9 Best Heart Shaped Mehndi Designs With Pictures

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You can try doing heart patterns on your hands in various forms. There is not a single way that you must follow to do this. You can do this in various formats. There are also shapes where you can write something inside. Therefore these are very artistic to do and re-create. You can try out various mesh or chain forms to do these. You can also take inspirations from various demonstrations or images.

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Best Heart Shaped Mehndi Designs:

Below are top 9 heart mehndi designs that you should definitely try out:

1. Glitter Heart Mehndi Designs:

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This is a modern type of a mehandi pattern. It has leaves and flowers as well as glitters to make it look glitterier. You can wear these on any portion of your body. You can also wear this for special occasions. If you are wearing crochet blouses which are backless, you can team this up with those. These are also good if you and your friends can have a tutorial book to get inspiration from and then you can create these. You can add more different variations to these at a girl sleep over.

These can be worn with almost any types of get ups and occasions. You can also make a specifically set your tresses so this shows. You can shift those to any side and you can also pin that up to form knot.

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2. Arabic Heart Mehandi Design For Hands:

Design 2 heart mhndi

This is quite centrally positioned and in such a way it becomes easier to create a jewellery shape. You can do this similarly and you can also add some disjointed shapes to this like it is shown in the image. You can then add a few chains and dots to these to form a stunning look.

This can be worn with any form of traditional garments like chiffon sarees, heavy sarees and also with other ghagra cholis and lehengas. You can also wear this with trendy clothes as this is not much clumsy. Therefore if you wear this properly, this can look trendy as well.

3. Simple Heart Shaped Mehendi Designs:

Heart mehandi desigsn 3

This is a very glamorous design that you can try for yourself. You can wear this heart shape design with traditional chiffon or net sarees. You can also wear this with casual outfits and trendy wears. You can try wearing this occasionally to college or you can wear this for ceremonies and parties. This can also be good for kitty parties. This is not much clumsy but if you want to use this into others then you can use jointed chains or beaded dots.

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