25 Most Beautiful and Simple Gold Ring Designs for Women

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Rings are generally liked by the women of all age groups; especially a gold ring. They are liked and loved by many ladies out there. They have been in fashion for a long time. However, the designers today have a range of beautiful collection of gold rings that sure will interest you. Don’t believe us? Read on to see!

gold ring design

Wearing a designer gold ring is a best choice to show your fashion statement that can make you stand out of the crowd. You can customize it the way you like it.

Different Designs of Gold Rings for Girls along with Pictures:

With the range of selection available to choose, it can be quite confusing to choose the right one. But to help you out here we are sharing a list of top 25 gold ring designs for female those are perfect for your every occasion.

1. Simple and Classy:


Plain gold rings are widely famous among the young girls. The plain gold ring is a must have accessory for every woman. The plain gold ring has a special charm in its own style that can complete your any look. Whether you going to a family celebration, ceremony or an official party a plain gold ring is sufficient to complete your look at any event. This gold ring design is designed to be simple.

2. Thin Ribbon Gold Ring Design:


To define your feminine and regal look it is not necessary to wear a thick gold ring only. A simple rose gold ribbon can do so many wonder to your personality. As we can see that the thin simple gold ribbon ring is looking charming and stylish in its own style. So, if you can’t decide any ring for an event then you can opt for a simple gold ribbon ring.

3. Rose Gold Ring Design:


The rosy shade of the gold is getting popular day by day. The rosy shade gives a girly flourish to any woman and completes the look of a modern diva. If you want to try something different with the colour of the yellow gold then this rose gold rings with a stud diamond can be an ideal gold ring design for women.

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4. Heart Shaped Gold Ring Design:


The heart shaped rings are widely famous among the couples and due to their increasing demand, they are available in various designs and patterns. If you found have someone special in your life, then this rose gold heart shaped ring will be the perfect gift for your beloved one. This finger ring ladies’ gold ring is beautiful and colourful.

5. Twisted Gold Rings:


If you don’t want to wear the plain gold ring but still want to have a piece of gold in your finger for daily wear, then this twisted gold ring will be the perfect choice for you. This twisted gold ring will go well with your all outfits and will give you a touch of elegance with the shiny colour of the yellow gold. It is designed for your every day use.

6. Platinum Gold Ring:


Wear some mixed metal settings with this platinum gold ring. The yellow gold ring perfectly designed with the platinum stone studded layer which gives you a feeling of wearing the all precious metals together. So, add the feel of the platinum in your yellow gold ring with this stunning piece of rings for female.

7. Infinity Gold Ring Design:


Infinity is one gold ring design which is getting very popular among the jewellery and that’s why we cannot forget to mention this design in our list also. The infinity shape with stone studded ring adds an oomph factor to your personality and brings out the beauty in an elegant way. The ring resembles the infinity symbol and hence the name.

8. Meadow Gold Ring for Girls:


Girls always have a thing for flowers. The flower meadow gold ring is a perfect way to express your love for flowers. The lustre of the flowers and the shine of gold are powerful enough to reflect the beauty of your own style. Wearing a flower ring can be the perfect choice of gold rings for women.

9. Simple Pearl Gold Ring Design:


Pearls are known for their classy look and adding a pearl with gold can clearly satisfy you to look classic and sophisticated. The simple gold ring looks amazing when it gets collaborated with a pearl. You can wear it with you any outfit it will works with anything.

10. Braided Gold Ring Design:


Braided rings are very special in this category of gold ring. Wearing a gold braided ring can enhance the beauty of the wearer. If you like something more unique and creative, then this gold ring for women is the right choice. You can also choose the stone studded one to add extra attraction.

11. Puzzle Ring in Gold:


Gold puzzle ring is something new in the category of gold rings. It seems that the two rings are crossover to each other. This style has something unique and has its own importance in its place. Wear this gold puzzle rings if you don’t want to wear those stone studded gold rings.

12. Golden Ring with Rounded Pave:


As we all know that the rounded paves are all time demand of the fashion, so we can never ignore to introduce this style also. The rounded pave surrounded with the gold edges gives a perfect finish to the ring. Having a rounded pave gold ring in your jewellery box can complete your collection. This pattern of ladies’ gold ring is beautiful and attractive.

13. Gemstones Gold Ring:


If you don’t want to wear the clear stone in your rings, then you can choose the colorful gemstones to make the center stone of your ring. The clear stones around the colorful gemstone perfectly feature the beauty of the ring. You can also choose the color of the gemstone that you would like to add in your ring.

