Top 15 High Ponytail Hairstyles With Pictures

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Hair Styling can be a tedious task if you fall short of ideas while getting ready. Here you can find ideas on styling the hair into a high ponytail effortlessly and for all occasions. These are evergreen and easy to go high ponytails that well suit all length and types of hair. Read on for what might suit your hair type and keep experimenting to get a perfect style. You can also use you own creativity with these basics to create a new high ponytail style.

Best High Ponytail Hairstyles With Images:

Here is a list of the 15 best and amazing high ponytail hairstyles along with pictures which are suitable for all types of faces, lets take a test drive for it.

1. Neat High Ponytail:

high ponytail

This style is suitable for those who do not have a broad forehead and have long thick hair. The style is easy to make and can stay for the entire day without making it look lousy. Heavy gel is used to keep the hair intact. This is a simple high ponytail hairstyle with medium hair for round face.

2. Wavy Hair Ponytail With A Poof:

This is a messy style, when you don’t have time to do your hair. The front hair is gently pinned making a big puff and rest of it is tied into a loose and high ponytail. If the hair is wavy, it adds texture to the high ponytail making it look fluffy.

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3. Braided High Ponytail:

Braids never go out of place or out of fashion. For long hair, braids are a good way to manage the hair making it look smart at the same time. Even a normal high ponytail hairstyle with braid can be given a different look. This is also a good way to keep tangles and other hair problems at bay.

4. Fishtail With Fringes:

Long and voluminous hair can be made into a high ponytail with fishtail braid. The look is cute and sexy with the hair coming out from all sides and the fringes add to the chic look. This can be done for all hair types and worn from a daily basis to parties with a little accessorizing. This is one of the most popular high ponytail hairstyles with long hair and braids.

5. Medium Length Ponytail:

high ponytail5

This style defines the myth that only ponytails can be styled for long hair only. This is a perfect high ponytail on medium length of hair that has a twist around the base too. The use of hair color adds to the depth of the look. This type of high ponytails making easy and never goes fade out.

6. Side High Ponytail:

high ponytail6

Ponytails cannot be made only at the top back, but also look smart and different made on one side. It works well for all hair textures, but should not be made by those with a broad face as it makes the face appear broader.

7. Double Side French Braid With High Ponytail:

French Braids are suitable for all occasions and are always in trend. This high ponytail hairstyle with braid can also be made to look formal with accessories. But the advantage with braids is that it suits all hair types and textures and are very easy and stylish.

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