50 New Impressive Men’s Hairstyles – Haircuts for Men 2017

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Men alike the women also desire to try something new and trendy with their hair. They also like to have unique and stylish look complimented well with new. Similar to women they also groom themselves with long, short and curly hairstyles.

Having a new hairstyle for men and haircuts for boys is the best way to look modern and stylish to make ourselves look more attractive and masculine. Our haircuts for men define our personality by grooming our hair.

men's hairstyles

Choosing a fresh hairstyle can be a scary task as you have to think about multiple factors and their details such as your budget, personal style, height, income and lifestyle and hair type. But if one knows to style the hairs in a proper way, one can surely look fantastic and charming. Hairs are our natural crown which glorifies and style us in a better way.

Celebrities play an important role in influencing others for trying new styles in fashions like dressing, haircuts and hairstyles when it comes to rock & roll parties and weddings. Now a days people don’t shy away to try new hairstyles. Like women, men hairstyles also have a long list of haircuts which doesn’t stop to increase every session as per the trend. From spikes, side swept or simply bald head comes in fashion and with pairing them with cool gadgets or dress they look more trendy and modern.

50 New Impressive Men's Haircuts - Hairstyles for Men 2017

Trendy Looks In Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts:

Here we are giving some ideas with perfect picture images on types of boys hairstyles and men’s haircuts for 2017 for all face shapes in India that will definitely inspire you.

According to the Latest trend, Mostly Men are like to cut their hair in the following types

  • Little Spike Haircuts.
  • Back to Front Haircuts.
  • Trimmed Haircuts.
  • Faux Haircuts.
  • Swept Undercuts.
  • Ponytail Haircuts.
  • Fusion Haircuts.
  • Shaved Haircuts.
  • Crew Haircuts.
  • Dapper Haircuts.

• Cool Spiky Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles cool spiky

There is something very trendy and masculine in the spiky hairstyles sported by men. It gives them the necessary contrasting effect which makes them much more alluring and appealing. Following styles are some of the types of spiky haircuts for men, which can make a man look masculine yet cool.

1. The Masculine Haircuts for men with Little Spikes:

Spikes can make any length hairs hit among guys as well as for boys. The little spikes add charm and glamour to our look. Now a day these types of mens haircuts are hitting among the men of all the ages irrespective of height.

Men's masculine hairstyles with little spikes

This mens hairstyle makes a man look clean and cool giving you a much younger look to attract others. Such short spiky hairstyles are definitely a great option for people who like to work, play and stay active in other sports. It is best complimented with clean shaved face making a man look more masculine and professional.

2. The Short Spiky Hairstyle for Men:

Men's short spiky Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for men looks amazing when they are well styled with spikes. It is a unique way to make you look more appealing and definitely attractive. With small spikes at the front increases the cool quotient of the men. This spiked short mens hairstyle makes a man look relaxed and attractive at a same time.

3. Short Smooth Spiky Hairstyles for Men:

short smooth spiky hairstyles for boys

Smooth spiky hairstyle is another style in Mens haircuts which is a combination of smooth hairs along with spikes which will give a new admirable look for men. Such smooth spikes create a unique charming look making one look more cool and handsome. Smooth spikes are a fantastic way to create an iconic image among a crowd. It also provides a contrasting look with long spikes at the front while the side and back hairs kept short. This spiky smooth mens hairstyles are the best to sport in college fests or in other programmes.

4. Extreme Funk-Like Spiky Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men Extreme funk

With the help of hair gels one can turn smooth spikes into an electric funk like look. Such spike creates an extreme statement about the person’s personality. This hairstyle is very funky and bold from the rest of the hairstyles. It makes a boy or man look rebellious and eccentric.

5. The Short Topsy-Turvy Spiky Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles short topsy

Short topsy turvy spiky hairstyles for men are look much younger than his actual age. It is trendy and ideal for thin hairs as they create a fuller head appearance. Such mens haircuts are suitable for office goers as well for college students also.

• Good Long Haircuts For Men:

Like women, men also like to keep long hairs like shoulder-length, chin-length or longer waits length. For boys, long hairs are nothing but appealing and charming than a normal usual simple long haircut. Long hairstyles created a raw appeal which is not only fashionable in modern society, but also in the histories where scissors or other shaving gadgets were unavailable. One more thing that these long haircuts are more probably suitable for tall persons if we compare with short persons.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - good long haircuts for Men

Long hairs trends come and go every session. They are mostly popular with wavy, messy hairs and even on persons who carry well the straight long hairs.

There are a number of ways to rework a plain long hairstyle into trendy and cool hairstyles for men. But keeping long hairs and maintaining them is quite a hard task. One should keep in mind to devote some hair-care time to maintain good hair styles. Professional men should take a good care to keep themselves clean and presentable with long hairstyles.

6. Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Men:

mens shoulder length hairstyles

One can even experiment with the shoulder length hairstyle for men as they look super trendy and elegant. Shoulder length mens hairstyles are not that difficult to maintain. And you can try several different look with your same shoulder length hair like giving them a curly or wavy look or by just keeping them straight. The only thing that matters in keeping this hairstyle is its length; the length of the hairs must suit you and should make you look more presentable. The students can try wavy long hairs while a professional can go for straight hairstyle.

7. Casual Long Hairstyles for Men:

men's casual long hairstyles

For a casual and a classy look you can experiment with this mens hairstyle. This long hair classic men hairstyle gives a casual, sporty and a bit official look. Professionals can try this hairstyle as this hairstyle suits best with formal attire. A teenager can go for this hairstyle as it will make them look good in every occasion, whether it is date, school presentation or a sports day.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men 2017

8. Medium-Length Mens Hairstyles:

boys hairstyle in medium length

Hairs beneath the ears and above the shoulder look appealing to men. These kinds of medium length haircuts for boys can make you look sexier. This hairstyle for men gives a formal and casual look. They are easy to manage and suits every occasion.

medium length boys hairstyle

9. Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men:

From celebrities to models to hipsters, everyone has tried this manly look. It is famous for its superstar kind of look. This kind of hairstyle is gorgeous, attractive and eye-catching. It is neat and startlingly cool at the same time. It can be well paired with the diagonal hairs, straight combed backed hairs or across.

Slicked back Men's Hairstyles

Length of hairs is also important in the slicked back hairstyles as they help by giving them height and it is also necessary for thick hairs but it can be styled in medium length hairs too. The top part is kept fixed by using hair gels and the sides along with the back hairs are neatly kept trimmed. Such hairstyles besides of its difference in length makes a man look elegant, one will surely get surprise with this kind of hairstyle.

10. Forward Fringe Hairstyles for Boys:

forward fringe haircut for boys

Fringe hairstyles are always in men’s fashion. Such hairstyles keep the forehead completely full with hairs and they look trendier when paired up the messy hairs. For adding edge in this hairstyle one can wear the hairs at the back or all the hairs messed up in a side swept or front swept form.

Forward Fringe Hairstyles for Boys

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