Hand kiss – Meaning ,How To Do It, Tips And Variations?

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Kisses should be special. Every man should make his woman feel special and respect her at all times. Hand kisses are very romantic and they can easily make the girl fall deeply in love with you again. Often, traveling through the stressful and hectic journey of life we get tired and this often leads to lack of love sharing. Here is something to spice up the relationship status. Hand kisses are really sweet and romantic at the same time. Which girl wouldn’t like a hand kiss?

hand kiss

Want to give your girl a kiss on the hand? Go for it! There is no better way than starting a love making procedure by kissing the girl on the hands. Hands kisses are extremely admired by women and it is one of those kisses when you can kiss the girl without even letting her know what you will have to offer. Keep her guessing. That is what makes it so romantic about hand kisses. A hand kiss is a pretty old way to display your love for a woman. This sophisticated way of showing love might open new relationship doors as well.

Kiss On Hand Meaning And Steps With Images:

Here this article will guide you about what is hand kiss meaning, how to perform the step while you kissing and tips with images for you.

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What Is Hand Kiss Meaning:

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Do you want to know what is hand kiss? A kiss on hand means that you’re showing your respect and admiration for your woman. Hand kissing shows courtesy and devotion for that particular loving being. It will make a woman feel extremely special and will also show how devoted you are to that person. It is clearly one of the most romantic acts of love. Hand kiss is often considered as a greeting sometimes offered to a woman you generally don’t know in person. Denis Thatcher greeted the U.S Firs Lady, Nancy Reagan in the year 1988 by kissing her hand. This was totally an act of respect and honor. Sometimes, when you kiss a stranger (woman) on her hands, there are chances that she might be thinking you’re interested in her and you want to know her closely and sometimes relationship rings bells will be ringing.

How To Do Hand Kiss:

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Generally woman are the first one to approach their hand as they feel that a kiss on the hand is about to take place. This is one of the best ways to get a good kiss on the hands. Or, the men will gently grab the female’s hand and kiss on the outer side of the palm. This is one of the most beautiful and sweetest ways to perform a sweet hand kiss. There is a sophisticated and aristocratic vibe when this kiss is performed on hand.

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Tips/Techniques For Hand Kiss:

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Approach is all that matters here. A lot of men has different kinds of approaches. Different people like to talk it out first and then go for the kiss. You can easily please you woman by saying complex quotes or admiring her beautiful eyes and lips. This trick always works. If you want the perfect tip for performing the best hand kiss ever, then have self-confidence. This is the best tip anyone can ever give you.

Kiss On Hand Types(variations):

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There are many type of hand kisses. All these depend on what kind of position you’re performing the hand kiss in. Suppose if you’re performing the hand kiss to your wife then you can apply certain lip tricks such as sucking the skin, kissing for quite some time, etc.

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When you’re performing the hand kiss as a sign of greeting, then one doesn’t just expect you to be romantic with it. While doing such a hand kiss, you will have to be calm, keep it short and simple and do it with respect.