Green Cardamom And Its Benefits

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What Is Green Cardamom:

Green Cardamom and its seeds are a popular herbal spice used all over the world. Green Cardamom also known as choti elaichi has been broadly used since ages as extraordinary spice. It provides a very sweet and pleasant aromatic flavour in different dishes, but it is also considered as a very useful and effective medicine. Most of the indian dishes are contains this green cardamom seeds due to its health and other useful benefits for humans.

Green Cardamom

Health Benefits Of Green Cardamom:

For its outstanding aroma and health benefits, green cardamom is often called as the queen of spices. Some of the green cardamom benefits are listed below:

green cardamom

1. Anesthetic Properties:

One of the most important benefits of green cardamom is that it has properties like anesthetic, and they can also perform as a sedative. Its essential oil is widely used by most therapists in aroma therapy. Green Cardamom oil massage helps to reduce emotional stress and mental strain. It also provides a fresh and active feeling and offer instant relief from joint and muscular tension. The effects of its seeds and oil can be used as a form of treatment for inflamed nerves and backaches.

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2. Anti-Inflammatory:

Green Cardamom Seeds has some anti-inflammatory properties that limit pain and swelling of the mouth, and throat. In a particular medical study cardamom oil was shown to have a possible analgesic effect. Cardamom seed oil can also be used for controlling external swellings like joints pain.

3.  Antioxidant:

Vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential oils in green cardamom acts as an antioxidant that save our body from harmful damages cause by the free radicals, compound that may risk of cancer and defend against cellular aging.

4. Antispasmodic:

Due to its antispasmodic properties a pinch of its powder can prevent nausea and vomiting. People carry green cardamom in their purse so that if they feel like vomiting or nauseous, they can simply take some green cardamom seeds or its powder in their mouth and gulp it down with water. This will give quick relief.

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5. Aphrodisiac:

Green cardamoms are known to come up with intense aphrodisiac properties. Herbalists use cardamom extract as a strong aphrodisiac that can be used for the treatments of erectile dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and impotency. But its extracts should not be taken more than a pinch, as extreme use of it may show the way to impotency.

6. Blood Clots:

Green Cardamom seeds can put a stop to perilous blood clots by preventing platelet aggregation and the sticking to the artery walls.

7. Cold And Flu:

This aromatic spice prevents cold and flu symptoms and also provide relieve from coughs.

8. Depression:

According to Ayurveda green cardamoms have antidepressant qualities. Just a cup of tea made up using cardamom seed in tea leaves can fight depression.

9. Detoxify:

Green cardamom has detoxifying properties and thus it helps in removing toxins from the body. Using it regularly can slowly remove the toxins and enhance the blood circulation. It removes waste via the kidneys.

It improves blood circulation to the lungs and can be helpful in prevention of spasms or convulsions. Hence, a little amount of green cardamom is helpful for those suffering from asthma or bronchitis.

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10. For Digestion:

Green Cardamom can be used to neutralize digestive problems. It is used to fight against acidity, heat burn, constipation and many more. Its extract holds properties that can improve metabolism.

11. Eliminates Bad Breath:

Being aromatic spice green cardamom acts as a mouth freshener and eliminates bad breath. It is used in the cure of halitosis. People chew cardamom whenever they need to freshen their breadth.

12. Oral Health:

Apart from eliminating bad breath, green cardamoms are used to avoid infections of the mouth and mouth ulcers.

13. To Treat Cancer:

Green cardamom is often related to cancer cure, one of the deadliest diseases that can unfortunately affect you. cancer at its best proliferates using the cells as a medium, the cancerous cells slowly dissipating in the body. Cardamom prevents multiplication of the cancer cells thereby preventing cancer from growing. Use ground cardamom in your morning milk and drink it everyday.

14. Appetite:

Green cardamom benefits also includes better appetite in its benefit list. As mentioned earlier, green cardamom takes care of all the digestive problems thereby increasing metabolism. With a fast working metabolism, your stomach often uses up all the stored food and you end up with a big appetite. This is a boon for the picky or fussy eaters.

15. Hiccups:

Hiccups mainly occur on the event of indigestion, the case of bloating or gas trapped inside causing the repeated hiccups, trying to escape the body. This is why hiccups are usually accompanied by water to wash down the food and make digestion an easy affair. Cardamom can help you get rid of hiccups instantly as it washes down the food and makes digestion easy.

16. To Cure Asthma:

Cardamom is also related at times with respiratory problems and their healing. This is why a home made remedy to keeping asthma attacks away from you requires green cardamom in the mix.

  • Add green cardamom seeds powder to honey and holy basil paste and simply consume that everyday.
  • Even problems like whooping cough can be kept at bay owing to the goodness of honey.

17. Sore Throat:

A relief from the cold and flu, during the winter days the evenings can be accompanied by brewing a cup of steaming hot green cardamom tea that not only soothes a sore throat but also relaxes the swelled muscles that cause pain and discomfort. The anti inflammatory properties reduce the redness or swelling thereby ensuring proper recovery. If not a tea finely ground green cardamom can be mixed with a table spoon of honey to a glass of luke warm water.

18. Take Away Muscle Spasms:

Green Cardamom has anti spasmodic properties inculcated in them that allows your muscles to relax and soothe themselves. Often a stiff muscle or a hamstring pull can be quite a hassle to deal with. Use green cardamom as an ailment. Green cardamom health benefits also takes care of your muscle spasms, keeping them flexible and firm.

19. Blood Pressure:

As cardamoms has diuretic properties and are also fiber rich, it was found to lower cardiac rhythm which means it can manages blood pressure.

Green Cardamom Benefits For Skin:

20. Beauty Care:

Green cardamom uses are not only limited to health as a lot of times cardamom can also be held responsible for minor skin issues like allergies, acne and rashes. Apart from this, cardamom also takes care of your complexion, especially clearing it up making you appear brighter and more smooth skinned. The other beauty benefits entail scalp care where the PH balance of the scalp is maintained and kept in check by using green cardamom oil massage.

Green cardamom in your everyday dish adds a certain zing to the palate, a delish dish made just like that. Cardamom green and lush, usually entails a lot of benefits within itself. A spice at its best, green cardamom takes care of not only your health but also your beauty benefits like hair, scalp and even skin issues. From minor problems like complexion control to even curing cancer, green cardamom is the cure for it all.