8 Herbal Teas For Weight Loss

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Everyone wants to stay fit and for most of the people staying fit means a slim body. But loosing weight isn’t that easy.  People include diets, exercise regimens, meditation sessions, and motivational courses and so on. But now a day thinking about the newest diet and exercise are not necessary. Taking out those excess fats could be as effortless as sitting back and drinking tea all day. Yes, it’s true that some herbal teas have the potential to loss weight.

herbal teas for weight loss

Herbal teas consist of dandelion, fennel or nettle; these two herbs are considered to hold diuretic properties. Herbs having diuretic properties are often considered to reduce excess water and so trim down weight. Teas have high ranked of composite that fight against the fat and helps in getting rid of some pounds.  Three to four cups a day can shield our bodies from the effects of free radicals. So here are some herbal teas mentioned below that can result in weight loss.

Most Effective Herbal Teas For Weight Loss:

Feiyan Tea:

It is a Chinese herbal tea that contains lotus leaves, green tea, cansia seeds and vegetable sponge. This tea undertakes a vast number of slimming and health benefits. It improve metabolism, shrink blood fat and cholesterol, cut bloatedness, detoxifies the body and control your appetite.

Green Tea:

Green tea is made solely with green tea leaves (Camellia sinesi). Drinking green tea increases body’s metabolism that helps people lose weight by burning a massive 70 calories per day! Green tea is helpful in treating cancer, high cholesterol levels, cariovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, impaired immune function and infection.

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Okinawa Tea:

Okinawa tea is basically another form of green tea that’s commonly swallowed by people breathing on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Its one more type of tea that help reducing cholesterol and fat in the body. It’s that repeatedly gets promoted for its weight loss benefits.

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Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea that falls between green and black tea. Consumption of two cup daily will improve metabolism. It blocks dietary fat absorption and burns fat. Oolong tea is well known for having calorie-burning catechin polyphenols. Oolong tea can be prepared by boiling tea in water for 30 seconds to five minutes. Consuming tea with simple work out will help lose weight.

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