gold bangle can be specially designed only. Good creativity is added to give a touch of delightful appearance. The design has heart fetching quality with its enlightened look. High degree of innovation is done in this.

20 gram gold bangle designs are so much pleasing and alluring that it will steal heart of everyone. Though you can make any design you like in your specified weight of gold. Still, it needs to be neat and clean. 20 gram gold bangles designs are of machine made and it involves a great deal of worldly fashion. The design is extremely impressive and attractive. It will mark extraordinary image in people’s heart.