50 New Impressive Men’s Cut – Haircuts for Men 2018

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Men, just like women also like to experiment with their hair. Certainly not all of them want to. But those who want to, want to have unique and stylish look complimenting their attire. Similar to women they also groom themselves with long, short and curly hairstyles.

At present there are over 50 hairstyles for men that the guys out there can try. For those, who like to always keep it old style and classy, we haven’t missed out on the bob cut.

men's hairstyles

Choosing a fresh hairstyle can be a scary task as you have to think about your personal style, height and hair type. But if one knows to style the hair the proper way, one can surely look fantastic and charming. Hair is our natural crown which glorifies and style us in a better way.

Celebrities play an important role in influencing others for trying new styles in fashions like dressing, haircuts and hairstyles when it comes to rock & roll parties and weddings. Now a days people don’t shy away to try new hairstyles. Like women, men hairstyles also have a long list of haircuts which doesn’t stop to increase every session as per the trend. From spikes, side swept or simply bald head comes in fashion and with pairing them with cool gadgets or dress they look more trendy and modern.

50 New Impressive Men's Haircuts - Hairstyles for Men 2017

Modern and Trending Men’s Hairstyle and Haircuts:

Here we give you some ideas with perfect picture images on the different hairstyles and men’s haircuts for 2017 for all face shapes that will inspire you to get a cut instantly.

According to the latest trend, mostly men are like to cut their hair in the following types

  • Little Spike Haircuts.
  • Back to Front Haircuts.
  • Trimmed Haircuts.
  • Faux Haircuts.
  • Swept Undercuts.
  • Ponytail Haircuts.
  • Fusion Haircuts.
  • Shaved Haircuts.
  • Crew Haircuts.
  • Dapper Haircuts.

• Cool Spiky Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles cool spiky

There is something very trendy and masculine in the spiky hairstyles sported by men. It gives them the necessary contrasting effect which makes them much more alluring and appealing. Following styles are some of the types of spiky haircuts for men, which can make a man look masculine yet cool.

1. The Masculine Haircuts for men with Little Spikes:

Spikes was once a rage among the men, and it still seems to be so. The little spikes add charm and glamour to our look. Now a day these types of men’s haircuts are hitting among the men of all the ages irrespective of height. This men’s hairstyle gained immense popularity.

Men's masculine hairstyles with little spikes

This men’s hairstyle makes him look clean and cool giving a younger look. Such short spiky hairstyles are definitely a great option for people who like to work, play and stay active in other sports. It is best complimented with clean shaved face making a man look more masculine and professional.

2. The Short Spiky Hairstyle for Men:

Men's short spiky Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for men looks amazing when they are well styled with spikes. It is a unique way to make you look more appealing and definitely attractive. With small spikes at the front increases the cool quotient of the men. This spiked short men’s hairstyle makes a man look relaxed and attractive at a same time.

3. Short Smooth Spiky Hairstyles for Men:

short smooth spiky hairstyles for boys

Smooth spiky hairstyle is another style among the men’s haircut which is a combination of smooth hairs along with spikes which will give a new admirable look for men. Such smooth spikes create a unique charming look making one look more cool and handsome. Smooth spikes are a fantastic way to create an iconic image among a crowd. It also provides a contrasting look with long spikes at the front while the side and back hairs kept short. This spiky smooth men’s hairstyle will work well on any point of the year.

4. Extreme Funk-Like Spiky Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men Extreme funk

With the help of hair gels one can turn smooth spikes into an electric funk like look. Such spike creates an extreme statement about the person’s personality. This hairstyle is very funky and bold from the rest of the hairstyles. This trending hairstyle for men can be accomplished with some heavy gelling and setting. Once set, it sits like that for days.

5. The Short Topsy-Turvy Spiky Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles short topsy

Short topsy turvy spiky hairstyles for men are look much younger than his actual age. It is trendy and ideal for thin hairs as they create a fuller head appearance. Such men’s haircuts are suitable for office goers as well for college students also.

6. Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Men:

mens shoulder length hairstyles

One can even experiment with the shoulder length hairstyle for men as they look super trendy and elegant. Shoulder length men’s hairstyles are not that difficult to maintain. You can try several different looks with your same shoulder length hair by giving them a curly or wavy look or by just keeping them straight. The only thing that matters in keeping this hairstyle is its length; the length of the hairs must suit you and should make you look more presentable. This gents’ hairstyle can also be styled to make it look professional.

