Top 9 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

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Your thinning hair has been worrying you for the past couple of days. While some say it’s really nothing but a boon, the others complain that the thinning hair might not be a grand option for your future days. No matter however your hair is, how you wear your hair is something really important. You might have the greatest of the hair, but all it takes is a bad haircut or a bad style to mess up your look. Given here in this article are some of the best hairstyles that might suit your look well.

Best Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair:

1. Get Your Curlers On:

hairstyles for long thin hair

Thinness of hair might not be your preference and for that you want a new hairstyle that can add some volume to your mane. That is exactly why you need to invest in some professional curlers or a curling iron. Curls can make your hair look much more voluminous and fulfilling than the straight locked hair and it is with these curls that you can get your hair to look not so thin.

2. Feather It:

hairstyles for long thin hair2

Amongst the various newer cuts, the best for the thin hair is the feather cut. The feather cut is basically layers and steps infused together to give your hair small steps with beautiful layered locks. This way the otherwise thin hair gets a makeover where the separate steps with a layered look and a sharpened end makes the hair look fulfilling.

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3. Keep it Pony Chic:

Often at times, a lean layer of hair is just the perfect requirement for a runway model and based on their different hair styles even you can achieve their look. The trick is to sleek down your already thin hair to give it a perfect posh look. Thoroughly comb the hair and maybe use a little hair spray to lock the straightness of the look.

4. Bun Tricks:

hairstyles for long thin hair4

If you have a fine head of hair, you can always opt for a messy bun which would uplift the look of your hair. In a messy bun, carefully tease your hair so that the hair is rough and light on the top of your head. Now grab the messy bunch of teased hair and roll it up to carelessly to create a messy bun. Use a loud accessory like a bow or something to add to the look.

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5. The Side Parting:

hairstyles for long thin hair5

When you have a thin hair or a receding hair line, it is always best to opt for a side parting rather than a one in the middle. Use bangs and feather or layered cuts to create volume and then sweep your hair or the front locks to one side.  Use teasing for the other parts or the back of the head to add volume.

6. The Braid Band:

hairstyles for long thin hair6

Use a section of your hair to tie a loose braid and then bring it all the way across your head to the other side of the head and then secure it properly. This is a full proof method to create a hairstyle where the band in the middle of the head matching the color for the rest of the hair would give off a style statement.

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7. Back Bow:

hairstyles for long thin hair7

With a thin hair you would do anything to add volume to your look. Separate two sections of your hair from the front and bring them all the way back. Once they are back tie the hair in a trendy knot to form a beautiful bow. You may add a clip or hair colorful hair band too.

8. Messy Hair:

hairstyles for long thin hair8

Lock and rock the messy hair this season and you would see how your thin hair would look oh so voluminous and beautiful.

9. Au Natural:

hairstyles for long thin hair9

Keeping the long fine hair thoroughly combed and loose never looked better than this before. Always pull off a fresh look with it.