8 Best Hairstyles For Medium Straight Hair

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We carry around our hair in the best way we can but the sheer lack of creativity at times might lead us to repeat the same hairstyle over and over again. We know you get tired of that everyday regular pony or the simply braid at the back or even the simple middle parting hairstyle that you have been sporting for the past two years.

hairstyles for medium straight hair

Your hair is not long enough but it is neither short now, it is at that awkward stage where you can perfectly style the hair the way you like without having to worry about sporting the same look day after day. Take a cue from these hairstyles and spice up your look.

Latest Hairstyles For Medium Straight Hair in 2017:

1. The Classic Pinup:

The classic pinup

This look can be achieved by simply using bobby pins. Start by combing your hair thoroughly to get that sleeked down fine hair look. Now start by segregating the front strands from both sides. Take one strand from the left and tuck it at the back of your head towards the right side. Now take the right strand and do the same with it and tuck it to the left side. Continue with three or four.

2. The Soft Blunt Bangs:

The soft blunt bangs

If you are tired of sporting straight locks, don’t wait anymore, this is the perfect time for you to opt for that blunt front bangs and at the same time look amazing while doing so. Keep the measurement from your one brow to another and at the ending of your brows keep the strands a bit longer.

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3. The Front Braids:

Hairstyles for medium straight hair 3

This look can also be classified under the milkmaid braid where the hair from the front is infused into a French styled patterned braid which is firmly secured at the front and the sides. Start by combing your hair to one side and then start French braiding the hair all the way across the head. This time use a secure pin at the end of the braid to secure it.

4. The Braid Pony:

The braid pony

We know that you don’t like your everyday pony anymore and therefore you can always opt for a variation to ponies. Leave some loose strands and then tie the braids from the side. Bring it all the way back and secure it in a pony. Take the last strand of hair wrap it around the tie to hide it.

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