Top 9 Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Faces

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If your cheekbones are comparatively wider than your jawline then you can claim your face as diamond-shaped. Hence, any hairstyle will not look good on you. Selecting the right hairstyles for yourself will be the challenge. For assisting you in the best manner, we have brought forward a list of top 9 hairstyles for your face shape. Following is a list of the best hairstyles suitable for a diamond-shaped face.

Best Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Faces:

1. Chin Length Bob:

hairstyles for diamond shaped faces

Diamond-shaped faces have extremely sharp jaw lines. This hairstyle will, however, help you in hiding such texture. It will adjust the allover frame of the face and make the edges softer than they used to look. The hair looks very glossy in this style and provides with a fun-loving and young look.

2. Side Parting:

Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Faces2

A side parting is a great solution to hide the sharp edges of a diamond-shaped face. It provides the face with a decent angle and relieves you from the harsh edges. After styling your hair in this way, people will no more look at the rugged width of the face, rather they will turn heads to the angelic curls at the bottom.

3. Layered Long Hairstyles:

Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Faces3

Long and layered hairstyles will be one of the best styles you can adopt for you hair. This type of layered hair will hide the wide points of the cheekbones and make your face look alluring and provide a feminine look. However, the face will remain open for which viewers will put more emphasis on the forehead and not the chin.

4. Medium Bangs:

Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Faces4

This look has been carried on by world famous singer ‘Rihanna’. This look will give a proportionate look and will cover the forehead partially. Once you style the hair in this manner, people will not give much attention to the lower part of the face.

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