How To Apply Henna For Hair Growth?

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If you thought flaunting long beautiful tresses is just a dream, read on to turn it into a reality. Long hair is an outcome of following a good hair care regimen. This does not mean you need to make frequent visits to the salon and dig a big hole in your pocket by using branded hair care products. There are several natural ingredients, right in your kitchen shelves that can give you shiny voluptuous mane. Of these, henna is the most popular and effective ingredient that has been used for centuries.

Hair dying or coloring is a must especially in the later ages of your years. Many youngsters often subject to hair coloring out of the age phrase where often the dyes are chemically treated. Hence, in the later years the hair can be seen showing early signs of distress along with stunted growth.

henna for hair growth

Henna For Hair Growth:

Henna is not just a natural dye and conditioner for hair; it gives a lot of other benefits as well. Benefits of henna for hair firstly come in the form of a protective sheath that veils the hair and protects thereby making it stronger and more sustainable.

Is henna good for hair growth? Yes, Hair fall can be seen lessening with routine usage and your hair integrates the goodness of the henna mix and builds itself up looking lively and energetic after each use. It is an excellent home remedies for hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Hair in the present day is often subjected to high stress situations like repeated exposure to the harmful sun rays or the blending in of pollutants and toxins which add to the hair damage. A huge part of this can also be blamed on chemical usage of colors and hair dyes that destroy the simple texture of your hair. The natural properties in henna help in repairing and sealing the hair cuticles, that in turn aids hair growth.

Besides, henna also strengthens the hair, prevents premature greying and imparts a natural shine to your locks. This is rather essential owing to the high stress level that has brought on this phenomenon called premature ageing of both skin and hair. Henna in its organic form not only heals and repairs the damages but also changes the look of the hair imparting to you a much more youthful and healthy mane that glistens and glimmers.

Henna also offers excellent treatment for hair related problems like dandruff, dryness and itchy scalp. Being anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature, minor scalp and hair problems such as fungal infection can be treated or contained at least using the benefits of henna. A natural herb, henna is used with other ingredients to form superb hair packs and oils that stimulate hair growth.

How To Make Henna At Home:

Many have asked the question is henna good for hair repeatedly and here once again we find ourselves in a predicament over dying grey hair into black or brown. However, at least this time we are opting for organic means which is essentially why here in this segment we will discuss how to make henna at home.

Often commercial packages with the henna paste made can be availed but if you want to go all natural here’s how to crack the code. To make henna at home you would need mehndi leaves, fresh and twig less as you leave them out in the sun for them to dry. Once dry and crisp you can now grind the leaves in a mixer grinder until it takes the consistency of a fine grounded powder, resembling somewhat sandy texture and color.

Now seal the rest in an air tight jar for later use and use around 3-4 spoons of this powder to cook up the henna for you. your hair length will be a factor in how many spoons you would want to use the henna in. now take an iron utensil and cook up the henna powder using water and tea leaves. Many people also use gooseberry or curd or methi to add nutrient and color to the look.

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