Top 30 Hairstyles With Bangs 2017

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If there is a hairstyle you can never go wrong with, it is the bangs. The versatile nature of this bangs hairstyle suits any face shape and is very feminine and flattering. Bangs hairstyle also known as fringe, is usually a section of the front hair cut in a shape, so that it falls on the forehead.

hairstyles with bangs

Most bangs over the forehead are mostly straight and fall just above the eyebrows. If you would like to try on this hairstyle, read more to know what you sort of bang you could try.

Wonderful Hairstyles With Bangs:

This article will educate you about the bang hairstyles with pictures that make your feel more comfort.

1. Long Tresses With Long Bangs:

Long side bangs are the most versatile bangs hairstyle ever. You could style it in any way you want. You could pull them back and do a bouffant look or leave it loose and let them steal the show. If you have long locks of hair, then this would be the most ideal bangs for you.

2. Side Fringe:

A shiny medium length hair and sweeping side fringe along with bangs is sure to draw attention of many people. The fringe would gently brush the eyebrow and the hair if given a wavy look would give more texture. For this style, you could use a straighteners or a blow dryer to make the fringe look sleek, smooth and straight. This is one of the best hairstyles with bangs for long hair.

3. Long Tousled Waves With Angled Bangs:

This hairstyle with bangs would be best suited for people with long wavy hair. The hair can be flaunted in its natural form and the hair retains its texture. Girls with heart-shaped faces can go for angled bangs, as it helps to focus more on the eyes and not on the jaw-line.

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4. Middle Parted Bangs:

Middle parted bangs work great, if you have to tie your hair in a ponytail or a braid. For this look, all you need to do is just comb your bangs neat and straight so that they fall on your forehead. Now partition the hair to the centre and just roughly part them to either side. You could do the same if your bangs have started to grow longer.

5. Half-Up Half-Down Updo:

This bangs hair style suits any face shape and outfit. It is very elegant with a pouf on top. The hair is gently teased on the crown. The bangs in this case can be straightened or given a slight wavy effect and can be combed to one side. It would look even more attractive if thee bangs grazes one eye.

6. Swooping Bangs:

Swooping bangs are usually very long. They usually tend to cover the eyes partially. Swooping bangs are however very trendy. If you would like to lessen your attention on your facial features, then this bang hairstyle would be the right one to go for. Since swooping bangs are long, they can also be experimented with braids and knots.

7. Curled Side Bangs:

Curled side bangs are one of the most gorgeous and elegant hairdos. You could try the same style, by blow drying your hair and then using a thin barreled curler. Curl just the bangs slightly to give it a bouncy feel and use a hairspray.

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8. Smooth And Sleek Bangs:

If you like to keep it simple, then this bangs hairstyle would be great to go. The bangs would frame your face perfectly and give it a nice shape. The bangs are usually straight. You could flaunt it by wearing a bun or pony; since it would blend in with the rest of the hair, if let loose.

9. Long Locks With Side Fringe:

If you really long flowing hair with slight wavy texture, you could get a little side fringe and bangs. This is best suited for people with a box shape face, as it would soften the outline of the face. The wavy layers of the hair can be made to look even more elegant by getting few streaks.

10. Feathered Bangs:

This is one of the most popular hairstyles with bangs for long hair which looks more beautiful.Feathered bangs are best teamed with a pixie hairstyle. The feathered bangs are usually long; making it seem like the hair is entirely long on one side. The bangs hairstyle suits people with circular faces, as the bangs would clearly outline the shape, thereby accentuating your features.

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