7. Casual Long Hairstyles for Men:

men's casual long hairstyles

For a casual and a classy look, you can experiment with this men’s hairstyle. This long hair classic men hairstyle gives a casual, sporty and a bit official look. Professionals can try this hairstyle as this hairstyle suits best with formal attire. A teenager can go for this hairstyle as it will make them look good in every occasion, whether it is date, school presentation or a sports day.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men 2017

8. Medium-Length Mens Hairstyles:

boys hairstyle in medium length

Hairs beneath the ears and above the shoulder look appealing to men. These kinds of medium length haircuts for boys can make you look sexier. This hairstyle for men gives a formal and casual look. They are easy to manage and suits every occasion. Try out this cool men’s haircut this time!

medium length boys hairstyle

9. Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men:

From celebrities to models to hipsters, everyone has tried this manly look. It is famous for its superstar kind of look. This kind of hairstyle is gorgeous, attractive and eye-catching. It is neat and startlingly cool at the same time. It can be well paired with the diagonal hairs, straight combed backed hairs or across.

Slicked back Men's Hairstyles

Length of hair is also important in the slicked back hairstyle category as they help by giving them height. It is also necessary for thick hair and can be styled in medium length hairs too. The top part is kept fixed by using hair gels and the sides along with the back hairs are neatly kept trimmed. Such hairstyles besides of its difference in length makes a man look elegant, one will surely get noticed with this latest new haircut for men.

10. Forward Fringe Hairstyles for Boys:

forward fringe haircut for boys

Fringe hairstyles common in men’s fashion too. Such hairstyles keep the forehead completely full with hairs and they look trendier when paired up the messy hairs. For adding edge in this hairstyle one can wear the hairs at the back or all the hairs messed up in a side swept or front swept form.

Forward Fringe Hairstyles for Boys

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11. Men’s Undercut Fade Hairstyles:

Men's Undercut Fade Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles along with side shaves are getting more attention these days. Lightly shaved the hair from the hairline all around and leaving the top long brings a dramatic contrast in the hairline. Such clean cuts are easily paired with any other hairstyle of one’s choice.

12. Classic Straight New Hairstyles for Boys:

Classic Straight New Hairstyles for boys

Men with straight hairs have many hairstyles to try to make them look more trendy and cool. Classic hairstyles are the best for them as it suits the working man’s personality well. You can try the partition on either side of the head to prevent the hair from falling on your face.

13. Short 0r Long Bangs Haircuts for Men:

short or long bangs men's hairstyles

Bangs are common among the men’s hairstyle. They are trendy and are easy to try and modern. Bangs usually suit oval faces. Pick out the best stylist in town to get this trendy hair cut for men done. Comb it well for a professional look and it is sure to look great on you.

14. Short Dapper Hairstyle for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men short dapper

Short dapper hairstyles are smart and elegant perfectly that will suit the contemporary men. In this hairstyles for men, the hair is kept neat and clean with side trims which are very popular among the fit guys and high executive men. It looks highly dignified and professional and you don’t have to worry about the small hair falling on your forehead. Go for this, if you are looking for something simple and trim.

15. Messy Voluminous Hairstyles for Men:

messy voluminous men's hairstyles and haircuts

Short and slightly trimmed haircut keepsthe hair looking dense at the top gives and also imparts a cool look. The voluminous top hairs when kept un-combed and messy, they compliment the look trendier. Such haircuts not only make a guy cool, but make equally masculine.

16. Crew Cut Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles crew cut

Crew cut comes towards more like extremely short hairs, but still it differs by giving a thick hair look. Crew cuts are suitable for working men mainly for army or pilots. These crew-cut men hairstyles are a very versatile cut, which looks more cool and charming when they are worn down, messy, glossy, or spiked. Extremely short hairs are easy to maintain and manage in every season being it summer pr rainy or winter. It doesn’t even require any extra hassle of gels or mousse. It is one reason why the army people always look good in such hairstyles.