14. Floral Accent Gold Ring:


A flower accent gold ring is widely famous among the women. Every woman has a piece of jewellery that has the floral accent and so we do here also. The beautiful flower shape and the gold petals are perfectly designed to give you a feminine look on any occasion. Doesn’t this look beautiful?

15. Multi -Tier Bands Gold Ring:


Get this multi-tier gold ring design band for yourself and get the feeling of wearing multiple rings all together. The multiple tier bands are perfectly studded with the stones to give you a look of trendy woman of today’s. Having a multi-tier band in your finger can make your personality complementing and is probably one among the best gold ring design.

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16. Filigree Gold Ring Design for Female:


Filigree gold rings are considered to be a vintage and traditional gold rings, but now the filigree gold rings also come with some latest designs and patterns. You can also add a gemstone or diamond to your filigree ring to look more attractive. Pair this filigree ring with any traditional attire and you will be ready to flaunt a new look.

17. Sapphire in White Gold Ring:


Sapphire in white gold ring is the champ of this list. White gold ring is something different and unique and so the look ring gives to the wearer. Wearing a sapphire in white gold ring is a great way to showcase the tone of your royal look. Give yourself a different charm with this sapphire white gold ring design.

18. Butterfly Gold Ring for Young Girl:


The butterfly ring design in gold looks cute and pretty in its own style. The butterfly design of the gold ring is a perfect choice of gold rings for girls, as it can perfectly reflect the charm and beauty of the young girl. It is utterly simple and beautiful, carved to perfection.

19. Beaded Gold Ring Design:


Beaded gold ring is a great way to do something different with your ring design. The gold beaded ring is a right choice for any woman to flair a unique look. This beaded gold ring holds the power to catch the eye of the peoples around you.

20. Square Cut Stone Gold Ring:


The square stone cut is never go out of the fashion. You can wear the square stone with gold ring and it will never fail to give you an elegant and sophisticated look. Choosing a square cut gold ring is a right way to express you desire for the timeless fashion accessories.

21. Designer Crown Gold Ring Design for Bridal:


The gold crown ring design in gold has its own value in this category. The crown shape of the ring gives a classic princess looks to the wearer. Get yourself a crown gold ring and feel like a princess with this beautiful piece of ring. We are sure that after wearing this crown ring you will get the lots of appreciations for its beauty. It could be an ideal bridal gift.

22. Simple Leaves Gold Ring:


Can you imagine that just simply the gold can do the magic to your looks? Here we have the answer – yes. This simple leaves gold ring without any stone is capable enough to give you a look of beautiful diva in an event. The perfect finishing of gold leaves can make you an eye-catching personality in your social occasions. So, to flaunt your feminine look in an elegant way this leaves gold ring can be an ideal choice for you.

23. Pear Shaped Gold Ring with Diamonds:


Pear shaped gold ring with a diamond is a very common design gold ring design but the thing makes it special that the small stones around the center pear shaped stones. You can also choose the pear shaped colorful gemstone or a diamond at the center for your ring. The pear-shaped ring can easily feature the beauty of finger and can make you the star of the day.

24. Baguette Gold Ring Jewellery:


Baguette gold ring is a very delicate kind of a ring. If you are a lover of the delicate fashion jewellery then this baguette gold ring will be an ideal choice for you. This will work well with almost any outfits from formal to casuals. So, if you are in a mood of minimalist look you can opt for this baguette gold ring. How simpler and yet beautiful can a gold ring design look?

25. Adjustable Gold Ring with Stones:


The adjustable gold ring is a great way to wear a ring in any finger of your hand. There is no need to select the ring according to the size of the finger, just buy the adjustable gold ring and we you will be ready to wear the ring in any finger in which you want to wear. The studded stones to the rings add a shine to the beauty of the ring that can give a dazzling look to the wearer.

Gold is a preferred metal which is utilized to make the jewellery ornaments. It is favourite of the women to make their jewellery items from classic to trendy. Every woman is always ready to pay whatever the price of the jewellery that can make her look great and a gold ring is also one of those things. The best part about these gold ring designs is the way you can carry it efficiently.

It always supports your personality and looks according to your occasion. Some prefer plain gold rings, twisted, stone studded and decorative structure, whatever your choice is we have all here in our list; you just need to pick the one that best suits to mood and you will be ready to bring a new charm in you. So, get yourself any one of the best gold rings design for female and we promise you that your finger will love to wear a designer piece of a gold ring.