15 Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Abortion

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How to Abort a Pregnancy at Home-

Pregnancy is most of the times exciting only when planned. Otherwise, it can freak you out. A lot of times accidental pregnancies also happen where the couple don’t want the baby due to reasons like mental health problems, unplanned pregnancy and fetal abnormalities. Sadly, it is during these times that the couple decide to abort the baby. While the mother’s health can be put to risk during abortion, here is how you can keep it safe by some natural abortion methods.

home remedies for abortion

Causes of Abortion:

Miscarriage or abortion is the loss of the foetus during the early period of pregnancy. While the causes of miscarriage might vary from person to person, the ones that occur in the first 14-26 weeks are usually because of the health of the mother.

Some of the attested causes are as follows:

a. Intrauterine Fetal Demise: Here, the embryo stops or stops growing before you can actually feel the symptoms of loss.
b. Molar Pregnancy: This rare condition is when an abnormal placenta growth appears. Since the chromosome, both sets, come from the father no further development of the foetus takes place.
c. Blighted Ovum: Here, no embryo really forms.

Symptoms of Abortion:

It is usually depending on the stage of pregnancy that the symptoms of it occur. However, some of the major symptoms of abortion are as follows.

  • Severe or mild back pain.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Cramps.
  • Discharge of tissue with clot from vagina.
  • Heavy spotting.

These are the commons symptoms that you may want to call your doctor for, right away. However, it may also be possible that these are not really symptoms of abortions. So, in any case, it is advised to consult a doctor in order to make sure that all is well. In some cases, you may not even know you are pregnant, unless you experience a miscarriage.

Different Types of Abortion:

Types of abortion have a lot to do with your pregnancy stage and your health. However, doctors usually classify them as under.

  • Ectopic Miscarriage:

In this kind, an egg usually gets implanted elsewhere other than your uterus, usually in your fallopian tubes.

  • Complete Miscarriage:

In this kind of abortion, the products of conception are removed from your body.

  • Incomplete Miscarriage:

Incomplete miscarriage happens when the membranes are ruptured, and your cervix is thinned.

  • Missed Miscarriage:

this kind is common where the embryo dies without your knowledge, and you fail to deliver.

  • Blighted Ovum:

where a fertilized egg gets implanted into your uterine wall, butthe growth of the foetus never really begins

  • Threatened Miscarriage:

In threatened miscarriage, bleeding and cramps point to a possibility of an upcoming miscarriage.

  • Recurrent Miscarriage:

This one is yet another common type of abortion where you’ve had three or more consecutive first-trimester miscarriages.

Home Remedies for Abortion:

Take a look at some of the safest and herbal and home remedies to avoid early pregnancy successfully and safely, proven by modern times in India without any side effects.

The given homemade abortion treatments are best option for the early pregnant women. “Go with nature and nature saves lives”.

Homemade Abortion Tea: Using Parsley Leaves:

This abortion method makes use of green leaves of the parsley herb, which is used widely as one of the home remedies to abort pregnancy. It is said to successfully cause natural abortion in the first stage of pregnancy and is also a good regulator of your menstrual cycle after you have missed a period. The herb reacts and helps loosening of the cervix thus causing abortion. You can consume parsley in a lot of ways.


  • First of all you can just take some fresh parsley and put it inside a blender along with some water and then make some juice out of these.
  • You can pour it in a cup and have it a few times every day.
  • Next you can take dried parsley and make it in the form of tea and drink it.
  • Lastly you can take sprigs of parsley and put it inside your vagina overnight or change it a few times every day for best results.

On the off chance that you feel that you have missed your period, then don’t defer. Administer the required amount of Aspirin tablets alongside some water and to get the best results.

Sesame Seeds and Honey for Abortion:

There are two ways in which you can consume sesame seeds with honey and water to get a really good home remedy for abortion. Sesame seeds devoured in substantial sums lead to unconstrained miscarriage mostly when teamed up with honey. Sesame seeds are known to induce heat in the body (Sesame was dependably a winter nourishment!) which produces unfavorable impact on the foetus prompting miscarriage.