17. Long Crew Cut:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men long crew cut

Long crew cuts are the coolest version of the military inspired crew-cut where Caesar bangs are worn longer than the rest of the hairs. This best haircut for men will have clear lines, bold and clean angles, and will look exceptionally professional. For a funky look, use of cuts on the angle makes this cool haircut more adorable. It can be further styled by using several different ways or by using hair gels.

18. Men’s Curly Hairstyles in Long:

curly haircuts for Men

Now men can flaunt their curls too. Try the different looks on their curl hairs for men. Simple ringlets to extreme circular curls to full bouncy curled hairs all look good when dressed up perfectly. Get some styling done on the curls or just leave it to be. That’s all you have to do. The curls will add to the charm.

19. Men’s Half Shaved Haircuts:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men half shaved

Now a day’s shaved hairstyle has become a trend. Everyone loves to try them, be it a girl or a boy. It definitely creates a striking impression among a crowd. Half shaved hairstyles along with cleanly kept side parted hairstyles even look more attractive. Try out this latest hairstyle for men.

20. Men’s Hairstyles Faux Hawk:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men faux hawk

Faux hairstyle gives a striking impression. Faux hairstyles can be kept long or short. In both ways it complements the look well. Short faux hairstyles are suitable for person who has thin hairs whereas long faux hairstyles look great on thick hairs in men.

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21. Side Swept Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men side swept

Short Side swept hairstyle is a remarkably stunning hairstyle for guys who want to change their regular look to excellent yet smart. In such hairstyles, the hair is kept parted sizeably sideward, giving a fresh and grand appearance. This well go well for men who do not have dense and thick hair.

22. The Charming Side-Parted Brushed Up Hairstyle:

The Charming Side-Parted Brushed Up men's hairstyle

Having a side-parted hairstyle is very old, though with a few changes it can make a man look so handsome. Keeping slightly trimmed sides and setting the back hairs gives a contrast to the front top hairs making them more voluminous. Comb them back and set them with some gel. That’s how you do it!

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men 2017

This charming hairstyle for men is splendidly gorgeous making an easy-going and kind appearance. The front hair when kept smoothly side-parted pleasantly complements the stunning and striking look of the face.

23. The Relaxed Pompadour Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles relaxed pompadour

The relaxed pompadour hairstyle is a cool hairstyle which adds more gravity in an attractive and confident man. Such hairstyle being attractive also works well in formal places. Plus, this hairstyle suits every kind of outfits such as party wear to formal suits. Some setting and gel is required to keep the hair in place.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Haircuts for Men relaxed pompadour

24. The Fantastically Kingly Hairstyle:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - kingly haircuts for men

This hairstyle is awesomely gorgeous and eye-catching. The edges and back hairs are equally trimmed while the long top is brushed up more like the Mohawk style giving you a drastically incredible look. Spike them up a little in the front for a trendy and funky look.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - kingly mens haircut

25. The Cool Bravado Hairstyles for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles cool bravado

This cool and clean hairstyle with the volume of the hair kept intense at a side of the face giving a handsome look is very trendy. Inspired by the famous cartoon character Johnny Bravo, this hairstyle makes a man more charming and attractive flaunting his sharp features. The hair is usually messed up in the front spike. But that adds beauty to this latest hairstyle for men.

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

26. Hairstyle in Side Swept Waves:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - side swept waves haircuts for Men

While side swept hairstyles for men always look smart and sharp if done with the suits and formals, the wavy side sweep hair can actually drool over all the girls out there. This is a clean deep swept hair where the texture of the hair is not really straight, neither is it curly thus bringing to the point of being wavy. This can make a guy look smart as well as casual.

27. Men’s Wavy Undercut:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - wavy undercut for Men

Undercut is the new cool right now. This hairstyle for men is bold when you have curly hair. This is because we tend to see that people with naturally straight hair have an advantage of styling it the way they want but here it is different. This hairstyle is undercut and has a part of curly, flirtatious hair above the upper neck portion.

28. Men’s Messy Undercut Style:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - messy undercut style

When it comes to typical men hairstyles for men, a messed up style always adds an oomph factor to the look. It is believed that the most attractive men look their best when they have a messy hairstyle and this undercut mess seems to be a fusion of something constant with a modern touch to it. Messed up hairstyle never fails to grab the awe. It works well with both men and women.

