8 Best Hairdo Hairstyles

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Hairstyles these days have modified themselves to newer levels now. The same old boring hair would not bother you anymore since the new trend catalogues now sport more than one beautiful hairstyle kind which are easy to opt for and adds a variety to your look.

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The busy mornings can never be enough to pamper yourself with a good look but with this fast tricks up your sleeve now you can opt for variety alongside time management. Given here is a list of all the various hairdos that you can opt for to spice up your look.

1. The Looped Pony:

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To get this look all you need is a proper teasing brush or a teeth comb and some hair ties. In case of layers, have some bobby pins handy too. Start by sectioning your hair into three parts each tied in a ponytail. Make sure you secure the ponies properly with a tie. Now use the first pony to make a loop and continue it all the way to the end.

2. The Two Braided Band:

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Start by combing your hair down to smoothen it. Unruly hair at this time would not execute the results properly. Now take a lock of hair from the mid section of your parting and start braiding it normally. Go all the way down and then start another braid on the front. Once all the braids are done wrap it around and secure it with pins.

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3. The Top Do:

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This is a perfect hair for the summers when the frizzy mane can really be a tough game to maintain in the scorching summer heat. Therefore at this time use this top bun method but instead of gathering and rolling your hair up in your everyday messy bun, this time use separate pins to segregate chunks of hair and roll them up to form the bun.

4. The Celtic Knot:

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It takes just a few tutorials and a few ideas of your own to form this wonderful Celtic knot pattern at the back of your head. Comb thoroughly through your hair keeping the lower portion free and light. With the upper half now trace the patterns and tie a Celtic knot.

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