Sesame seeds are simply known to be natural abortion strategy that will result in miscarriages. While white sesame seeds lead to successful abortion dark sesame seeds are additionally used to reduce the sufferings caused during labour when devoured in the later phases of pregnancy.

  • Firstly, you can take a handful of sesame seeds and soak it overnight.
  • And then strain the seeds and drink the water and continue this for a month to see the reaction.
  • Next you can mix fried sesame seeds with honey and eat it in a little bit heavy amount for very good results. Both of these are known to have shown positive results for abortion in the first and sometimes even in the second stage.

Homemade Abortion Drink: Pineapple Juice:

The fruit of pineapple is said to be one of the best home remedies for abortion. This is because pineapples contain large amounts of Vitamin C and some other enzymes and chemicals which are said to act more inside the bodies of pregnant women and thus successfully cause miscarriages without causing any adverse effects to the body. This is a widely used solution. What you have to do is peel a pineapple nicely and cut pieces of it. This is one safe abortion method at home that you can try.


  • Put them inside a grinder along with some water and then make a juice and consume it regularly.
  • The other way round you can just take pieces of the fruit and eat a bowlful of this every day.

When it comes to Home Remedies for Abortion, Pineapple is a rich source of bromelain which acts effectively in softening the wall of the uterus. If devoured in the initial pregnancy stages it is capable of melting the wall of the uterus thus providing unfavourable conditions for foetus growth.

You might be surprised to know that this is also a home remedy for abortion because most of us are aware of the fact that doctors do recommend this to pregnant women as well. For the adverse result you will have to simply abuse the normal amount. You need to take in several cups of dried chamomile tea to induce the process of abortion. You take dried chamomile along with boiling water like when you make tea. Now let the tea rest for 3-4 minutes and then strain it and then drink it.

Herbal Tea – Chamomile for Abortion:


You might be surprised to know that this is also a home remedy for abortion because most of us are aware of the fact that doctors do recommend this to pregnant women as well. For the adverse result you will have to simply abuse the normal amount. You need to take in several cups of dried chamomile tea to induce the process of abortion. You take dried chamomile along with boiling water like when you make tea. Now let the tea rest for 3-4 minutes and then strain it and then drink.

Home Remedies for Abortion By Using Papaya Fruit:

An easy way out where a home remedy for abortion is concerned is to have papaya. Papaya is known to lead to miscarriages in a lot of women and is the right way to get the goals of abortion. Most of the Indians use this natural remedy from the ancient times for abortion in early pregnancy.


Papaya is a mouth watering as well as very nutritious fruit. It has extraordinary wellsprings of dietary fibre along with generous amount of vitamins and minerals. Along these lines, it is not amazing to realize that papaya is prescribed eating on account of its innumerable benefits. One of the advantages is that devouring it can instigate abortion. Women generally adopt this as the natural way of abortion at home. It is because of phytochemicals that contain prophylactic properties in this pear-molded natural product.

A few studies have asserted that these phytochemicals can hinder the progesterone action. It is one of the fruit the nourishes the body with hormones like prostaglandins and another hormone called oxytocin. Hence oxytocin and prostaglandin, ought to be abstained from amid pregnancy keeping in mind the end goal to keep any conceivable confusions. On the off chance that you get ready for foetus removal, you can eat papaya and these substances.

Pennyroyal Drops for Abortion:

Also known as American Pennyroyal, this herb is said to be one of the medicinally tested natural remedies for abortion. This has been used extensively in the making of contraceptive pills and medical drops. We do not usually find the Pennyroyal flowers anywhere and so to use this herb we need to follow technicalities.


You need to find a shop where you can get a bottle of the pennyroyal pills or capsules. You can also get a container of penny royal oil or solution and consume it on a regular basis. This has a heavy reaction on your body and causes unrest inside your vagina which later leads to contractions and thus a natural abortion safely. This is yet another easy abortion at home plan.