29. Highlighted Undercut Men Hairstyle:

Highlighted Undercut in mens hairstyles - haircuts for men 2017

When undercuts just cannot be avoided, why not make it constantly with the different hairstyles for men and try something new with each. This one is especially for the guys with really thick hair. You just need to have an undercut with the hair on top kingly set with streaks and highlights. Oh so hot!

30. Full Under Bunny Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - full under bunny haircuts for men

This is just when you had started believing that buns are only for the girls. These smart men prove that buns can also be among the top hairstyles for men. Coming to a version of undercut again, here you will find a faded undercut with the top portion kept a bit longer so that a small bun can be made easily.

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31. Mid- Length Messy Hair in Style:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - mid-length messy haircuts for men

As it is mid- length hairstyles for men are some of the most popular and safe for those who like to keep it simple. When you already have wavy hair and love that, this is a way in which you can actually flaunt it. So what if you are a man? Flaunting is natural! Just keep it simple and let the air do the talking.

32. Messed Up Pompadour:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - messed up pompadour haircuts for men

So you really thought pompadour is only for the Bond dude in that tuxedo? Now this one is a cooler version of the pompadour hairstyle for men where the same hairstyle can be made with an undercut and then the nicely brushed pompadour has to be given a miss for a messed-up style with not much brushing. Try out this cool hairstyle for men.

33. Stylish Loose Top Undercut Hair for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - stylish loose top undercut hair for men

The brother of the bunny undercut, here the man does not seem too likely to have time to bun it up but loves all the lengthy locks. This is definitely not one of the regular men hairstyles for men, but then a smart one for sure. The guy gets a normal undercut from having long hair but keeps the top portion lengthy like before.

34. Cropped and Curly Hairstyles for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - cropped and curly men's haircut

We usually see young guys with a cropped up hair and feel they look really smart. Now another hidden myth is that there are a lot of boys who feel they can only crop their hair really short if they have straight hair, but it is not so. Even the ones with curly hair can look really cute with cropped hair.

35. Haircut in Beckham Style:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - haircut in beckham style

There cannot be a single person, even boys who have not admired the style of David Beckham. Be it the tattoos or his gorgeous ABS, Beckham has it all. Here we are talking about his superb hairstyles that he keeps changing, but the one which has always been a trend with him is the semi- undercut with a male pixie fusion. Try out this new hairstyle for men.

36. Simple Hairstyles for Indian Men:

 Indian Men Simple Hairstyles - Haircuts for men 2017

This is for the people who do not like much of experimenting and like more options for them. This means they get their hair cut in a way which has a certain length with which they can either back brush or side sweep or even spike up if they please. Smart men after all!

37. Classic and Short Men’s Hairstyles:

Classic and Short Mens Hairstyles

The smart guys with the perfect physique and passion for their profession always like it smart and classic. This haircut calls for short hair with a little spike in the front which does not harm the look of course. The hair is neatly brushed and he is the perfect man material most girls would love to find. So, this hairstyle for men is for those who like it classy!

38. Long Curly Hair Style:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - Long curly haircuts for men

Guys with curly hair there is always cuter than the rest. The boy next door with long curly hair is the heartthrob for the girls around. It looks even smarter when he dresses up his hair with that sleek hair band and stubble when he is going to work.

39. Fully Side Shaved Mohawk Hair Cut:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - fully side shaved mohawk haircut for men

One of the top hairstyles for men who are absolutely in love with the undercut and still experimenting with the same. In this one you will see men with deep and clean undercut with just hair styled in a perfect Mohawk on top of their head. This is also a typical footballer hairstyle with so many of them sporting similar ones.

40. Simple Back Brushed Hair Look in Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - simple back brusshed hair look in men

When it comes to simple hairstyles for men the back brushed dude is always noticed with his neat hair and clean looks. Talk about going to a party or going to work, a back brush never fails to compliment your look at all. If you are not much into fusion and rock looks try this one for sure!

41. New Short Haircut for Thin Hair:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - new short haircut for thin hair

Men who have receding hairs are often confused about how to style their hair to make them look better and good. This is one idea that you can keep it short and low maintenance of course. This hides the fact that you do not have thick hair because cropped styles are anyway cleaner than the rest.

