Top 9 Hairdos for Short Hair

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There is a belief that short hair is not versatile and is the end to all kinds of hair styling and experimenting that is possible with only long hair. While it is great to flaunt a short crop, it is not devoid of the pleasures of styling and experimentation. Rather it is just the reverse. To show you how is our pick of the nine best trendy hairstyles to be tried on short hair.

Best Hairdos for Short Hair:

1. Short Bob and Fringe :

hairdos for short hair

Add a textured fringe to your short bob hair and create a unique new style. If you have fine hair and do not have a fringe then you can create it by combing in the crown portion of your hair which is usually shorter. Add some texturing and you can have a very stylish look.

2. Short Ombre:

Whoever said ombre looked best on long hair did not experiment enough. Ombre at maybe just the tips is surely going to hair grow out into a unique style. The advantage with short hair ombre is that you can grow it out much longer while retaining the style.

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3. Romantic Side Curls:

This is perfect for the formal events and parties. You tousle all the hair onto one side and pin up curls like a flower just above the hair. It gives a feminine touch to an otherwise androgynous short hair. Don’t worry if it comes out messy. Be sure to use a lot of hair serum for a glossy finish.

4. Pop Candy Colors:

The best thing about short hair is that one can do a lot of experimenting with colors. Not just one but multiple colors can be used to create a striking look. Use a good amount of dry shampoo to style them and give a glossy look. Try bright candy colors which are so in style.

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