Angelica Root for Abortion:


This is one natural product that helps in activating the contractions as well as the monthly periods in a woman. It should be taken 4 times in a day in a cup of warm water. Use only 5-15 falls of the natural product. It is bound to help you achieve the goals. It is very simple home remedy to abort a baby.

Home Remedies for Abortion By Using  Black Cohosh:

This is one herb that makes the uterus ready for abortion and has to be followed by intake of black cohosh. This will not generate the abortion completely but will lead to it. There might be certain side effects associated with the herb but then that is quite a temporary one. Try and adhere to this and consult the dose with a known herbalist. This is one of the Indian most effective home remedies for abortion which is natural and has no side effects also.


A few ladies utilize a mix of dark cohosh, blue cohosh and dong quai to incite an unnatural birth cycle or foetus removal. Instigating an unnatural birth cycle without a doctor’s supervision is risky and can bring about a deficient unsuccessful labour, in which parts of the hatchling can stay inside the uterus.

Acacia Pods and Shoots of Banana:

The mixture of acacia pods and the shoots of the banana plant are known to be one of the home remedies of abortion. This is not a very commonly known solution.


  • For this You need to take pods of acacia and shoots of banana in a bowl and mix them very well without adding water at all.
  • Now place the bowl under the sun to dry them.
  • After that bring it to shade and mix sugar to this.
  • Now make fine powder out of all the ingredients together.
  • Once you are done take a spoonful of this powder with water and have it several times in a day till you start bleeding.

Vitamin C Foods for Early Abortion:

Vitamin C has natural properties of being a contraceptive and is a good home remedy for abortion. Include citrus fruits in good amounts. This should especially be done when you have monthly periods time and have a feeling of pregnancy. It will help you get free from your pregnant problem.

On the off chance that you utilize vitamin C or additionally called Ascorbic corrosive with a high measurement, it can empower the creation of oestrogen which can lead to the DE-stimulation of progesterone. Actually, progesterone will be required for the proper implantation of the eggs within the uterus and oestrogen is the key hormone for inducing menstruation. Consequently, vitamin C which may control these hormones makes a hormonal lopsidedness in the ladies’ body, leading to terming of the unwanted foetus. Hence it is considered a most important measure on how to miscarriage a baby at home.


For the best results, you need to start expending this vitamin C during the very initial stage of pregnancy. It will normally be compelling inside 2 to 6 weeks. But a caution must be maintained in this regard as vitamin C should only be consumed on its pure form Also, in the event that you experience the ill effects of kidney stones or other well being related issues, you would be advised to forgo along these lines since vitamin C can exacerbate these issues.

In a perfect world, you just ought to expend 10 or 12 grams of vitamin C day by day till the draining begins. In any case, its prerequisite may fluctuate in various ladies. Really, in best cases, this draining will begin inside 3 to 6 days of after the day you expend vitamin C. On the off chance that you’re draining doesn’t happen inside 6 days, you may search for other protected and powerful home solutions for foetus removal. This is one of the best and easy abortion at home.

Dong Quai for Abortion:


Scientifically known as Angelica Sinensis, this is a Chinese herb and a known home remedy for abortion. It is also considered as one of the safest remedies for abort a baby. You do not easily get the herb or flower of dong quai or Tang kuei but you can get this in the powdered form in many of the chemist’s shops if not all in general. Taken this powder and mix it with water and consume it several times in a day for the best results so that you can have a safe abortion.

Home Remedies for Abortion By Using  Hot Water:

A regular hot shower is another of the home remedy for abortion that can help women in abort baby in early pregnancy. This should be combined with the intake of herbs or the natural products mentioned here. It will surely help in a safe way to get the abortion.