42. Highlighted Modeling Hair for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - highlighted modeling haircut for men

When you are out for the beach parties during the sunny summers, how about complementing your hair with the glow of the sun? You are even luckier if you have thick hair because highlighting always looks better with the people having thicker hair. Just get streaks of golden and golden brown done and you are rocking all the parties.

43. Semi Undercut in Mens Hairstyles:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - semi undercut in mens hairstyles

This hairstyle for men is especially for those who want to first give it a try before they go in to take the risk. When in undercut, you are almost shaving off all the hair from the sides, this one is a safer version of the same. Here the side parts are shaved half and the rest is cropped like a military cut. Looks good though!

44. Lengthy and Spikes Haircuts for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - lengthy and spikes haircuts for men

Have you ever looked at Chris Lowell and thought about getting a similar hairstyle for men? You should not waste time because that will definitely look good, especially if you have straight hair. First of all, you get the length and then it is also a fusion of two hairstyles where you can either back brush your hair or just keep half of it spiked up and the rest brushed. This is the ultimate spike that you should try if you are gaga over them.

45. The Retro Look Men’s Hairstyles:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - the retro look haircuts for men

For men who love it in the classic way and also like to keep it a little romantic, this one will look so good on them. With an inspiration from Leonardo’s Titanic look, this rolled up side parting is sure to greet your party suit very well. Just fix up the hair well with some gel and you are sure to impress everyone. How about this hairstyle for men?

46. Street Smart Mens Hair Styles:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - street smart men's haircut

Thick hair and messy look! How about the deadly combo of these two? I am sure you just cannot wait to try this out. This is the one for the younger guys and the young men who are in college. This is like a phase where messy looks attract people and the quality of hair is of course praised.

47. Side Swept Undercut Hair for Guys:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - side swept undercut hair for guys

This is a combination of the deep side swept hair along with the very trendy undercut style. In this you have the normal undercut and the rest of your hair is left in a normal way. Now the middle parting will of course look really funny, so how about trying some side parting rather than back brushing it like you always do?

48. Male Pixie Cut Hair for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - male pixie cut hair for men

Women are now going gaga over the pixie hair cut and they are even going on for the very short ones. Now why should boys be left behind? The male pixie one looks cool even with the young men who love to try new things and can carry them off well too. So, pixie hairstyle for men? How do you like it?

49. Long and Straight Hair Styles for Men:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - long and straight mens haircut

No, we are not talking about long hair till the collar this is till the shoulder and a little below that as well. The 70’s hippie style where hair bands were popular even with guys, this one is for the rock star dudes who love the style of their favourite heavy metal singers. Now that does not have to be bad always.

50. Small Ponytail Mens Hairstyles:

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - small ponytail haircuts for men

This is special hairstyle for the men with straight hair. That would even look good with streaks of highlight here and there. The hair should be till the collar and that should be tied up in a short tail low near the neck. Maybe you can try it like Shahrukh Khan!

Good Long Haircuts For Men:

Like women, men also like to keep long hairs like shoulder-length, chin-length or longer waits length. For boys, long hair is nothing but appealing and charming than a normal usual simple long haircut. Long hairstyles created a raw appeal which is not only fashionable in modern society, but also in the histories where scissors or other shaving gadgets were unavailable. The long haircut for men gained popularity in India after the famous cricketer MS. Dhoni tried it out. Remember the men’s fashion statement back then? Oh! We didn’t forget Brad Pitt!

50 New Impressive Men's Hairstyles - good long haircuts for Men

Long hairs trend often keeps coming and going. They are mostly popular with wavy, messy hair and even on persons who carry well the straight long hairs.

There are a number of ways to rework a plain long hairstyle into trendy and cool hairstyles for men. But keeping long hairs and maintaining them is quite a hard task. One should keep in mind to devote some hair-care time to maintain good hair styles. Professional men should take a good care to keep themselves clean and presentable with long hairstyles.

Men are now giving a tough competition to women in dressing up and hairstyle as well. These are some of the top hairstyles and haircuts for men to follow and choose from one of them before going to the salon. Try out the bangs, fringes and pixies that were once just reserved for the women. If you are bold, just experiment with your hair, the way you like it to be. At the end, all that matters is how well you maintain your hair.


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