10 Best Tips for Hair Regrowth Naturally

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Hair fall is the most common problem men and women face irrespective of the care they take and the number of branded products they use. It is essential to have a healthy diet and a good hair care regime for healthy and shiny hair. Below we provide some natural hair growth tips for women which effectively works!

tips for hair regrowth

Simple Tips for Hair Growth:

Here are a few natural and easy hair regrowth tips and make them healthy.

1. Trim Occasionally:

Trim Occasionally

After the hair reaches shoulder length, it is necessary to trim once in a while. This is important because:

  • It removes split ends and dry and damaged hair
  • Helps hair grow really fast
  • Prevents further damages upwards

2. Oil Your Scalp:

Castor oil and onion are an ideal mix for those loosing hair at an alarming rate. To use it:

oily sclap

  • Mix onion juice and Castor Oil (2:1 ratio) in a glass bowl
  • With the help of clean cotton, apply it over the scalp, paying closer attention to balding spots and the forehead line.
  • Leave for at least an hour before thoroughly rinsing with lukewarm water and patting it dry.

Using this oil mix at least once a week is necessary if you want to see the balding spots disappear and reduced hair fall every time you comb/shampoo.

3. Condition After Shampoo:

It is important to use conditioner after shampoo every single time. Shampoos usually contain chemicals that are essential to have squeaky clean hair, but at the same time take away natural softness and moisture from the hair for which the conditioner makes up. The benefits include:

Condition after Shampoo

  • Softness and moisture are maintained in the hair
  • It adds shine to the hair
  • Healing properties of conditioners reduces damages caused to the cuticles
  • Gives a natural bounce making thin hair appear fuller

4. Say ‘Hello’ to Silk Pillow Cases:

Yes! We do not realize but it happens. Cotton pillow cases not only take away the natural oils formed on the scalp but the chances that you are losing hair every time you flip a side is pretty high. Manifold benefits of silk pillow covers include:

silk pillow cases

  • Reduced friction between hair and pillow; thus less tangles
  • Soft surface of the silk cases prevents hair breakage, which means longer and un-chipped hair
  • It helps hair breathe and aids hair growth at a faster pace.

5. Stop Experimenting with Tools and Chemicals:

Does not matter how safe and natural hair products are, chemicals are still a part of it and do cause damage which will be visible over time. So is the case with styling tools that play with the normal temperature of your hair and leave them brittle and dry. So, if you are too fond of interfering with your normal hair colour and style make sure of

Stop experimenting with tools and chemicals

  • Doing a patch test for how the particular chemical reacts to your skin and hair.
  • Use lower temperature and let hair air dry completely before styling.
  • Use good quality tools and protect your locks before applying heat.
  • With colouring comes a complete set of do’s and don’ts – follow the guidelines to minimise damage.
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