9 Best Gujarati Rangoli Designs with Images

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The Gujarati’s are famous in the country for their bright and beautiful rangoli. It is an important part of their culture and tradition and is also something they are known all over the country for. Over the past few years, many new designs have emerged. All of them look very unique and attractive. If you are hoping to make a design that is Gujarati in style you should definitely refer to the following paragraphs where some of the best have been enlisted. They are all very attractive.

Simple and Latest Gujarati Rangoli Designs:

1. Floral Gujarati Rangoli Designs:

gujarati rangoli designs

A great idea for a Gujarati Rangoli Design shall be the one that includes something as wonderful as flowers. You can use rose petals and green leaves for this one. Use your favorite shapes and you can create something as amazing as this. Also use bright lamps to surround the Rangoli. It will very natural and authentic.

2. Spectacular Gujarati Rangoli Design:

A Rangoli design that looks spectacular will surely fetch you a lot of compliments. If you are looking for something bright and beautiful, you can use this design to suit your purpose. Use plenty of bright colors such as blue, red, yellow, pink and black and draw common geometrical shapes like the one shown above. Even though it requires a lot of hard work, you will surely get good results.

3. Papad Gujarati Rangoli Design:

Papad Gujarati Rangoli Design

Who knew you could use Papad to make a cool rangoli design? Well, the Gujarati’s are a very innovative community and they have used some of their favorite delicacies to create this awesome Rangoli. You can also use other items such as gold sticks or the colorful frying items to create this unique piece or art.

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4. Peacock Gujarati Rangoli Design:

Gujarat is famous for its wildlife and wonderful species. The best one here is the national bird of India, the peacock. You can create a wonderful design using this gorgeous looking bird and take away the prize for sure. Use something as uncommon as tablas and fill them with attractive and bright colors. You will be amazed at how great it looks.

5. Diya Gujarati Rangoli Design:

A Rangoli Design without Diyas especially during Diwali shall be surely incomplete. So this time create a design that shows wonderful images of diyas. They are very suitable for the occasion. You can also put a lamp right in the center to enhance the beauty of this design.

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