Throughout the years ladies have endeavoured to abort their foetus in their tracks by having a shower with extremely hot water or going the additional mile and having high temp water poured specifically onto their tummies. This was planned to exasperate the mucous membrane surrounding the vaginal wall and instigate foetus removal.

Home Remedies for Abortion By Using Aspirin Pills:

These pills are almost sure shot home remedies for abortion and you can also take them for regulating your period cycle. You will have to get a lot of these pills and then have 5- 6 of these with water a number of times and along with that you will have to follow all other home remedies. Now if you are taking in these pills at any situation, your diet should contain some ingredients for sure. These ingredients include ginger, cloves, parsley, avocado, figs and some other such herbs and nuts.


You might use ibuprofen tablets as a pain relieving. However, these tablets can be utilized effectively to begin menstrual cycle. On the off chance that you feel that you have missed your period, then don’t defer. Administer the required amount of Aspirin tablets alongside some water and to get the best results.

Exercises to abort Pregnancy:


You will generally hear that pregnant women are advised by doctors not to get engaged in physical activities or lift weight or anything as such so you will have to do the adverse completely to use it as a home remedy for abortion. For an enhancement in the process of successful abortion, you have to engage yourself in rigorous exercises and sometimes also punch in your abdomen. Climbing of stairs is also known to very effective if you are eager for a natural abortion. Along with this you need to keep following a strict diet which includes all the necessary items to get consumed.

Sexually Avoid Abortion:

Having sex several times during the first and second month of pregnancy is one of the tested home remedies to abort pregnancy. It is better you do what has lead to your problem to actually solve the same problem. Repeated penetration and orgasm can lead to miscarriage successfully and this has been proved several times from times unknown.


Frequent orgasms resulting from sex can cause contractions in uterus among women. During penetration semen gets into the women’s uterus, which is rich in prostaglandins. Prostaglandins is one of the main hormones for inducing menstrual cycles thus inhibiting foetus growth.

More Methods for Abort Early Pregnancy:

Fetus removal techniques are numerous yet which is most appropriate differs from individual to people. A prescribed medical practitioner will have the capacity to guide you on this. There are distinctive surgical strategies performed by specialists all through the world. The phase of pregnancy and the span of the unborn additionally play an unfavorable variable in picking the best strategy. From first day of the last time frame weeks of pregnancy are figured. Two sorts of foetus removal proposed are restorative and surgical. Restorative premature birth can be sorted as right on time and late therapeutic ingestion. Early therapeutic premature births happen inside nine weeks of pregnancy.

#Remedies for abortion

In this kind of foetus removal two medications are given at a distinction of thirty six hours and forty eight hours. To obstruct the hormone which will set up a coating of the womb the primary prescription is given. Following two days another solution is offered which will reprieve the covering of the womb. Before you approach towards how to abort pregnancy, it is important for you to know that.

An incomplete miscarriage can bring about an existence undermining systemic disease known as sepsis. The National Institutes of Health clarifies that manifestations of a deficient premature delivery can incorporate noxious vaginal release, substantial dying, extreme stomach torment and cramping, fever, queasiness and spewing.

What are The Side Effects of Abortion:

Whether you have taken a surgical operation or an abortion pill, it is necessary that you take good care of your health. Side effects like bleeding, cramps etc. are a common problem associated with abortion.

Bleeding after abortion is the most common side effect. Light to heavy spotting is usually noted along with passing of blood clots.
Sex after abortion is usually advised to only after two weeks to decrease the chance of an infection. Sharp pains are likely, and if you experience one, make sure to call your doctor instantly.

Fatigue and sore breasts are also common after natural abortion. In any case, high stint of pain is a wake-up call for you to call your doctor immediately.

Since pregnancy is not really a gift for everyone, you can try following the above home remedies to abort pregnancy if you have already taken the decision. Above are the top 15 home remedies for abortion which has proved to be very helpful in a high percentage of cases and are also safe for women in this state. It is however advised to consult with a doctor to know all about your health and then carry on with the diet for better results.



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