15 Best Wavy Hairstyles For Men With Pictures

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There are a number of trendy wavy hairstyles for men who has wavy locks can try out. These can be tried for various occasions like the day to day work routines and even for going to some party. These wavy hairstyles for men are often good for sporting at the work environment and also for a day out.

wavy hairstyles for men

These can be sported by college going boys and also men who are quite older in age. People who like to sport shorter styles can also wear these comfortably as these are easily set and styled according to the choice.

Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair Men With Pictures:

Below are the top 15 types of trendy wavy hairstyles for men with pictures that men who like fashion can sport. These are the finest options for men with wavy hair.

1. Easy Wavy Hairstyle:

Hairstyles for men wavy hair - Easy wavy hairstyle

This is a form of a bushy style which is quite trendy for college going boys. These can also be worn with funky outfits and these are quite easy to style. If a person is having a bad unwashed head, then also these can be set with some styling sprays and a big toothed brush. These are easy to sport and quite easy to set even when it is windy and you have a day out.

2. Short Back Combed Look:

hairstyles for wavy hair men2

This is a style for men who like shorter length for sections. This type of hairstyles for wavy hair men is easy for styling and can also be set with some water sprayed from a bottle of spraying. These formats do not need much of styling products unless the strands are frizzy. These can be teamed with formal wear and also sleeve less party t shirts.

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3. Messed Puffed Locks:

hairstyles for wavy hair men3

This is a style which younger boys can sport easily. These are easy to team up even with your sweaters and other get ups. These can be styled easily. Even if the head ha product build-up, then also these can be set with some volumizing styling sprays. These can be done easily with a normal comb.

4. Short Older Men Hairstyle With Waves:

hairstyles for wavy hair men4

These types hairstyles for men with wavy hair looks can be tried out with a proper cut from the salon. If a person has shorter length or is old in age, then that person can try these out. These are also good for people who like to use lesser products on the head as these can be set from parlour which can last till the strands grow longer.

5. Short Side Upward Waves:

Hairstyles for men wavy hair - Short side upward

This is a different and trendy look for any young boy to try out. This is also good if a person likes to have shorter sides and a puffy top. This is one of the best and most popular wavy hairstyles for men with heavy beard which is perfectly suits with simple T shirts.

6. Asymmetrical Messed Wavy Look:

hairstyles for wavy hair men6

This is a trendy and popular style these days. A person who does not like using much of styling products or even rough brushing, they can ask the salon to give them these types of styles. These are also teamed with almost any types of outfits. These are also popular for a formal or an evening look with the leather or faux leather outfits.

7. Rolled Wavy Tresses:

hairstyles for wavy hair men7

No other type of hairstyles for men with wavy hair is more popular like this one. This is a popular type of vintage getup. These are often styled in a very easy manner and do not have to be a number of sprays or any other products that needs to be used to style these.

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